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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Rainbow (and Wolf) Party

Here ye!  Here ye!  Someone's turning 8.

That purple recorder and the horrific sound it emits has been the bane of my existence this summer, thus far.

Who gave it to her?   I still can't figure it out.  But I want to give it back.


Our oldest turned 8 on Friday. And we celebrated in style.  With rainbows.  And wolves.

Here's the wolf cake.  It weighed 800 pounds.

Pop Pop and Kayla felt the need to add blinking star candles because the original decoration was not sufficient.

Did you know you can bake cupcakes in a jar?  Rainbow cupcakes, even?  Thanks for the idea, Jeannett!

Did you know that this lady makes really amazing invites, favor tags and cupcake toppers?  Thanks, Mel!

Initially, I had planned on rainbow colored ice cubes for the lemonade.

But then I realized that the lemonade would turn brown when they melted.

That's not cute.  Or refreshing.

So we went with blue.  And the lemonade turned green.

Cute.  And refreshing.

We also had rainbow finger Jell-o which was super easy to make and fun.

But not so easy to take a picture of.

It looks 100% cuter in real life.  You'll just have to trust me.

Or you can ask her.  It was crazy hair day at camp.  I love this little girl.

That window you see up there?  It used to have curtains.

Until Ashlyn pulled them down 30 minutes before the party started.

5 minutes after that, she dropped my phone in the toilet.

Happy rainbows everywhere.

The girls kicked daddy and the Giants game out of the living room and the official slumber party festivities began.

Cupcakes in a jar and Tinkerbell.  A magical combo.

They fell asleep around 1:00 am.  After switching beds and rooms 12 times.

Cupcakes at 10:00 pm probably didn't help much.  But it's once a year.

They were up early and completed the craft I forgot about the night before.

They decorated white pillow cases with fabric markers.  I stole the idea from my cousin.  Thanks, Kim!

We also read this book which was a gift from Ellen.

They left with rainbow nail polish goodie bags.

And my nails are blue right now.

Happy rainbows everywhere.

We love you, KK and hope you had a fun day!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

InstaFriday: 98 Degrees Edition

I'm not referring to the band.

I'm talking about the weather.

I never was a fan of Justin, Drew, Nick or Jeff.

I actually just had to Google their names.

A little after my time.


Jordan.  Jon.  Donny.  Danny.  Joey.

In my heart always.  No Googling required.

I still have the pillowcase.

Just Kidding.  Maybe.

I'm seeing them in concert next month. With high school friends.

Just Kidding.  Maybe.


We had dinner with pastor friends on Saturday night.

At a bar.

It was their idea.

They're nice people.  Really.


Ellen had the little ones make Father's Day gifts during Sunday School.

"You're the Best Pop!"

Isn't that the cutest?


Sidewalk chalk.

Key to summertime life.


Mrs. Johnson is tough.

No being rude.

No going in class unless she says so.

No pushing.  No hitting.

And no rude noises.

Got that?


It was 98 degrees on Monday.

Front yard sprinkler time was necessary for survival.


Ashlyn did not like front yard sprinkler time so much.

Watching Kayla was sufficient.


That same night.  It was still 98 degrees.

At 8:00 pm.

Frozen watermelon and doodling.

Have you ever tried frozen watermelon?

I suggest you do.

But don't freeze pineapple.

That doesn't work out so well.


98 degrees is rough on akitas.

So he gets ice.

It doesn't really make a difference.

So I don't know why I do it.

But I do.


This song is really fabulous.

It's about when he met his wife.




Bugs on your windshield look like stars if you play your cards right.


Ashlyn had an MRI up at UCSF this morning.

Standard pre-op for her cochlear implant surgery.

It went well.

She woke up and ate crackers and asked for ice cream.

So we went to BJ's for pizookie.


Kayla bought this Trendy Bendy for Dave.

Specifically, for him to wear when he preaches.

I think it's perfect.

Don't let her down, Dave.

"Wear it.  Declare it."


This is my brother's wedding video preview.

It has nothing to do with Instagram.

But it was on a Friday.  So that counts, right?

