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Monday, July 16, 2012

Kayla's 9th Birthday Party: A Nature Hike

Early May:

"KK, what do you want to do for your birthday this year?"

"I would like a nature hike, mama.  And Jon can be our tour guide.  Because he's great at identifying species.  And we'll need adventure kits.  With clipboards.  And I'd like cupcakes that are wormy, kind of dirty but also cute."

She's always knows exactly what she wants.

So party planning is easy.

It was 127 degrees that day.

Perfect temperature for a hike.

If you're hiking in a pool.

But my nature-loving girl and her adventurous little friends were unphased by the heat.

And ready to tackle the trail.

So was UCLA Biology grad and Kayla's hero, Jon.

The mini-explorers learned about buckeye butterflies, spittle bugs and banana slugs.

He explained, in awesome detail, everything they might encounter along the way.

And even scouted the trail a week beforehand to help with the clipboard checklist.

He's my hero, too.

 They saw lots of bugs.

And beautiful shrubs and trees.

Like the majestic Oregon Oak and the California Wax Myrtle.

Some even saw a California King snake!

On the menu?

Bottled water and juice boxes.

Sun Chips, granola bars and trail mix.

And "cute and wormy" treats.

Thanks to all for braving the heat and bugs and snakes.

And avoiding the poison oak.

You gave our girl a very special day.


  1. well, this is perfect. LOVE every little bit! xo

    also? i would like a cupcake.

  2. Hey ladies ;) he's single too!

  3. So great! Seriously the best birthday idea every! Well done my favorite hippie child and her ever brave mama! (that would be you ;))

  4. Such a cute concept, and so KK!
    Jon's a trooper... I bet Eric was thrilled to have another boy along #standard :)
    PS. Will you and Cindy plan a party for me :) hehe J/K