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Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Happy Wednesday.

I feel the need to sandwich a post between my giveaway and winner announcement.

Be sure to ENTER.

Your chances are excellent.

Also, make these.

The frosting is super thick and heavy and a little stressful to work with.

And they are slightly awkward to eat.

But they are so delicious.

It's worth the stress and awkwardness.

Speaking of stressful and awkward.

My husband has a new cell phone case.

He has a habit of giving away his cases when people compliment them.

Weird, yes?

I'm sure it has some kind of diagnosis.

So he bought this super cool black hard case/trap door wallet combo.

And gave it away to anybody that said it was super cool.

He was on his third when Uncle Dave complimented last Friday.

So my mom gave him a orange and black camo freebie.

She said it reminded her of the Giants.

It reminds me of a white trash backwoods hunter.

And bad news?

No one is saying they like it.


This might be my favorite shirt ever.

Hands down.

And so fitting.

She is so chatty lately.

Putting things together.

I'm in awe of her progress.

I chopped my hair off yesterday.

According to My Fitness Pal, it weighed .4 pounds.

So that's exciting.

Also, we're getting our carpets cleaned today.

That's exciting, too.

I need to go move chairs now.

Winners announced this Friday!


  1. your hair looks darling. that shirt is awesome.

  2. hi back.
    i feel like you should also mention the mockery every time dave misplaces his phone.
    "what? you LOST it. that's so weird. i know, I can't see it either."

    i think thats my favorite part of his new case.
    and i kinda want him to keep it.

    which is probably not going to be a problem, since NO ONE COMPLIMENTS IT.

  3. Hahaha...white trash backwoods hunter and hair weighing all in one post. You're killing me:) Love the hair. Cant believe its almost been an entire year since we got to meet in person. What the heck?
    Have a great week lovely lady:)

  4. That case is awful, I'm sorry to say. No compliments here! ;-) But I do think it's super sweet and generous that he just gives his cases away whenever someone likes them. I wish my friends would do that-- I've seen super cute cases on IG. ;-)

    Cute shirt, cuter new hair! You are beautiful, as are the girls! :-D

  5. love the new haircut.....i'm not sure what to say about the cell case. um....i would sacrificially take it off your hands by saying i like it? but that would just be for you! ;)
    <3 <3 <3