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Believer in and follower of Jesus.
Church planter's wife to a wonderfully patient man.
Mother of three little girls.
Kayla Rose, 12, talks far too much.
Ashlyn Grace, 8, is catching up after being diagnosed with a hearing loss age 2.
Holland Joy, 2, is just starting to babble.
I began this blog to replace a scrapbook I hadn't started.
And it's turned into more than I anticipated.
I pray God uses my senseless chatter to bring glory to Himself.
On the days I don't talk about cupcakes.  Or tadpoles.
Or try to convince you that no one really likes coffee or sushi.
They just pretend to.  To be trendy.

I want to be honest about our joys and our struggles.
And pray our life never looks perfect.
Because it isn't.
And hope that you see Christ in my words.
Even the silly ones.
Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to read.
I'm really glad you did.