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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sew... You Think You Can Sew?

I've always considered myself somewhat crafty.
I can whip up a fairly decent scrapbook.
Put together a soccer banner.
Bake here and there.
Knit useless things in long, straight lines.
But that's about as far as I go.

Fabric scares me.
The above cute little print does not accurately reflect my life.
I do not love sewing.
The cutting.  The rolls at JoAnn's.  The measuring.
I chose Liberal Arts, non-credential track as my major in college.
Primarily because no additional math was required.
Actually, ONLY because no additional math was required.
Math and I?  We are not good friends.
Fabric and math?  I run.

Last week, Jessica (have you entered her giveaway yet?) invited me to her learn-to-sew party.
Instructed by my friend and former co-worker, Jill.

At this point I need to interject and tell you about the coolest job in all the world.
It's being the admin for a youth pastor.
Which I was for 4 years while avoiding Math at Cal State Hayward.
Get paid to hang out with high schoolers and the best staff ever all day?  OK.
Design cool flyers for even cooler events?  If you insist.
Manage a data base so methodically that you have every student's address memorized?
If I could have majored in data entry instead of liberal arts, I would have.

Jill was the admin for the senior pastor who was Jessica's dad.
I loved that job.  I loved working with Jill.
She always had the most perfect skin and eye makeup, especially eyeliner.
Do you remember weird, random things about people from 15 years ago?  Because I totally do.
Anyway, I'm so excited to be learning from her again.

But I need to buy a sewing machine.
Seriously.  I'm in need.

Sewing friends.  What machine do you recommend?
And Jill says I have to thread my machine and wind my bobbin.
Um?  I think I can figure out the threading part.  But what's a bobbin?

And non-sewing friends, don't be haters.
Support my new endeavor.
I'll make you some PJ pants.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cake Batter Rice Krispie Treats

Kayla turns 8 a month from yesterday.

Holy Moses.

How did that happen?

Anyway, she wants a rainbow themed birthday party.

I stumbled upon some multi-colored goodness over at this blog.

And I think they will be perfect.

So I do what I always do.

Whipped up a batch for my favorite church folk.

Taste testers extraordinaire.

And the best part about any variation of the rice krispie treat?

Easy as pie.

Actually.  Who came up with that saying?

Pie is so NOT easy.

I hate making pie.

Easy as rice krispie treats.

That's way more accurate.

And they really are delicious.

3 tbsp butter

6 cups rice krispies

1/3 cup yellow cake batter dry mix (unprepped)

1 bag - 10 oz mini marshmallows

1 jar (1.75 oz) multicolored sprinkles

In large saucepan, heat butter and marshmallows on low until melted.

Slowly add dry cake mix, one small scoop at a time, to melted marshmallow mixture.

In separate bowl, add 6 cups cereal.

Fold in marshmallow mixture and 1/2 jar of sprinkles

Press into any size baking dish.

Top with the remaining sprinkles.

Let sit for 30 minutes before cutting.

Hope's home group meets tonight at 6:30.


For Ephesians.  And rainbows.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Facebook: 1 Part Creepy, 2 Parts Amazing

OK, so I'm not going to lie and tell you that I LOVE the Book.

To be honest, I'm kind of over it.
It usually overwhelms me.
I've got issues of my own.
I don't want to hear about 638 other issues every time I refresh.
But I love seeing babies and engagements and weddings.
So I check the app.
After Twitter.
Words with Friends.
And maybe a quick game of Bejeweled.

The Makers Faire was held at the Expo Center this weekend. Freak Fest 2011.  Truly.  Weirdest event EVER.
Think Luke Skywalker, Bill Gates and Martha Stewart got married and had kids. And liked to compost.
I don't even know. It was just interesting. And kind of unexplainable.

Last night, I received an email notification that my friend Dana tagged me in her friend Matt's picture.

What's funny is I think I remember when this picture was taken.
I remember seeing him with his camera and wondering where it would end up.
Then I started panicking about where it would end up.
Then I remembered I have a blog that anyone can look at any time.
And that perpetuated irrational thoughts about ransom and kidnapping.
That's why my face looks disturbed.
And hot glue guns also give me anxiety.
So do upcycled craft booths.

At any rate, this moment is captured forever.
By someone who wasn't even meaning to take a picture of us.
Who didn't even know us. But knows my friend. Creepy amazing if you ask me.

