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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Blog Sugar


I went to a blog conference over the weekend.

With about 200 other women.

I know.

Weird, right?


Random people asked the reason for our trip.

I tried to avoid specifics.

Dry Bar Stylist:  "Why are you in the area?"

Weirdo Blog Conference Attender: "For a girl's trip."

DBS: "Oh fun!  What are you guys going to do?"

WBCA: "ummm.  We're going to a conference."

DBS: "What kind?"

WBCA: "A faith-based blog conference."


Dead silence.  Back to blow drying.


I will say that Dry Bar Stylist has it all wrong.

It was amazing.

And kind of overwhelming.



Kim, EMJ and I stayed with Jules.

And had late night discussions about life changing things.

Like dolphin fin prosthetics.

And how to avoid physical therapy.

These girls learned how to Tweet.

She brought us beautiful jewelry.

I wanted to pack her home in my suitcase.

She hates dolphins.  But preaches like John Piper.

We ate lots of yummy stuff.  Like this.  And these.

And had dinner with her.  And her.  And her.  And her.

I got to hug her.

And see her sweet little face in real life.



We learned about using our blogs for good.

And always for the glory of God.

We learned that God has a purpose for each of our blogs.

One that we usually aren't aware of.

Until it accomplishes something bigger than us.


We learned about the importance of telling our stories.

Happy stories.

Funny stories.

Difficult stories.

All our stories.


I miss these blog friends already.

Because now they are real friends.

And that's not weird at all.


  1. thanks for letting me keep up with you all weekend. ;)
    i have a feeling this is gonna be your top post!
    so glad our fun internet friends are now fun real life friends.

    oh and thanks for buying my blog sugar ticket.
    i probably need to pay you back for that.

  2. I'm so glad I got to see you(even if it was before you painted the barn)! Wish we could have spent more time together. Don't worry, I've already forgiven you for not following me around and being my personal entertainment. Xoxo

  3. And do you know that it wasn't until AFTER I left that I put together you with this blog that I've been following forever?! I did that to several people and wish I would have realized it while I was there so I wouldn't have been so awkward. SO sorry I didn't say much... at the time I didn't realize it was you!!! Even when I asked you about your hair, I still hadn't put together who you were. Ugh!

    I heard crickets several times too... and that's okay because WE all KNOW how REAL this blog world of ours is. What happened at Blog Sugar was REAL.

  4. Awwww! Looks and sounds like SUCH an amazing time!!!

  5. Where were you ? Sounds like a blast. Can't beat meeting with people with common passions.

  6. Such a good weekend and so glad Hayden and I could spend it with you and Kim :)

  7. So I'm your newest follower/stalker and I'm so bummed I didn't get to meet you at the conference. I kept hearing your name as someone I should hug. Boo!! I had such an amazing weekend too and wish I could go back in my time machine and meet more people and eat more cupcakes.

    See you around Twitter friend!


  8. great recap! i feel the same about turning blog friends into real ones. it was great to meet you, and i'm totally kicking myself for not bringing a camera! what was i thinking?

  9. Two things:
    1) I do not hat dolphins.
    2) I am in no way even in the same league as Mr. Piper but thank you for the compliment. Besides, when have you ever heard him say "bring it" or "peace out" ???? ;)

  10. love it! so glad you got to go! look so fan-stinking-tastic in the pics:)

    actually, you all do!

    don't you just love Hannah?? she gives wonderful hugs.

  11. This post is exactly, exactly why my heart started mourning last Sunday for what I knew would be an amazing time with friends who are connected to my heart. You are connected to my heart, always. I cannot wait for the day we meet in real life...BUT until then I cannot you as a IRL because my heart loves you as such, I love you as such. PS I am so okay if this comes across stalkerish. XO

  12. great pictures.

    such a fun fun weekend.

    i am so thankful i was able to meet you and give you a hug.

    love you sweet girlie!!

  13. miss you more.
    i did not get enough quality time with you.
    we will meet up again someday for something!!
    we must.

  14. I had such a fun time with you this weekend!! We need to meet up again soon!

  15. Great pictures, great times, great laughs, and great conversation.
    You're great, Jessica.
    I love that I get to call you my friend.
    My real friend. Whom I met through blogging.
    Which might be weird to some people.
    But not to us.

  16. Well I don't even know what a dry bar stylist is (is that from Pinterest or something?), but I know what a blog conference is. So who is the weird one now?
    Don't answer that.
    Next year will be so much better cuz hopefully I will go and lead a mold breakout session.
    Hope there is one next year. Hope it has dry hair bars. And hope I can go.

  17. not weird at all.

    i feel really blessed that i got to spend extra time with you! i feel really blessed that we met up before blog sugar, which most definitely made this weekend doubly sweet! and now i am going through jessica (and kim...cause you kinda go together) withdrawals. i think you NEED to come to bass lake. NOW.
    i can dry your hair AND be impressed by faith-based blog conferences.
    you should come now.

  18. I met you in line to get in. . .I was with Hannah--totally new at this blog thing and your hear is beautiful as is your family and from what I've read your heart!!!

  19. SUCH a fun weekend!!!!!! AHHH! Loved hanging out with you!
    Will you email me the insta picture from cheesecake & from Julie's on Sunday night?

  20. marie you are too sweet. i know, i was hanging out with a bunch of hotties for sure! ;) i better see you at blog sugar 2012!

  21. praise jesus for blog sugar! it was magical and inspiring.
    so glad i finally met you in person. miss you!! xo

    also, happy birthday! loveya

  22. ps pretty please text me the photo of us!! xo

  23. glad i got to meet you briefly at blog sugar...hopefully we can get some bay area bloggers together sometime. i look forward to checking out your blog. xoxo *laura*