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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Things I Want to Remember About a January That Felt Like September.

Our winter has been more of a summer.

And I love summer.

So no complaints here.

Hope started a junior high Sunday school class.

And it has my heart.

Dave and I met in junior high youth group.

After he hit me in the face with a dodgeball.

God is good at bringing us full circle.

We watched the Niners win some.

And lose some.

And we're officially Denver fans next week.

Kayla's just happy to root for horses.

We tried pear/mango/papaya.

She agrees with me that papaya tastes like the smell of feet.

We like sweet potatoes with cinnamon better.

And we feed ourselves, I guess?

What four month old does that?

We spent Saturday mornings watching America's Funniest Home Videos.

Also, I felt the need to throw in a "before" pic.

Because we also got an accidental summer cut.

I'm still getting the hang of the goldendoodle fur.

And waited too long to call the groomer.

He had legit dreads.

One Love, Linc.

We've been up to our ears in schoolwork.




Ashlyn had a presentation on snow last week.

She was able to read the whole thing.

After we practiced the word "temperature" a few times.

And was upset the snowflake I helped her make did not have six sides.

"But that's fiction, mom!  We said right here it has six sides and this only has four sides."

"It's not supposed to be FICTIONNNNN!"

I'm so proud of her.

And want to run and hide from her all at the same time.

Kayla has a presentation next month on a topic of her choice.

She went to the SPCA with her dad yesterday.

I was a little worried they'd come home with a friend for Rastafari.

But they stayed on task.

Research only.

I'm proud of them, too.

We spent time swimming in Nan and Pop's pool.


We had play dates in the park. And know how to take selfies, apparently.

We've been practicing our jumping.

Well, or just drooling on our seat.

We found our toes.

And clothing has been pretty optional.

For the baby, obviously.

I still can't believe she's nakie in the middle of winter.

We've spent time on the coast.

Adventures on the Pacifica pier.

We saw a sea lion.

We've witnessed some glorious sunsets.

January, you've been full and fun and different this year.

Thanks for the sunshine.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Four Months.

Our baby girl turned four months on the 9th.

I get that time flies extra fast in motherhood land.

But this is kind of ridiculous.

She's still a peach.

A giant peach.

At her recent check up we learned that she's doubled her birth weight.

16 pounds of chunky monkey.

That's what we call her.

Which will probably have to change before junior high.

Ho Jo is another nickname that's likely to stick.

That's a little cuter, I think.

She's still sleeping in our room but is close to outgrowing her bassinet.

And I don't really have a plan for that yet.

So I'm hoping she takes a little growth break.

Is that such a thing?

We just started solids on Tuesday.

Which probably won't help with the break.

Brown rice cereal?

Not a fan.

We added apples and strawberries.

And a feeding assistant.


She spends her days being rotated around various locations in the house.

The activity mat station.

She likes to look at herself in the mirror.

The Rock and Play station.

Where Lincoln steals her toys.

And the Bumbo station.

Although her ever growing thighs are about to make that last one obsolete.

She's just starting to roll.

But gets stuck on her tummy so she doesn't travel very far.

She loves her big sisters and her puppy.

She is smiley and drooly and cooing like crazy.

They are the sweetest sounds in the world.

She's also a Niner fan.

I think it's just the bright colors and fast motion.

But her dad is pretending it's more.

Kayla has zero interest in the old pigskin.

Ashlyn minimal.

She's mainly concerned with the opponent.

And says that Satan likes them.

I'm not making that up.


Littlest sister may be his golden ticket.

Or we can just pretend.

Also, of note.

It's 72 degrees here today.

Crystal clear, bright shiny skies.

In January.

Happy first third of your first year, Holland Joy.

You bring us sunshine.