What are your thoughts about Facebook?  Take it?  Leave it?  Talk to me.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Day Late

InstaFriday weekly recap happening on InstaSaturday.

I had a long day at work and was InstaExhausted.

Also, I didn't want to waste my time on a post if the world was going to end and all.

But.  Surprise!

We're still here.

Matthew 24:34-36.  It's a good read.

OK, back to our life.

Way more interesting than the apocalypse.

Ashlyn had her own mini-apocalypse in the back seat on Monday.

I wouldn't stop at Safeway to get her a DVD and Dora ice cream.

And for a second I thought maybe Camping was right.

It could very well be the end of the earth.

Just last Friday, not this Saturday.

We went to an auction for CityTeam Ministries on Friday night.

Dave runs the Oakland chapter of their homeless and recovery shelter.

Along with pastoring the church plant.

In case you haven't picked up on this fact yet, he's had 208 jobs since junior high.

Usually multiple jobs at the same time.

When I met him, he worked at a florist and was also scorekeeper at the local Little League field.

And he was 9.

The guy ALWAYS needs to be busy.  And it's one of my favorite things about him.

Kayla thinks she's getting a Yorkie terrier after Kobi goes to dog heaven.

She compiled a alphabetical list of potential names in grid formation.

Dave says she can't get one unless it's a boy named Goliath.

That didn't go over so well.

She wants a girl named Beatrice or Watercress.

Of course.

Hope had Communion Sunday this week.

We ate after service.

And then Dave scared the kids.


I went to Target for paper towels and stumbled upon this fabulous pairing.

Because who doesn't need a little cardio with their cake pops?

Sweet friends from First Baptist brought us dinner to celebrate our one month anniversary in our new house.

Which I totally forgot.  SO Deb to remember.  That is why I love her.

I love when fortunes preach.  Romans 5:3-5 right there.

And this?  This right here?  My favorite Instagram picture  OF. ALL. TIME.

The pictures from this post inspired a hair highlight and chop for my brother's wedding in 2 weeks.

I love it.

Light.  Free.  Healthy.  Dries in 3 minutes.

At my current unpacking rate, I anticipate seeing our garage floor sometime in 2014.

There are U2 tickets somewhere in those piles.  For a concert on June 7th.

Why did God make unpacking so hard?

Are there unpacking companies I can hire?

Taco Night.

I grabbed cabbage instead of iceberg like I do 50% of the time.

And Dave stopped on his way home to pick up iceberg like he does 50% of the time.

One time he brought home more cabbage.  Hot produce mess over here.

Same time-ish.  Same place.  Next week.  Maybe.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Gigglebean Giveaway and Dated Family Portraits

My friend Jessica is a fantastic photographer.

She has a pretty fantastic name, too.

And a pretty fantastic giveaway going on over at her Gigglebean blog.

This is us in 1993. At a youth group retreat near Santa Cruz.

Dave's the hottie (top row, centerish) in the letterman jacket.

I'm in the row below his, in a white shirt with more bangs than main hair.

Those bangs.  I remember that prep process clear as day.

It involved an unhealthy amount of Aussie Hair Spray and a plastic white visor.

Photog extraordinaire is rocking the maroon Northface jacket in my same row, 4 sets of horrid bangs to my right.

Anyhow, back to 2011.  Quickly.  Please.

Or 2009, actually, when she took family portraits for us.

Before I started this blog.

I could go on and on and on about her magical talent.

But I figured a picture is a worth... Well, you know.

Here are some of my favorites.

Let it be noted that both girls were fighting colds that day and pretty crabby/snotty.

Jess + Photoshop = Adios runny nose x 2.

Jess + bribe candy = Adios crabby x 2.

Girl's got mad photog, editing AND people skills.

My girls loved her.  And we think she's pretty great, too.

When Gigglebean hits 500 Facebook fans, she's giving away a free local photo shoot.

So hop on over to her Facebook page and become a fan.

For your chance to win, leave a comment here saying that you did.

And if you don't live in the Bay Area, enter anyway.

When you win, book a flight.  It's a perfect excuse to visit.

You can stay at our place.  I'll do your bangs.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Earlobe Rehab and other Friday Miscellany

This morning Kayla informed me that she named her fingernails.





and Pinky. Of course.

Fang is the thumb. Which means we need to trim that one.

