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Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer's Here.

Kayla's birthday party was a success!

A sweltering, melting success.

Our town rarely sees triple digits.

It waits for the day we have to cart 5 huge flats of bottled water, 3 ginormous boxes of granola bars and 200 bags of ice  down a 1/4 mile steep incline into a park with snakes.

Did I say we?

I meant Dave and Uncle Branden.

Detailed post on the nature party in a few.

Also, we just got back from a little Palm Springs vacay.

The desert in June is where pastors go on vacation.

Another sweltering, melting success.

Post coming on that as well.

I know.

It's hard to wait.

Until then, enjoy my phone photo dump.

Our summer so far.

Lazy mornings with bedhead ballerinas.

Girl is going to need her some serious product when she gets older.


Lots of swimming.

Lots of daredevil catapulting.

Mostly I can't even watch.

Hope Kids praying for our friend Margaret serving in Nepal.

With an organization that rescues little girls from the trafficking industry.

So sad such an organization is even needed.

So encouraged people like Margaret and her team have the faithfulness to go.

 Spa de Johnson.

Soak your tired tootsies in Pyrex and drink carrot, lemon water.

We're booking fast so get your appointment soon.

Dinner with friends.

While children and their later summer bedtimes and electronic devices hijack the convo.

Road trips.

To cage fights.

Your average summertime activity for young children.

My brother is a MMA promoter and it's a family affair.

Girls on programs.

God Bless America.

Dave on ice replenishment and prayer.


Hope guys on parking patrol.

Me on being sure my babies don't get stolen by scary back woods men in white vans.

Or that beer doesn't spill on them while they're playing under the bleachers.

Or that they don't notice boobs or make comments about inappropriate tattoos.

When's the next one?

Back to real life.

And $1 summer movies at Tanforan.


41 years of married bliss for my parentals.

Slip and Sliding on Father's Day.

While Father watches the US Open.

They love you, Dave.

Thank you for all you do.

Kobi loves summer.

Or maybe he was just yawning.

Visits from cousins with awesome hammocks.

Now we "100% need one" according to Kayla.

They miss you, April!

Hope Summertime BBQs.

I love these girls.

And can't wait for the next one.

Making vegetable soup.

Because some days our "June gloom" makes us forget it's summer.

Ignoring workbooks.

We'll get to it at some point.



  1. such a fun summer so far! and just think, there's still 2 months to go!!!!

  2. best summer yet & so much left :)

  3. looks like a terrific summer so far. june gloom soup would be nice. it's all sunny and soupless here.

  4. I would like an appointment at the spa asap.
    Hold the carrots, please.

    June gloom can go now.
    Although that weekend of 100's I was missing it just a little.

    And is it a requirement to be a cute girl to be a Hope girl?
    Because it looks like it.

  5. there is so much i love in this post.
    especially the group shot.
    i love those girls.

    and even me, resident summer hater is loving summer.
    it's hard to hate when there is this much good stuff going on ;)