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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hearing Aid Flambe

Monday morning.  We're on our way out the door to take Kayla to school when I notice the little one's hearing aids are missing.  I ask her where they are and she points to the kitchen.  Milestone alert (that only parents of deaf kids care about): she's recently mastered the glorious ability of being able to point out where she has hidden or hurled them.  Of great benefit to me 99.9% of the time.  This day, not so much.

I smell them before I see them (never a good sign), turn the corner and find them in all their glory.  INSIDE the microwave, one sparkly pink flame ball rotating ever so gracefully on the glass tray; the other, about to spontaneously combust in the far left corner.  Yes, our darling daughter cooked her "ears."

Last night, Dave asked her where they were and she said "Broken!  Hot!"  She's lucky she is cute.  And that we bought the insurance.

A Little Culture for KK

Last Thursday, the first grade classes and a bazillion (and I mean BA-zillion) other Bay Area schoolchildren went to see the wonderful San Francisco Symphony perform.  Kayla was especially excited for this field trip because she recently started piano lessons on Monday afternoons with Mrs. Claire.  She was, however, a bit disappointed that pianos are not "fancy enough for the orchestra"  and now wants to take up the oboe instead.  "Or maybe the tuba like Pop Pop..."  Oh dear.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Back Blogging and a Not So New Office

Last October, we did a really fun thing for my husband.  OK, OK... I've also been dying to use the "before and after" Picnik photo editing layout.  Short of redecorating a room in my house to make this happen (because I realize this would be mental), I've resorted to a "back blog" of sorts.

When Dave left FBC, he also left behind his beloved office in the youth house.  He really did LOVE that place and spent much of his time there.  He was able to study, pray and meet with people, watch sermons online (which he did and still does ALOT) and engage in deep, theological discussions that would bore most of us to death (Just kidding, babe...  You know I love you and your theology.)  Well, things would change very dramatically in  his new "home office."  Minor detail...  It did not exist.

He had plans to visit my brother up in Sacramento so I made plans (along with a team of wonderful, strong and able-bodied friends) to clean out our garage and transform it into a new office for him while he was away.  We sold almost all of its' contents (Kim and Ellen did a fabulous job coordinating the garage sale - VERY literal, in this case) and Marge, Ashley, Emily, Laura and I headed over to Ikea with the profits to buy a new desk, office chair and accessories.  Lindy also made a handsome donation to help pay for the desk (thanks, Mom).  The others stayed behind to finish painting and cleaning.  Grandmums even stopped by to check things out and brought cookies.  She also took us out to dinner that night which was very thoughtful of her.

And after many hours of hard work...  viola!  A beautiful, new office.  For my husband who always does so much for others.  It was nice to give back.

Did I mention we have wonderful, strong and able-bodied friends? :)

THE REVEAL... occurred the night of October 3, after our first meeting as Hope Church (although at that point we had no name).  Luckily, Dave stayed in Sacramento a little longer than expected to meet with Branden's pastor which gave us more time to get things cleaned up.  He also went straight to Grandmums house for service without coming home first which bought us even MORE time.  Great news for all involved.  Later that night everyone came over and hid in the new office to surprise  him.

And it only took about 10 minutes for the deep, theological discussions to begin once again.
Some things never change.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Birthday Festivities

We love parties.  Our family often celebrates the same event many times, in different ways.  Ashy's official "kid party" is not until May 1, but here's how we've celebrated her 3rd year of life thus far.

Last Friday was her class party and the kids enjoyed vanilla cupcakes with vanilla frosting.  Children "graduate" her particular program when they turn 3, so it was also her last day.  She now moves on to the class next door... (and will go to school 9:15-1:45 M-F!)  It was a bittersweet day as we will miss her teachers (pictured bottom left w/ Ashy) very much.  She wore that huge special birthday hat all 3 hours and lifted her bib over her face when they sang to her.

On Sunday, her actual birthday, she requested lunch at her favorite restaurant, Red Robin ("Red Buuuurd")  When she says these two words, she does so with sheer delight.  I think she loves their chicken fingers more than me.  And, from the way she inhaled the ice cream, she's a fan of their sundaes as well.  NOT a fan, however, of the Red Robin busboy birthday choir.  She hid behind her Dora coloring book as they sang.  But I don't blame her.  They are a bit creepy.

Because her birthday fell on a Sunday this year, we had church that night.  The little ones had cupcakes during the kids program and had a great time playing out in the backyard because the weather was beautiful.  After service, we prayed for her.  We prayed for her growth and development and for any decisions that would have to be made on her behalf.  Daddy prayed that she would be able to hear God's voice.  Very special and sweet.  And she stayed still.  For the most part.

