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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Do Something.

When Dave gets excited about something, he gets chatty.

Baseball season about to start?


The Niners potentially (and unsuccessfully) acquiring Manning?


Sovereignty of God, predestination, propitiation, etc.?


He's also one of those weirdos that likes being convicted.

Which means he's chatty about his convictions.

Which means I get convicted.

Which means I. LOVE. BEING. A. PASTORS. WIFE!!!!!!


I really do love being a pastor's wife.

He shared about the above verse last night at prayer meeting.

And I can't stop thinking about it.

It's so easy to be a hearer, right?

We are trained to be hearers.

Listen to your parents.

Listen to your teachers.

Listen to your pastors.




All good.

We need to learn.

But what are we DOING with that knowledge?

Are we taking risks?

Sharing Christ?

Filling a need when we see one?

Coming alongside those who are lonely?

Coming alongside those who are burdened and/or overwhelmed?

It's so easy to go to bible studies.

Stay held up in our little groups.

Noses stuck in our bible, dictionary and/or concordance.

Marinating on the Greek and Hebrew.

But never DOING anything with all that He teaches us.

Scripture is clear.

Our works do NOT save us.

Our works, through the power of the Holy Spirit, show the world WHO saved us.

So when your husband says, "Hey babe, Can I go to Sudan?"

You say, "OK."

To see convictions made real?

Nothing more awesome.

Even when your mom calls in a panic to tell you about a friend of a friend's daughter's sister
who got attacked "somewhere in Africa."

Thanks, Mom.

So Dave is convicted.

I am convicted.

And now hopefully YOU are convicted.

Have fun.

Kayla's home "sick."

And was miraculously cured a few minutes ago.

So we're off to go wash the dog.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thursday Odds and Ends 2

Good morning.

My brain is kind of empty still.

But I get anxious going a full week without a post.

Self imposed blog stress.

Which is ridiculous.

But it's real, people.

So I will bore you with miscellany.

Our church's website looks like this right now.

So scary, right?

Darn you, Google.

Have you no regard for Holy Week festivity information sharing?

Taking over the world and our little website.

Patrick and Jason Garvey to the rescue.

Although Jason texted last night saying: "no bueno."

Which is probably no bueno.

Jason and Niki ushered in Hope's newest member yesterday.

Abigail Anne.

Isn't she cute?

We love her already.

Welcome, sweet Abi.

Spring has sprung.

So has ghetto swing making in skivvies.

My hydrangeas are almost blooming.

I love spring.

Which means I find docs like these saved on our desktop.

Which kind of stresses me out.

But not really.

I'm lying.

No I'm not.

I don't know.

Kim and I are headed down to the OC for a quick jaunt.

Hunger Games premiere with my favorite RHOC.

Leave late tonight. Home Saturday morning.

Sometimes I feel like a real jet setter.

Until next week.


Friday, March 16, 2012

The Return of InstaFriday

It's been a while since I graced this space with a traditional InstaFriday post.

Random rambling about random pictures.

Not really having to think.

I like not th]]><![CDATA[inking more and more these days.

Lots of this game being played around here.

She thinks she instantly wins any time she picks up a Sorry card.

And I just agree because I don't remember what the Sorry card means.

"Ohhh sahhh-weee!" she says.

This book and I have issues.

The premise: Camilla turns rainbow stripey when she doesn't eat her veggies.

Sure, Ashlyn ate lima beans that night.

But is now afraid of stripes.

So when she sneaks into our bed at 3 am and I give her the cross-eye?

She whispers: "But the stripes!"

If you're coming over to visit, wear solids.

'Tis the season!

I do love how Girl Scout cookies pretty much sell themselves.

Except for Thank You Berry Much and Dulce de Leche.

Stick to the classics, people.

And yes, we sold at church.

I don't believe Jesus would turn tables over Thin Mints.

Dulce de Leche?  Maybe.

Happy 1st Birthday, Addison!

I think the older kids would have taken this sweet baby out for her frosting.

Good thing she didn't like it much.

I can't believe she's one.

Teri, make her stop.

Birthday Party #2 that day for Kayla's friend, Grace.

The Lorax in 3-D.

Gracie's dad went ahead of us and prepped goodie bags for all the girls.

Followed by a sleepover.

Gracie's mom is still recovering.


Why can I never remember picture day??!

Have you had these chips yet?

Have you had Emily's guacamole?

Find anyone's guacamole.

And add these chips.

I love how much Kayla loves babies.

Although look at those cheeks.

What's not to love??

Happy 8 months, Hayden!

Our playroom is off the house, on the other side of the garage.

I think it used to be a porch and the previous owners closed it in.

It's still not finished.  The decorating, I mean.

So it makes me feel OK that kids eat dinner on the floor, reading books.

Childhood is the best, isn't it?

Happy Friday, friends!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Campaign I Can Get Behind

Lots of Kony talk around these parts.

Lots of Invisible Children talk.

Sketchy or not sketchy?

Have not had time to properly research.

And I don't like to speak without knowledge.

Which is why I generally only talk about Jesus, my kids and cupcakes.


In the meantime.

Let me share with you a 100% non-sketchy campaign I can vouch for.

And a hideous picture to prove I'm vouch-worthy.

