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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Pintertest Kitchen 10: God Bless America and Patriotic Desserts.

I shall preface this post by saying that the 4th is one of my favorite holidays.

I love fireworks.

I love watching my kids love fireworks.

They make the best faces.

I love summer.

I love BBQ's.

I love America.

But I will say that I'm not a huge fan of the red, white and blue dessert.

I've got nothing against these colors.

It's just that super cute, color themed novelties rarely taste good to me.

Not a huge fan of food coloring.

Not in love with Wilton candy melts.

I'm definitely a chocolate girl.

And secretly resent Betsy Ross every year for not incorporating brown somewhere in that first flag.


I got over myself and my Wilton aversion.

For America.

And tried a few of the easier recipes that I saw.

As always, my dear Pinterest provided ample patriotic options.

Lots of idea clusters.

Lots of repeats.

There's only so much one can do with red, white and blue.

Here's what I chose.

Drumroll, please.

Bad news, first.

Darn you, Keebler.

Your graham cracker crust is so delicate, only elves can bake with it.

As soon as I pressed in the filling, the whole thing cracked like a firework.

Though thematic, not what I was going for.

Not sure if my filling was too thick, I should have baked it first or I really needed to hire an elf.

Either way, it ended up in the garbage.

Although in retrospect, I could have dumped it in a bowl and called it a trifle.

The filling was really GOOD.

Adios, Star Spangled Pie.

10 on taste, 0 on presentation.

Original recipe here.

My favorite of the bunch.

Tasted good.

Cute as a button.

Winner, winner.

I also added sprinkles to each layer.

Original recipe here.

SUPER cute.

SUPER fun and easy to make.

I just can't get over the candy melts.

Not my most favorite taste.

But other people liked them.

Cindy even blasphemed that they were better than pretzel crack.

God bless America.

Anyway, 100% worth the effort for how cute they are.

Original recipe here.

Last but not least, our cake.

Standard box cake.

Store-bought frosting.


Fun patriotic marble party inside.

Somewhat artificial tasting.

Original recipe here.

Kayla loved it.

Speaking of.

Here was her entry this month:

"Happ 4 of July"

I think Ashlyn ate the "Y."

They didn't make the cut for the BBQ last night.

But don't tell her.

Happy Birthday, America!

We're so thankful to live here.


  1. wow. i want all of that. you are so fancy!!

    i am linking up tomorrow, so excited!! :)

  2. ONe thousand million pretzels please.
    With a side of pretzel crack.
    ANd a scoop of that keebler ish from the trash. I'm not picky.
    Just hold the food coloring. And faux chocolate melts.

  3. ths post was so r/w/b that i had to stand with my right hand over my heart while commenting.

    and i'm exhausted just thinking of all that looks GREAT...but one place i do not experience freedom is in the kitchen.

  4. i dont do candy melts either.
    i am against them.
    and went against my againstness.
    and regretted it.

    hello kitty cake pops. recipe serving size 24. actual serving size 7.
    candy melts overheated and thrown in the trash ALL.

    anyway. so sad to miss that BBQ. seems like fun.
    and i always love being a PTK guinea pig.
    August is coming soon. Let me know what I'll be tasting.

  5. Oh my goodness!!! I love your PinterTest Kitchen series! It's genius.. I ended up making a "I did it!" board on Pinterest (here!) and in the description I write a note/review of whatever tutorial or recipe it was.. :)

    A Clever Life

  6. A few things.
    Scott is painting stripes on my living room wall so I'm banned. So I'm catching up,on blogs cuz I'm hovering.

    I laughed out loud at this post.

    I feel like the rice krispie Tupperware was so un-festive.

    I hate Wilton.

    But I love america. Where at least I know I'm free.

  7. Yum how creative you got. I'm with you though I could pass on all of it...except the homemade ice cream we made. I could eat that until I'm sick.

  8. for the win! sweet and the fourth. heaven!

  9. Those rice krispy's are SO super cute. I am pretty sure I need to add those to my 4th of July menu for next year!

  10. Such amazing yummy treats! I totally wish the 4th was this week so I could enjoy some of these :) xoxo

  11. those rice crispty treats are SO cute! I am going to remember those for next year. I'm a rice crispy treat NUT!

    Also, the first failed desert--I would have kept it for myself and just stuck a spoon in it. Yumminess like that should never go to waste I say.