So that's weird. And gross.


"It's Friday.  Friday.  Gotta Get Down on Friday..."

I know it is SOOO 8 weeks ago and she's already been covered on Glee.

But it won't leave my head.

Are you one of the 137,886,272 that have seen this?

The good news is that there are 6,852,472,823 that have not.

But you know, I do not envy Rebecca Black.

She's got some big decisions to make.

Like whether or not she wants to kick it in the front seat?

Or maybe in the back seat?

These two like to kick it in the dog bed.

A dog bed that I bought after our move and was never used.

We have carpet in our new house.

Apparently, Kobi thinks the whole floor is his bed.

So it's working out well.

Most of you know our littlest is addicted to my earlobes.

So we checked her into earlobe rehab on Sunday night.

Cold turkey.

Me and my ears enjoyed a green tea frapp and carrot cupcake in peace.

While Dave sleep trained a 4 year old.

And it's actually working out quite well.

She and Dora chat about it until they fall asleep.

No bueno.

I love that the powers that be feel the need to explain to
parents of preschoolers what vomiting and/or diarrhea is.

So far, so good.  Which is fabulous news.

Super Bug is not welcome at rehab.

Frappy Hour!    From 3-6 each afternoon all Starbucks frapps are half price.

I'm loyal to my green tea, 3 scoops macha, light whip blended in.

But I'm about a pump away from perfecting the new Mocha Coconut by voiding it of all coffee taste.

I know.  Big goals.

Speaking of goals, the Sharks got 3.  The dumb Wings got 2.

My husband is happy.

They play more on Sunday.

That's about all I know.

Happy Friday, friends!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

10 on 10: May 2011

Usually I'm lazy and use my camera phone.  Today, I was feeling brave.

And dorky as I lugged Dave's Nikon around.

Which I have ZERO clue how to use.

Enjoy my pictures.  Taken on auto setting.  Auto corrected in Picnik.  Don't cringe.

Right ear infection.  Antibiotics Day 4/10.

I wonder why they can't make all medicine taste so delightful?

Watermelon and waffles for breakfast.

When did she grow up?  And WHY does she keep getting taller?  She looks so old to me here.

My sweet little snow white porcelain doll face has turned into a raging beast this week.

I think it may be a combo of the ear infection and our move but she is not herself.

I wouldn't let her hold the toothpaste.  The horror of it all.  Such tragedy.

I love this magazine.  It's cheap.  And SO worth it.  I think I will keep them for decades.

Ikea overwhelms me.  Always.

The little tags and numbers.  The marketplace.  The smell of swedish meatballs.

Self-serve 600 pound boxes.  1 of 8.

I arrived with great plans.

I left with a tool set to put together nothing.

And decorations for Emily's baby shower.

Someone please explain this to me.

Why on earth would one wait miles in the sweltering sun for a free 2-item Panda meal?

There were even strollers in that line!  And small children.

They probably used up in sunscreen what they would have paid for in food.

I rearranged this table today.

Do you think the people on the ends will be cramped?

We need to make room for a hutch that I will probably never buy at Ikea.

Kobi helped.  And he does have 2 front paws in case you were concerned.

He always tucks one weird like that.

Catching up on blogs.  Can I share with you a few of my newer favorites?

You will love them better than Smart Ones fettucini and broccoli.  That's for sure.

The Beast spent much of the afternoon on time out in her room.

I tried to catch up on laundry.

And made cupcakes for an event I thought was happening tonight.

But really is next Wednesday.

Kayla wrote and narrated a story about a cowboy named Max.

That was our day.

How was yours?

ten on ten button

Monday, May 9, 2011


Those little peek-a-boo eyes allowed me to celebrate my first Mama's Day 8 years ago.

I was 8 months pregnant.  Large.  Anxious.  Exhausted.  Excited.

So naive as to how much those brown eyes would change me forever.

And bring overwhelming joy.

And struggle.

A supernatural need for patience.

And endurance.

A continuous opportunity to watch my words.  My tone.  My attitude.

A chance to show love and sacrifice differently than I've ever known.

More than I've ever known.

A humbling change.  Lots of messing up.

Requesting and extending forgiveness.

A change that is impossible without my daily reliance on Christ.

As He refines me.  Tries me.  Makes me more like His Son.

And gives me the most wonderful gift in my two little girls.

A change I wouldn't change for all the world.