And finally, last night we had dinner at Grandmums.  Nan and Pops had been out of town for her actual birthday and Uncle Bert was in town visiting.  We had pork chops and twice baked potatoes.  And for dessert... more cupcakes!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Happy Birthday, Ashy Girl

My sweet Ashlyn,

You are three today.  This past year has brought much growth and change.  Obviously, you're taller.  Your hair is longer, lighter and a little less curlier.  You have lost all of your baby pudge and are much leaner.  You are a very pretty little girl.  Complete strangers often stop us and make comments about your beauty.

One year ago, you said only a handful of words.  Today, you are quite the chatterbox.  "Listen, I want mo-ah (more) _______ " is one of your  favorite phrases (we're working on manners) and you say it at least 100 times/day.  Fill in the blank with any of the following: "pik wa--errr" (water in your pink sippy cup), crackers, "biiiig burrito" (from Chipotle, specifically), Cherrios, "rapurts" (strawberries), "Mick-eee" (Mickey Mouse chicken nuggets), waffles, "ouce keem" (mint chip is your fave) and the list goes on...  You love to eat.  You bat your eyes, tilt your head, lift your pointer finger and sweetly say "one mo-ah" when you want more of something.  And it works EVERY time.  You just recently perfected counting to ten (although you leave out nine, I think because you are so excited that you make it to ten).  "Sip" and "seben" are my personal favorites.

You love your big sister and mimic all that she does and occasionally hit her  for no apparent reason. We still haven't quite pin-pointed the source of this aggressive streak in such a sweet little girl.  I say dad.  Dad says original sin.  When you get angry you shout "No!!!  Stop!!!" and stomp your feet and move your hands around very fast.  We have no idea what you are signing/saying but it's pretty entertaining to watch.

You are a bit of a hypochondriac and obsess over "oow-ies" - yours (real and otherwise) and those you see on the people around you.  At your recent doctor's appointment you were quick to point out every single one to the nurse practitioner.  You are very sweet when Kayla gets hurt.  You hug, pat and kiss her.  She, however, usually wants nothing to do with your sympathetic gestures.  Usually because you caused the injury.  But, for the most part you two play well together and she is very good to you.  For example, yesterday she dressed up in a homemade butterfly costume "just to make you happy" (although I think it was just a good excuse to make a butterfly costume and use the big-kid scissors).

Unlike your sister, you could care less about animals.  Kobi seems to annoy you more than anything and usually just gets in your way or eats your food.  You love to swim ("wimmm") and we are all looking forward to the summertime.   You love daddy's iphone (and know more apps than he does) and ask for it by saying "Listen, I want mo-ah hello!"  You are interested in dolls, your pink Fisher Price laptop and your favorite Elmo book that you sleep with every night.

Speaking of sleep, you have a very particular bedtime routine.  We read two books, say prayers and sing/sign the ABC's.  You require two sippy cups of water (each placed in specific locations between the rails of your crib), at least 3 blankets covering you perfectly (your feet especially) and the beloved Elmo book.  And nothing more.  I have tried to give you stuffed animals.  Only to find later than you have thrown them out of your crib and are sleeping soundly with your head resting on the hardcover book.  You say "I lub you" and "nighh nighh" at least 50 times and you blow about the same amount of kisses.  You also have me say "bye bye" to everything in your room, from your dollhouse to the pair of water sippies.  The whole process - from start to finish - takes about 30 minutes.  Daddy says I am an enabler but I think its cute, sweet and I know these days won't last forever.

Happy Birthday, sweet baby.  I love you and thank God for you.


Here's a look back...

Because that baby pudge was SO cute.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Another One Bites The Dust...

Our firstborn has always been a tad neurotic, a definite type-A and quick to cover ALL her bases, including, but not limited to, leaving directional signs for the tooth fairy.

She lost her second tooth last night.  I realize this news is about as exciting as watching paint dry and just to reassure you, I will not be documenting every missing chopper. 

Really, I promise.

And yes, she is sleeping in her swimsuit.  We choose our battles.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Qualifications for Biblical Church Leadership

  • Must be the husband of one wife and able to manage his household well.
  • Must not be arrogant, quick tempered, quarrelsome, violent or a lover of money.
  • Must be respectable, hospitable, a lover of good, self controlled, upright, sober-minded, holy, disciplined and above reproach.
  • Must hold firm to the trustworthy word as taught so that he may be able to give instruction in sound doctrine and be able to rebuke those who contradict it.
  • Must be a Giants fan.

These guys really are the greatest.  Jason, Patrick, Bryan and Jon (pictured L-R with Dave) have come alongside him from the start to offer invaluable support, prayer, encouragement, constructive feedback and accountability.  They meet every Tuesday night to study God's Word, pray, discuss and cast vision for the church.  Tonight, however, they would forgo their normal order of business and head to the ballpark to see the Giants play the Pirates.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Monkey Business

I think Kayla would still be in her crib today if not for the forced exit to make room for her little sister.  Little sister, on the other hand, is definitely done with the bed cage.

