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Friday, September 16, 2011

InstaFriday: One Crazy Week


With one kid back at school and the other still coming out of one hefty dose of anesthesia,

there's ample time to blog.

Because there's no more laundry to do.

Kind of like having your first newborn.

Minus the episiotomy.



So here is our crazy week.

Via Instagram photos.


My parents country club celebrated it's 100th birthday on September 10.

I like the club.

Even if sometimes it makes me feel like Miss Celia from The Help.

It's also paints a great picture of heaven.

One big party. Lots of food.

All on my Dad.

Well, and my mom.

That's where the analogy kind of crumbles.

Anyway, they had carnival rides.

Awesome food.

A great band.

And a too-close-for-comfort-leave-with-shrapnel-in-hair fireworks show.

And September 10th may have been a poor life choice date for fireworks.

Word on the street is that they had some pretty irate neighbors.

But it was an amazing show.

Also, Dave and I ran off to Monterey for the night to celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary.

Fun. Relaxing.

He golfed. I slept in.

Our favorite things.

Then we came home to this.

And pre-op appointments.


Being a nurse even though I hate blood.

And puke.  And all thing nurse-worthy.

But I would do it a million times over.

Fun stuff.

Scary stuff.

But God is good in all our stuff.

And I will say I'm glad this crazy week is over.



  1. hahah from cotton candy to cotton swabs.

    you guys were all over the map emotionally this week.

    i think it's time for a break.

    what do you say to a ROAD TRIP :)

    let's say next friday. i'll pick you up :)

  2. wow! what a week for you! amazing. glad you can put it behind you now:) happy anniversary!! my hubby and i will celebrate 12 yrs. in Nov.

  3. From one crazy week into another.. and amazing how it worked out that Dave got a guys weekend this week and we got a ladies one next week ;)

  4. Aw, I'm so glad your little patient is recovering well. She is so blessed to be covered in prayer and taken care of by such a wonderful mommy. Thanks for sharing. And hey, fireworks in Sept? Lucky.

  5. Aw, those pics make me tear up. Its us all over again. Im very glad all went well and even more glad WITH YOU that its all over.
    I agree with Leslie....fireworks ANYtime of the year are amazing:)

  6. "God is good in all our stuff." great stuff! ;) read this post and the last one and I'm excited to read your daughter is doing good. Looks like a rip roaring party your parents pulled off. have a super weekend!

  7. loved your week, wish I could have spent it with you...some day.

  8. I LOOOVE all these pictures... especially the one w/ all the bubbles, and the sweet text messages!!!

  9. y'all are so cute, happy anniversary! what a great time away...sounds similar to when we get away. in my dreams.
    praying for the cute little patient, to heal nicely! so glad y'all have such loving and caring friends. god is good.

    see you soon!! coco