It's done REALLY well.  I love it.

So I wanted to share it.


Also, Kayla turns 8 today!

I can't hardly believe it.

It was 98 degrees that day, too.

I was wanting to go into labor just for the air conditioned hospital room.

Well, until I went into labor.

We're having a rainbow themed sleepover tonight.

Actually, a rainbow and wolf themed sleepover.

Thanks to my father who took her to the cake shop last week and let her order any cake she wanted.

She chose a wolf.


I was thinking about adding a "wolf" board to my Pinterest.

But that would make "sweets" and "wolves" as my only 2 active boards.

It's already sad and neglected to begin with.

And that would just make it weird and sad and neglected.


Happy Friday, friends!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

When No One Shows up to Your Church Plant


Since starting our church last October,

my biggest fear has been that one Sunday it will just be Dave and me and the girls.

Dave.  Preaching to us.  Alone.


This is not been a reality for us.

But I realize it will always be a possibility.

My prayer is that I will always remain joyful and thankful.

For 3 people.

Or 2,003.


As Christians, we are so quick to measure church success numerically.

We do silly things.

We host big events.

Count new converts.

And throw those numbers out from the pulpit.

We think we have a louder voice if we are bigger.

And there is some truth to that.

We are louder.

But what are we saying?


The Lord has been convicting me lately.

And teaching me.

Humbling me.

Instilling in me a new fear.

That I should have had all along.

That no one would come to know Him.

How sad would that be?

How pointless?


In church planting, it's really easy to get wrapped up in logistics.

The technicalities of a mile-long "to do" list.

Feeling like we are needed for church to go perfectly.

Feeling like church has to go perfectly.


Last Sunday we sang a Christmas carol.

"Oh Come Let Us Adore Him."

In June.

In the middle of a heat wave.

The "big church" in me was screaming.

Internally warring against my traditions.

"It's 110 outside.  Why are we singing this?!"


But, I have to say.  It was incredible.

Pure, amazing worship.

A reminder that we are to not only celebrate Him in December.

But every day.

The story and celebration of His redemptive birth and life is the purpose of church.

A story told to a congregation of 3 people.  Or 2,003.


And although I pray otherwise,

even if our little family ever finds itself alone at Sunnybrae on a Sunday morning.

We are never alone.


Monday, June 20, 2011

Daddy's Day

I've once heard it said that you should never advertise your husband.

And I love that saying.

So hear me.  I'm not trying to advertise my husband.


I stumbled across this picture while unpacking the garage on Wednesday.

It's my favorite picture of Dave.

And he's not even holding one of our children.

Actually, it was taken before we even had children.

But I'm using it anyway. For a Father's Day post.

I know it's weird. Just stay with me.



It was taken about a year after we were married.

We were vacationing at Priest Lake, Idaho with friends.

The little baby he is holding will start 6th grade in the Fall.


His eyes are older now.

And wiser.

He's lived so much life.

Made decisions.





He was a paramedic when that picture was taken.

Working part-time in youth ministry.

Not because he had to. But because he loved to.

Now he is a pastor of a sweet little church plant.

Not because he has to. But because he loves to.


Yesterday morning, he preached on Psalm 145:4.

On how the primary role of a father is to glorify Christ to their children.

To make known to them His mighty acts and works.

As parents, we can not simply be rule givers without making known the reason for the rules.

We cannot expect our children to love and worship Christ if we don't show them what that looks like.


I praise Jesus that the daddy to my girls is a preacher.

A good preacher.

Who lives what he preaches.


I'm well aware that I could be a wife who sits through sermons.

With children who will one day sit through sermons.

Bitter. Listening to a hypocrite. A pharisee.

Struggling to reconcile the man that we live with against the man that stands before his congregation every Sunday.

Forced to hide the fact that his words and actions don't match up.

But I am not.  They will not.

And for that, I am thankful.


I am not saying he is perfect.

But he preaches that part, too.

He is vulnerable. And real. And kind. And gracious.


And I love him.


We love him.


Happy Father's Day, babe.

We are so thankful for you.

Friday, June 17, 2011

InstaFriday... Night.