Pictured L-R: moi, Kim's sister Laura, Ang (Hi Ang!), Ash and Jaxie.

Final Supertones Concert at Biola University.

Fun fact: First Facebook photo EVER tagged in.

Had to scroll through 800+ to find it.

November 9, 2005.

Crazy that Facebook has been around so long.

Crazy that I wore that shirt in public, to a concert nonetheless.

Crazy that I didn't wax my brows in 2005.


The Supertones are back!

And the Johnson's are thrilled.

Their sound brings back such great memories.

Summertime festivals.

Youth ministry.

Long drives down Highway 5.

Camping in tents.

Simple times.

[kickstarter url= width=480]
They need our help.

And they are giving away some fun prizes.

Got $2k in your couch cushions?

You get a pool party.

Julie will make you cookies.

Still a little sick.  Still a little bossy.

Ska!  Ska!  Ska!

Still a little delirious.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thursday Odds and Ends

Good morning!

I'm guest posting here today.

And I get a little preachy like my husband.

With less facial hair.  And no pacing back and forth.

Have you read Leslie's blog?

If not, change that.


Her words are rich and encouraging.

Chicken Soup for the Blogger's Soul.

But 500 million times better.

Panera Broccoli Cheddar for the Blogger's Soul.

Also, I'm fighting a cold, didn't get a ton of sleep and am delirious.

Excuse that terrible reference.

But go.  Read.  Now.

We went to see Toy Story on Ice on Sunday.

And Ashlyn keeps asking for her Buzz Lightyear doll.

But she calls him "Bud Light."

"Where's my Bud Light?"

Our trip to the grocery store later could get awkward.

Also, please make these.

Look.  She even made us a cute little recipe card printable.

I'm bossy when I'm sick.

Use Oreo's 100th Birthday limited edition cookies.

Buy 15 extra boxes because they are limited.

They are also on sale at Safeway right now - 2 for $6.00

I don't know who's most likely to be running against Obama.

Or whether the stock market is up or down.

But I know the current price of these bad boys.

And you need to add sprinkles to the batter.

I made them for Leadership Meeting last night and Ellen brought the leftovers to her work today.

And now I'm regretting leaving them.

Because I want five for breakfast.

Starve a fever, feed a cold, right?

Happy Thursday, friends!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Thank You, Maui.

Thank you, Maui.

For being warm and sunny and perfect and beautiful.

Thank you, Chevy.

For making an SUV big enough to cart around this crazy bunch.

Thank you, Lahaina Marriot.

You are also warm and sunny and perfect and beautiful.

Thank you, two hour time difference and salt water and sea air.

You made my babies sleep well.

Before they were even in their beds.

Thank you, snorkel gear.

You opened up a whole new world for Kayla.

Thank you, Dave.

For accidentally signing "shark" instead of "fish" to Ashlyn.

When explaining what she'd see underwater.

Geared up on the hotel balcony was the extent of her snorkeling expedition.

Thank you, Ultimate Whale Watch, for being just that.

A mama whale swam under our raft (yes, RAFT.) as two male whales were fighting over her.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, that we did not become a segment of "When Vacations Attack."

I was worried for a minute. Or 4 hours.

Thank you, God, for rainbows and sunshine.

And early ocean swims.

And for Your power that stops so much water so suddenly and peacefully.

I still don't really get how that all works.

Thank you, shave ice, for still being one of my favorite island treats.

I'm glad my girls love it, too.

Well, one girl.

Ashlyn prefers a traditional vanilla cone.

Thank you, Nan for taking us shopping.

And buying the essentials.


Personalized wooden whales.

Personalized wooden turtles.

Personalized wooden dolphins.

You know.

Thank you, family, for swimming with the girls for hours.

And hours.

And hours.

And hours.

And hours.

While I did a whole lot of this.

Thank you, Marriot waterslide for bringing great joy to Ashlyn.

427 times.

Thank you, Target, for the most perfect Hawaiian dress ever.

Thank you, sun, for beautiful highlights.

Thank you, Lahaina Hyatt.

For having a geek on your staff.

The nighttime, rooftop celestial sky tour was delightful.

Thank you, random hotel pool, for making waiting in a long breakfast line 5,000 times easier.

Although they never ate.

Swimming > Eating.

I'm thinking my kids would soon starve if we had a pool in our backyard.

Thank you, weird bird man photographer, for almost giving my four year old a panic attack.

When you said the bird would "play dead?"

She thought it died.

Emotionally pricey photo opp.

Thank you, majestic whales, for making us happy.

And in awe of creation.

Thank you, Nan and Pops, for still wanting to hang out with us after all these years.

We realize that we wouldn't be able to do this otherwise and we are so very thankful.

Thank you, fun memories.

We honeymooned here 12 years ago.

Thank you, Jesus, for giving me a sister-in-law that loves you.

And for the honor of seeing her baptized.

Thank you, Hula Grill, for serving Kayla lychee fruit and steamed broccoli for dinner.

Three nights in a row.

And for putting Ashlyn to sleep.

She never quite adjusted to that time change.

No thank you for being out of the Hula Pie.

Thank you, sweet church, for holding things together so excellently while we were gone.

You make it easy to leave.

Thank you, Bay Area weather for making it easy to come home.

I'm still in these flip flops.

And hoping it stays that way.