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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wednesday Miscellany

Indian summer is here in all it's splendor.

And it is sweltering.

Like house-never-cools-down sweltering.

Dog-pant-stains-all-over-the-carpet sweltering.


I love summer.

But I love fall, too.

And by the end of summer, I love fall more.

Also, I do not love carpet.

I cannot wait to rip it all out.


I saw this tweeted this morning.

And I kind of love it.

I took a screen shot so you don't even have to click.

Also, did you know that if something appears in blue on here it's clickable?

My cousin didn't.

So I'm sharing.

In case other people are like my cousin.


This weekend, Kim and Emily and I will be in So Cal.

We are going to this.

And staying at her house.

With her.





And her.


Remember blue = clickable.

Check their blogs.

They are all some of my faves.


I am making this.

And I'm nervous.

It's my MVP dessert.

But I'm in the company of some major baking players.

And sometimes the sides burn and I have to chop them off.

No one really sees.

But now they might.


Also, Ashlyn is back at school today!

Woo hoo!


Oh and one last thing.

Everybody needs to relax about the new Facebook layout.

Mark Zuckergeek has probably changed it 200 times since its' inception.

And EVERY SINGLE TIME everybody freaks out.

But 5 minutes later we can't remember what it looked like 5 minutes ago.

The guy's a gazillionaire dork for a reason.  I'm sure he knows what he's doing.

Deep breaths, people.  It's all going to be OK.


Happy Wednesday, friends.

Stay cool, locals.


  1. indian summer for life. it's our only real summer in the bay, after all.

    john piper=gifting in teaching and illuminating scripture. #truth

    can you please ship some buckle to southeast asia? that would be great, thanks.

  2. indian summer is awesome. i'd be celebrating it more if i didn't have to train for a half marathon with 3 weeks notice right when it decides to show up. #rude

    freaking piper. do you think it would be weird if i rocked the piper shirt this weekend? it is my favorite to sleep in. #weird or #notweird.

    that is a crazy list of blue linkies.

    and are you making the buckle while we are there? have cooler, will travel? or are we making a grocery stop on our way? #needthedeets #overandout #ifyoucatchmydrift

  3. I am also wayyyyy done with this summer. I am missing my boots and sweaters.
    Mmm buckle top 5 of favorite food items from you and its been a long time... you might have to make two.

  4. I'm loving our Indian summer! I dream about it in the frigid cold of May, June, and July when the rest of the country doesn't have to wear sweatshirts like we do. Kim - rock the Piper shirt!

  5. I love how you can go from a little reformed theology
    to issuing a facebook chill-out.
    Love love love it.

    I'll see you on Sunday.
    I'll be joining you fab gals for some lunch and shopping.

    {and so happy about ashlyn!}

  6. I agree about facebook. It's just not a big deal. But fall is, and I can't freakin' wait to be in the thick of it.

  7. haha i don't like change! mainly because it took me forever to figure out how to change settings. I also sometimes still type in because that was how it used to have to be done when it was college specific.

    Enjoy blog sugar. I'll be home taking a practice lsat. shoot me.

    Yay for ashlyn! :)

  8. i didn't check out all your "hers," but i know one of them is my s.i.l lindsey! now when you're all together i double dog dare you to walk up and pinch her back side and tell her "that's from denise" :-)

    i'm at the ayres hotel. i'm thinking i may need to drive over sat. night and crash your party.

    and how excited am that i get to see you again in a few days!

    umm, and we're all still wearing jeans right? :-)
    no one better wear a formal without giving me the heads up.

  9. DENISE. i kinda forgot about the jean pact. will you hate me if i dont? i got a cute skirt/dress on clearance at anthro. but i'm bringing a back up pair of jeans. just in case.

    i think a lot of people are wearing jeans.
    i'm worried i'm going to overdo it.

  10. i'm pretending to not be jealous. pretty sure the real highlight of your next week is my RV in your driveway. ;) man-- one week late for the bloggorama. that's okay.. i'll have redwoods and alcatraz. :)

  11. we are having an indian summer too. it cooled off and teased us for a few days like fall was on its way and then temps decided to go up 90 degrees again. as much as i love love love summer i am ready for fall.

    you ladies are having a big ol' girlie party all weekend long. whoop!

    looking forward to meeting you IRL on sunday... :o)

  12. have fun at blogsugar. seeing your dessert now makes me want to go. but WI is beautiful in the fall. it's our ONE season to shine!