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Friday, September 2, 2011

InstaFriday. Again.

I really can't believe it's Friday again.

I'm thinking about renaming this little bloggie.

Keeping up with the Instas.

Life has just been getting in the way.

Back to School madness has sucked every creative thought out of my head.

I've been wanting to bake.

But our normal camera lens is broken so I'd have to stand in my neighbors yard to take pictures.

And it's been hot.

And I've been lazy.

But at the same time so busy.


Those are my excuses.

Here are my Instas.


Do you have kids in your life?

I'm assuming most of you that read this, do.

If you don't, get some.

Make a kid friend.

They're pretty great, you know.


It's not just for moms and dads.

But it is GREAT for moms and dads.

It's changed the way I view Christian parenting.

In a really good way.

And will hopefully change the way I parent.

I'll keep you posted.

This is a watermelon on our bed.

Ashlyn's staging.

Ashlyn's photography.

Ashlyn's filter choice.

iPhonographer genius, I say.

She learns from her lame mama.

Who can't use a real camera.

The girls started school this week.

At the exact same time.

25 minutes apart.


Also means only one got their first day picture taken.

We went to the ballpark on Tuesday night.

Jason and Niki bought tickets for Dave's birthday.

They are good friends.

Even if he's wearing a Cubs shirt.

Jason and Dave used to go to grammar school together.

Jason moved away.  25+ years ago.

Met and married Niki and came back in 2009.  And rented a house down the street from our old one.

But Dave and Jason hadn't seen each other or talked in 25+ years.

Fun little reunion.

They, along with their two little girls, have been a charter family at Hope.

There from the start.  We love them.

We don't, however, love the way the Giants are playing right now.

Who are you and what have you done to our team??!

So sad.

But there were nachos.

Speaking of nachos,

I haven't been very nice to My Fitness Pal.

I've been ignoring her.

And she calls me out on it.

And Couch to 5k has kind of turned into Couch to Couch.

Back to School messes me up.


Happy Friday, friends.

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  1. i've been couch-to-couching it for like....months. and i've discovered lindor truffles (back mix) so proud of your insta-friday on friday! consider yourself high-fived :) happy weekend to you!

  2. I LOVE my fitness pal! Been using it for months! working on the last 5ish pounds now!! ;D And you CAN definitely do the C25K!!!! :D I LOVE running!! so empowering!1

  3. i mean, a couch to couch is pretty cool too.
    you can do leg lifts and such.
    besides, if i sweat, i smell funny and that wouldn't be very nice to the hubs.
    just looking out for him.


  4. Definitely am gonna check out that book! My friend does the fitness pal and has been encouraging me to...SOMEDAY I'll do it!

  5. I saw that book a while back and forgot about it. I will have to check it out!

  6. "keeping up with the instas," funnnnny. and thank God for instas or i wouldn't see you.

    i totally understand being busy. it's crazy around here. i loaded all this weeks post last sat. because i knew i would have zero time to be in blogville.

  7. Blog hopping from Insta-Friday. Awesome post. And that sounds like an AWESOME book. Totally going to check it out. I've had a few days this week where my parenting has been a little less than stellar. They need grace. And I need mercy.

    And a couch to couch - hilarious. That is my back to running perfectly explained. :)

  8. um.. yeah. at least you have an insta life. my blog is totally guilt tripping me about how i don't make time for it anymore, i'm always busy.. blah blah blah. it wants to see other people. rude. that watermelon is awesome. i broke the news we were about to meet our first internet friends to the children. arianna kind of told me i was weirdo. that was awkward.

  9. i love keeping up with your instas!!
    that book. oh my heck.
    life changing heart work is happening over here. PRAISE JESUS.
    and couch to couch sounds like a gig i could really handle.

    love you!!!!!

  10. I couch to couch like it is my job.
    With nachos.
    Then I balance it out with a radioactive watermelon.
    That's how I roll.

  11. Nachos, yum!!!! Exercise, who needs it? (Just kidding-its how I justify all my bad eating choices:))

  12. Are you excited for the girls to go to school and to have more time to yourself or do you dread it? Personally, I'm so looking forward to the school age years. I love Ashlyn's braided pig tails!

  13. Keeping up with the Instas....that made me laugh!
    love the radioactive watermelon.
    and, the Giants are killing me!!!

  14. That watermelon in bed is too much! Hahaha! Love it!
    Maybe next week she could put a pumpkin in there.
    And just think if you eat watermelon in bed it could help with your couch diet! Or not!
    Happy long weekend!

  15. this is one funny post.

    ashlyn has mad skillz.

    love the expression charter family.

    totally awesome.
    and perfect.

    Just like God's timing. CRAZY.