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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mug Swap Recap, Five Years Late.

Happy Thursday.

Our house has been hit with the death plague.

I was it's first victim.

Then Ashlyn.

Now Kayla.

Dave remains unscathed.

So I'm a tad late on my Mug Swap recap.

And on everything else in life.

Except for Lysol wiping all household surfaces.

I am very up to date on that.

My friend, Kim hosts an annual mug swap to celebrate her blog's birthday.

It's all the rage.

Secret Santa style.

In August.

So not really Santa-y at all.

But you get my point.

Secret presents are fun.

I sent a package to Julie.

Which she heart bokehed and posted on Instagram.

Sweet Becky, also a church planters wife, sent a package to me.

The cutest ever Anthro mug.

And a delicious Chai recipe.

I can't wait to try it.

Thanks, Becky!

And thanks for hosting, Kim!

Oh and speaking of blog parties.

Mark Your Calendars.

Thursday, October 4th.

Amazing goodies from

and more

up for grabs to one lucky linker.

Browse those pins.

Get to planning.

And testing.

And say goodbye to that huge, clunky button I made last year.

New, fancy one coming soon.

Designed by a trained professional.

You won't want to miss this.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

We Serve a Huge God.

You guys.


 And you know?

I'm not surprised.

I am thrilled.


So very thankful.

But not surprised.

God is good.

And He provides.

 Jon P. and John J. left SFO on the 11th.

And met a team of two others.

The four men arrived safely in Sudan and will head up to the Yida refugee camp sometime today.

And then move up into the mountain region over the next few days.

Please pray.

For safety.

Clear passage.

That rains would stop and roads would be accessible.

Lack of injuries and sickness.

For those starving and sick.

For families that have been separated.

For grace and chances to share about the Living Bread.

That God would continue to work miracles.

Thanks to all of you.

Those who donated.

Those who opened shops and gave away your proceeds.

Those who shared of the need and the story.

Those who prayed and continue to pray.

Starving people will receive food in the next few days because God used you.

And on behalf of our family and our church, we are grateful.

So grateful.

We've set up a daily 24 Hour Prayer Chain in 15 minute increments.

There are still a few open spots.

If you're interested, please comment below and indicate a time of day preference.

And again, thank you.

It's a privilege to serve Him with you.

To be the Church, together.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Pintertest Kitchen 12: Tres Leches Cake


I'm not going to lie.

I'm 100% phoning this post in.

Photos are straight-up, unedited.


I'm sorry.

You'll just have to deal with my dog bowl, wood glue and Lysol wipes.


Julie and I made this cake on Sunday afternoon and our conversation went something like this:

Julie: "So what are you Pintertesting this month?"

Me: "Shoot.  That's THIS Thursday, huh?"

Julie: "Yes."

Me: "Ummmm.  This?"

Julie: "Quick.  Get your camera."

So, friends.

I present to you The Pioneer Woman Tres Leches Cake.

If you don't have a fancy white pitcher like PW recommends?

You can use a Giants Opening Day souveniur cup.

It tastes the same.

Probably better, actually.

Also, we drive a Honda.

You can find the recipe here.

Make it as soon as realistically possible.

It's GOOD.

Oh.  And if you forget to add maraschino cherries.

You can do it the next day.

When you eat the leftovers for breakfast.

Not that I would know.

Also, you'll want to come back next month.

Pintertest Kitchen turns 1.

Fancy new button will be revealed.

And we're having a party.

With lots of fun prizes.

You don't want to miss it.

Go Giants.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Best Labor Day Weekend Ever.

Tonight our house is quiet.

And we're all a little sad.

The aftermath of a whirlwind weekend.

With some pretty amazing house guests.

Ten people shared one bathroom.

Which was an adventure in itself.

There were other adventures.

Hotel swimming.

Faux camp firing at Joshua Fest.

Random birthday partying.

With fun glow prizes.

ON STAGE with the Supertones.

Our girls are SPOILED.

Big girls, big couch sleepover-ing.

Tres Leche cake making.

With a cute little sous chef.

I'll be Pintertesting this on Thursday.

It's delish.

BYOD Sunday.

D is for dinner.

These nights are my favorite.

Especially when old friends make new friends feel like family.

Sidewalk chalking.

Impromptu Fantasy Drafting.

With a baby assistant.

Spray Painting.

Adios boring walls.

Giants gaming.

On Star Wars Day.

Sneaking out for a date night.

While our girls had one last sleepover.

Talking about life.

And ministry.

And dreams.

It's fun to dream.

It's fun to have friends to dream with.

Come back soon, Carson family.

We miss you already.