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Monday, July 2, 2012

Hello, Monday.

Hello, fun weekend.

Hello roasting mini-marshmallows and strawberries with toothpicks on a trampoline campfire.

Safety first for the Hill and Johnson children.

Hello, lazy, fall-asleep-again mornings.

And the reason I blog three times a month.

But I'm really working on changing that.

Hello, Single A, $10/ticket baseball games.

Hello, claustrophobic bleachers.

Hello, fun friends to share in the claustrophobia.

Hello, sweet baby. And darling hats.

Hello, creepy mascot that Ashlyn's not so sure about.

Hello, fireworks!!!!

Ashlyn is sure about them.

Hello, legit baseball game the next day.

Hello, walk-off win.

We love our Giants.

Hello, sundae that cost as much as the Single A game tickets.

But was worth every penny.

Hello, dinner with some favorite friends.

Alana described Ashlyn as "social and chatty" compared to our visit with them last year.

I love that.

Goodbye, weekend.

You were full and fun.

Unrelated, sidenote.


And I have some fun plans in the works.

Giveaway incentives for linking.

New and improved button to replace ginormous one.

We need to spice things up in here.

Oh, also.

Speaking of spicy.

My friends Kim and Katy are hosting a party.

You don't want to miss it.

If you really love America, you'll do it.


  1. clearly this post loves america.
    baseball, america's past time.
    ghiradelli sundays, pure patriotism.
    campfires, God bless them.

    linky parties and fancy buttons, Uncle Sam would be proud.

  2. ok. the fireworks face. the best.
    also, i have decided to be a giants fan. positive confession for a norcal move.

    love you. and will this be the time i remember to pintertest??
    god bless the us!!

  3. will you still be my friend if i am not a sports fan?

    i'm a fan of that ghiradelli sunday.

    roasting strawberries? hmmm.

  4. sigh, the sundaes are DAMN good.

    worth every single penny

    and calorie.

  5. i have a weakness for sundaes and that one looks GOOD! i want a sundae now.