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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hope For Sudan

Many of you know Dave traveled to Africa in April.

I've been wanting to recap his trip.

But I've always felt it wasn't really my story to tell.

And sometimes that's the problem.

It's not "our story" so we don't talk about it.

We don't feel the need or urgency to share it.

And sadly, it dies.

The story I tell today is not about Dave's initial trip to Sudan.

But what he learned there and upon his return.

And about his plans to go back.

There is a devastating humanitarian crisis happening north of where he stayed.

Little children.


Being forced, with their families, into the mountains during the rainy season.

Unable to make the trip to the refugee camps due to the weather.

Or weakness from lack of food.

Eating bugs and leaves to survive.

IF they survive.

Many are dying today.

Our church wants to help.

We'll be sending a small team into this region to provide immediate hunger relief next month.

And our desire is to continue to send groups of individuals in the near future.

Below is the complete 411 from our church website.

Please take the time to read.

Hard, heavy stuff.

It's not what you normally read here, on our family blog.

But when my girls read this post in ten years?

I want them to see that, as Christians,

we're called to ACT.


And GO, even.

And I am so very thankful the Lord burdened their dad.

And that they will read about our little church as an example.

A church that not only loves it's children.

But other children, too.

Bottom Line?

We have five weeks to raise $25,000.

And we need your help.

I'm asking that you click on the button below and donate.

Your donation is tax deductible and 100% of funds raised will go to Hope Church, directly for this effort.

I'm asking that you pray.

For the people of Sudan.

Pray for the safety of those going.

Specifically, for the logistics of this first mission.

It's not an easy one.

I'm asking that you please share this story.

Via Facebook, Twitter or your individual blogs.

Please grab a button in my sidebar.

We're not all called to go to Africa.

But we're all called to do something.

Thank you, in advance, for the something you will do.

I'm humbled and privileged to even be able to ask.


  1. alright. let's do this.
    or really, Jesus, DO THIS.

    so excited to see how He makes it all work out! :)

  2. God is Good!
    He is going to do something amazing... I can feel it!!

  3. I just donated...please keep us updated. God is'll happen.

  4. :)
    so happy to read all this!!
    i was gone and couldn't wait to see what was going on.
    i saw stuff on insta but couldn't wait to read!

    i love africa.