It's Friday night.

The kids are asleep.

Dave's at the driving range with Todd and Bryan.

And I'm blogging. Alone.

Watching Friday Night Lights.

Happy as a clam.

What has become of my life?


Our week. In Instagram pics.  On time for once!  Barely.


Eddie puts meth in the Almond Joy Carbolite.  I know it.  I just can't prove it.

He's also trying to sneak the ghetto Reese's into the topping line-up.

You know.  The Palmer's bunny ear garbage cups?  Not happy.

I'm switching to Butterfinger until he comes correct.


This old ambulance has been parked in the garage at work.

Screams Dan Aykroyd and green slime.

Vintage lifesaver.


I had high hopes for this fruit altering gadget.

And I'll say that it did not disappoint.

It does remove a bit too much of the strawberry for my liking.

But we can't have the world, can we?


Kayla loves Photo Booth.

Ashlyn was mid-flu and not loving much at all.


I love her.  I love her jewelry.

I love her thank-you gift for staying at our house while she sold her jewelry at Freak Fest.


She is a 3rd grader.  We have a 3rd grader.  How and when did this happen?


These are my parents.  They celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary last week.

We also celebrated their dear friend, Eddie Montague.

He was inducted into the Peninsula Hall of Fame for his 30+ years as a major league umpire.

Along with lots of other people we didn't really care about.

That missed the 3 minute memo.

And gave reeeeaaaaaalllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyy LLLLLLLOOOOOOOOONNNNGGGGG acceptance speeches.

But it was worth it for Eddie. He is a wonderful guy.

Who gives a witty, short and concise acceptance speech.


Killing time before Community Group.

Pasta with butter for the girls.

Tostada pizza with lime chicken for me.


Ashlyn finished up at the Early Start program yesterday.

She starts a new school next month. We're excited.

But we'll miss Teacher Jackie. And Renee. And Marie. And Maria. Alot.


We went to the fair last night.

We're all happy and smily here.

But it was kind of a debacle.

Ashlyn wanted to go on the ferris wheel and she was 3 inches too short.

Kayla wanted to join the Half Moon Bay 4-H. Right then. As in, leave the fair with them.

Ashlyn decided she liked the cow milking simulator.  Which made me gag.

We spent $60 in 38 minutes.

Tower of Power was playing.

And my corn dog was burnt.

But the carnies were out.

Which made everything alright.



Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Magical Fruit

Sorry about the title.
I just CANNOT blog about beans without using that title.
I tried. And I can't do it.
Sometimes I think I may have been a 12-year-old boy in a previous life.
If I believed in previous lives. But I don't.
But also, this recipe I'm about to give you?
It really is magical.

I love beans.
I've never met a bean I did not like.
Even limas.

Dave practically keels over at the mere sight of one.
He hates them. All of them.
ONE bean + Dave = dead.
EXCEPT limas. He loves limas.
Which I think is the weirdest thing.
But at least we have one agreed upon bean.
And I know it's not really a bean.
But it's better than nothing.
We eat LOTS of limas in this house.

Many years ago, I was discussing my extraordinary love of beans with my friend Janae.
And she said I 100% had to try her family friend's baked bean recipe.

It is SO so soooo good.  And SO easy.
Like buy a can and add stuff, easy.
And be the MVP of the BBQ.
The best kind of easy.

3 (1 lb) cans baked beans (drained)
1 cup brown sugar
2 T Worcestershire
2 tsp. chili powder
2 T vinegar
1/8 cup molasses
1/4 cup bottled chili sauce

Mix all in a 3 qt. casserole w/ cover.
Bake at 400 degrees for 90 minutes.
Or until all the liquid is absorbed.

Magical. Promise.

Saturday, June 11, 2011


Whelp.  It's Saturday.

Which means I missed InstaFriday.  Again.

Life has been crazy.

Actually, I think I've missed three weeks in a row.

Which means you need to strap on your seat belt. For three weeks of fun-filtered photos.


Stop whatever it is that you are doing and make these right now.

Even if you don't have the two items required, go the the store immediately.

