Saturday, January 3, 2015

Prayers for Ashlyn.


I've taken a bit of a writing break.

We've been busy.

And I'll just be honest.

I've learned that controversial posts are not for me.

My people pleasing heart took a bit of a hit.

And I think I'm still recovering.

While I'm a little sad I can't share my heart 100% here,

I don't ever want to hurt anyone with my words.

I'm reminded that heart sharing is most fruitful in person.

Face to face.

The internet makes it all too easy to toss words out into the universe.

Words that are easily misunderstood.

And require clarification and real conversation.

Cookie recipes and dumb stories are safer.

And more of what I think Jesus wants for me.

Jesus likes cookies.

I'll save the drama for Matt Walsh.

Honestly, I don't know how he does it.


Popping in real quick to ask for prayers for our middle girl.

She's having cochlear implant surgery on Monday up at UCSF.

Her hearing in her left ear declined a few months ago and she became a quick candidate for a second implant.

We are so grateful for her first implant and all it has given her.

We're very excited that she'll now be able to benefit from having two.

We're thankful we know what to expect and that brings some peace.

But it's still scary to hand your little girl over outside the operating room doors.

Please pray for wisdom and a steady hand for the doctors.

Please pray for peace for her.

And minimal pain.

Please pray for peace for those in the waiting room.

It's a scary few hours.

Please pray for a speedy recovery.

Please pray that should would sit still for 48 hours.

I can already tell this will be our biggest challenge.

We are so grateful to be able to ask for such a precious favor.

Thank you.