Ashlyn first executed this little stunt about 3 months ago.  We now have to pull the dresser away from the wall and crib during nap time.  Our good (and brave) friend was watching the girls while Dave and I were working yesterday and, unfortunately, I failed to mention this little caveat.  Plus side, Kim (a girl after my own heart - click first THEN correct life threatening situation...) was able to capture the raucous act live and in living color.

In addition to her gymnastics, Ashlyn also delivers a blood curling scream to indicate she is ready to be removed.  And it's not just any scream.  Think Underoath.  For those a little longer in the tooth, think Universal Order of Armageddon.   For those of you who still have no clue what I am talking about,  the beast yells at the top of her lungs.  And I mean TOP.  Like Mt. Everest top.

Definitely time for the bunk bed.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Move Over, Tiger

Really.  Please, do... ;)

KK started golf lessons at the grandparents country club this week.  To Daddy and Pop Pop's extreme delight, she took quite a liking to it and actually has a pretty mean swing.  Or mean putt?  Whatever.  She definitely has MY coordination.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

He Is Risen, Indeed!

This was a special Resurrection Sunday.  Hope, San Mateo had its' first annual Easter Sunrise Service and it was wonderful.  Although the sunrise was hidden by storm clouds, the rain waited.  Dave preached on the resurrection of Christ, focusing on the fact that it was His reward for being obedient to the Father.  God raised Jesus up to reign with Him after a job well done.  A job done perfectly.

After service, Jason and Niki Hill hosted a brunch and egg hunt at their house (conveniently located right down the street from ours...)  The food was delicious and the company, even better.

And Easter is not quite Easter without dinner with the family.  We drove up to my Aunt Liz and Uncle Frank's home in Nicasio, near Marin.  They live on the same street as George Lucas (which kind of makes us famous, I think...)  We spent much of our time talking and laughing in the kitchen, near the food (not unusual for our family).  Speaking of food, Aunt Liz passed out copies of the recipe for our family's traditional Christmas Eve paella dish which I think means she wants someone else to cook this year.  Bad news.  Because none of us can.

Easter Fun

Friday, April 2, 2010

Stay @ Home Dad No More...

GREAT news!  Dave got the job he really, REALLY wanted.

He starts next Wednesday as Rescue Mission Manager for a large, non-profit organization called City Team Ministries.

He will be responsible for the overall operation of their Oakland Homeless shelter (they also have shelters in San Francisco, San Jose, Portland and Philadelphia) including the Drug and Alcohol Recovery components.  This includes department planning, goal setting, and monitoring, organization of staff structure, personnel motivation, and client services.  He will also be committed to discipleship and concerned for the spiritual welfare of all staff and clients; challenging them to grow in Christ.  And yes, that was a copy and paste from the website, in case you couldn't tell... :)

Honestly, I don't know if the Lord could have created a more perfect job for him.  It wraps ALL of Dave's work experience (church ministry and EMS/para-medicine), talents and passions into one.  And God tied it with a big HUGE bow.

I am so proud of him.  And thankful to a God who provides.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Full Circle

When I was 8 years old, I asked Jesus into my heart.  (Sidenote: Dave HATES this phrase...)  Mrs. Dorothea Jacobs was my Sunday School teacher and she prayed with me in a brown room with beautiful stained glass windows.  And I think she may have bribed me with watermelon Jolly Ranchers but that is beside the point.

Last Sunday night, I handed my two little prized jewels to Ellen, Mrs. Jacobs GRAND daughter.  How cool is that?  She is gifted and talented beyond measure.  KK and Ashy love her.  AND she has Jolly Ranchers, too.

Favorite new Sunday school activity:  shadow dancing.  Check out Ashlyn's curly ques.  Too cute.  And special thanks to Kim and Marge for helping...

Are You Smarter Than a First Grader?

Kayla has been sick and missed a few days of school.

Result = She has MOUNDS of homework to plow through (code for: I have mounds of homework to plow through).

We were fast approaching melt-down status last night, after our third trapezoid worksheet.  I wonder why a first grader needs to know so much about trapezoids anyway?  (code for: I can't remember anything about trapezoids).

We decide to call is quits.  BUT under one condition: that she wake up earlier than normal the next morning to finish the last worksheet and practice her dreaded sight words.

4:48 AM:

Our bedroom door flies open after being drop-kicked by a panicking, sleep-walking, screaming six year old; hair disheveled, PJ bottoms missing:



Dave helps her into our bed where she quickly falls sound asleep, wedged between us (code for: she could care less about sight words but just wants an excuse to sleep with us).

We are total suckers.