I know it's Saturday night. But it's time well spent. TRUST moi.


We love ourselves a little Texas Hold 'Em round these parts.

Some nights I play. Some nights I hack on the couch and watch.


According to the bridal boutique, my measurements = Size 22.

In real life, I = Size 10.

Therefore, I had to pay someone to take on some beastly alterations.

And the someone I was planning on paying decided to take a little vacay.

FOR TWO MONTHS.  In the middle of wedding season.  Who does this?

Someone who is avoiding turning my 22 into a 10.   That's who.

Fanny, I will not forget this.  I mean it, Fanny.


A few weeks ago, Kim and I met Wendy and Melissa for dinner.

Yay for linkable friends!

Never in a million, zillion years did I ever think starting a blog would give me new friends.

It's still a little weird if I really think about it.

But I saw Mel at a U2 concert on Tuesday night and I feel like I've known her for a million, zillion years.

And that is almost more awesome that Bono.


Confession: sometimes I go to Starbucks when I don't even want to.

And buy something I don't need.

When I'm not even thirsty.

Actually, I don't even like coffee.

But I want a fancy gold card.

Mission. Accomplished.


My sister-in-law-to-be felt sorry for the old people in her life and invited my mom and I to join her Bachelorette cruise.

We invited my cousin and my mom's BFF.  So we weren't the only old people.

Basically everyone in California went on this cruise.

Poor Kennah.  She is such a good sport to marry into this family.

It was fun. REAL fun. We laughed ALOT.


And because I am old, I read this while all the young girls were at Rex's.

Rex = Carnival's disco club.  Did I just say disco club?  Oh dear. #OLD

Anyway, read this if you haven't.

I can't stop thinking about it.

And I was so sad when it ended because I wanted to read it forever.

I can't wait for the movie.


Am I the only one who wanders the aisles of Target at 10:00 pm the night before a road trip?

Buying things I don't even need for a road trip. I do this EVERY time. And I don't even know why.


On our way to the wedding!

Minus daddy who was chauffeuring Uncle Vinny from the airport.

He's not really my uncle but we just call him that.

And he's from New York.  So it totally works.


My dad toasting the couple at the rehearsal dinner.

My dad's toasts are always awesome.



Not awesome?  Your kid in a bar at 10 pm.

But a family that karaokes together stays together.

So we took one for the team.


A little flower girl stress relief.

Props to Kim for the caption.


And wedding prep.

K: "Let the hair tools do the work, Ash."


Cousins killing time in the hotel lobby the day after the wedding.

Is the iphone not the best invention in all the world?

Three minutes earlier they were running circles around the reception desk.

What did our parents do in the 80s?


I love that our church has pledged 70% of its' budget to meet needs.

Needs within the body and otherwise.  Because it's biblical.  Helping each other.

We took a free will offering for this wonderful cause on Sunday and the church agreed to match.

We were able to donate $717.32 to help Anika's family bring her home.


We like U2.  Lots.

We see them every time they are within a 100 mile radius.  Sometimes twice during the same tour.

This particular concert was rescheduled because Bono hurt his back.

So we've been holding on to these tickets since 2009.

Which means my chances for losing them were pretty high.

And I did.  I lost them.

But I found them on Monday.  The concert was on Tuesday.

My mom helped. And my cousin Barbara who was in town for the wedding.

Thanks Mom.  Thanks Barb.  And thanks Ellen who bought the tickets.

It was a great show!


She hates cats.  And sweatshirts with cats.


I sewed for the first time in my life on Wednesday.

And I made tree pants.

And now I want to sew every free second of my life.

But I don't have very many free seconds.  Or a sewing machine.

So this could be problematic.


The carnies are coming!

I like the fair and carnies more than U2.

Our old house was on a main, busy street that connected the fairgrounds to downtown.

Carnie Boulevard during Fair Week.

Some pretty awesome people watching.

I miss Carnie Boulevard.


We had a shower for this beautiful mama-to-be today.

Big girl post with big girl pictures coming soon.



That was alot.

I'm exhausted.


Happy weekend, friends!

Now go to the store and make those cookies.