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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Always October

So I forgot I had a blog last month.

I mean.

We were a little busy here in the Bay.

I had "World Series house" for a few weeks.

Piles of laundry.

The only clean stuff was orange and black.

Unpaid bills.

Except for cable.

So many leftover casseroles.

And desserts.

Life just kind of stopped for a while.

But it was full speed ahead at the same time.

Watching games with friends.

And Giants cupcakes.

And swimming in the pool in October.

And cheering like crazy as they came from behind.

Learning to accept loss when they didn't.

Going to the games with family.

Garlic fries.

And sundaes.

And running into old friends at the ballpark.

An amazingly torturous Game 7.

My head still hurts.

Cheering with our neighbors.

And driving around downtown afterwards.

An extra happy husband.

Life around our city when our beloved team makes the playoffs is a little slice of heaven on earth.


But other stuff happened, too.

I turned 38.

And spent the morning taste testing donuts for church.

Which, you guys, is a pretty great birthday.

A So Cal friend came to celebrate.

And we made her wear orange and black.

Dinner project is going well.

Holland loves spaghetti night.

Dave ate peas.

Ashlyn is eating carrots like nobody's business.

All we do is win, win, win.

Kayla's gone cellular.

It's Grandma Cee Cee's old one, not activated and wi-fi only for a little responsibility-proving trial run.

Basically she can play Candy Crush and text me, her dad and her grandparents.

And use SO. many. emojis.

She also has a private Instagram account.

It's cute.

I started a new bible study about wisdom.

And oh it's good.

And it's making me realize how not wise I am.

Speaking of.

I'm using hairties for third kid childproofing.

She is all over the place and into everything.

She says Mama, Dada and has just started calling Kayla "Yaya."

She is so very close to walking.

But I've been saying that all month.

So I'm just not sure anymore.

Personally, I think she's just a little lazy.

And would rather sit on Pop Pop's pinball machine.

Obviously safety is a primary concern around these parts.

Halloween was interesting.

Ashlyn insisted on Ironman.

And pretty much wore the costume out before the 31st.

Kayla was Princess Leia.

And Holland was a pumpkin that I couldn't find until 30 mins before we went trick or treating.

So she almost went as a baby.

I'm still eating their candy.

I blame World Series house for all of it.

We love our San Francisco Giants.

Thanks for making October so fun.