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Monday, August 29, 2011

Insta Whatever: We've Been in Newport Edition

My tardiest InstaFriday post to date.

But there's a good excuse.

We were on vacay!

To the happiest place on earth.

My parents flew down on Sunday.

The girls and I flew solo.  On Monday.

With an arsenal of fun.

When we arrived at the airport we learned our flight was delayed 2.5 hours.

Arsenal of fun lasted 2.5 hours.  Problematic.

But a weird preoccupation with the wing flaps kept Ashlyn busy for the 58 minute flight.

And Kayla read a book.

Arsenal was not even necessary.

Our first stop in the OC?  Ruby's.

I lie.  Our first stop was Gulfstream.

But their kid's meal was calamari and chips.

I knew immediately that was not going to end well.

Because wing flap observation makes a girl hungry.

So we ditched.  For sweet potato fries.


Our first afternoon was spent at Laguna Beach.

Not at all like the annoying MTV show.


No where to be heard.

Because I would have left immediately.

My girls love the beach.

More than Kristen loved "Stah-eeee-ven."

On Tuesday we had a fun pool play date with Julie.

So great to meet her in person.  Her blog has always been one of my favorites.

Super nice. Super friendly. Super chatty. Super loved her.

Also, I'm staying with her for Blog Sugar in a few weeks.

So it's great she's not a serial killer.

My girl is a dino dork.

She loves everything about them.

She talked Pops into a trip to the Museum of Natural History at USC.

They also had a butterfly exhibit.

Then back to pool for some crafting.

Ashlyn painted an elephant.  Kayla chose a pig.

Ashlyn tried to steal the pig for the rest of the trip.

Newport had some pretty incredible sunsets.

Dave flew in on Wednesday.

We had dinner at Ruby's at the Beach.

We like Ruby's.

On Thursday we tackled Disneyland.

Somehow my mom worked a Club 33 hook-up into the mix.

We had to find a secret button near the Blue Bayou.

I'm nervous even discussing it.

Mom whispered our name into the intercom.

"Ware, Party of 6."  All stealth.  Kind of weird, secret society.

But the best desserts.  Worth the weirdness.

We also met Minnie and bought lots of stuff that we made Dave hold.

He loves Disneyland.

SoCal beaches > NorCal beaches.

No competition.  Not even close.

Eating lunch at the Beach Comber.

One with an iphone.

One with a book.

Tough, tough life.

Sunset on our last night.

Crazy, right?

Thanks mom and dad for another fun trip!

We had a blast.

Also linking up late with Jeannett.



  1. a delightful vacation! love it!
    that sunset is crazy. HOORAY for disneyland!
    and hooray for non serial killer bloggers.


  2. im loving the nor cal beaches only because there's less people :) but you know whatevs.

  3. That looks like such a wonderful vacation!! Great pictures!!

  4. what fun! good desserts cover over all kinds of weirdness :)

  5. your trip looked awesome! And, yes...isn't julie the nicest?!?
    I agree with you about the beaches. So Cal trumps us for sure!

  6. I was trying my hardest not to be jealous of all of your pics on instagram.
    But then you posted that sunset....
    Windy/foggy/cold norcal beaches just can't compare.
    I'm looking forward to getting a little oc sun therapy soon, too!! :)

  7. what a full and fun vacation you had!!

    we just got back from a mini-vacay tonight. so needed it.

  8. hey jessica! i was just over at handbags seeing you on the sidebar thinking "wait, why aren't i her follower yet?" so i popped over and am seeing you've been in my neck of the woods at all my fav places!!! beachcomber? yes please. rubys? thats a given. we were at main beach in laguna YESTERDAY enjoying all that happiness, and i loved all your photos. (and i thought i recognized that little lulu in your photos. ;) glad you had a blessed trip. i'll meetcha at blog sugar for sure.

  9. this is definitely longest insta ever edition. it took me the whole length of my cruise to read it basically.

    kk as a book addict? that girl has my heart.

  10. also, i'm so glad you took one for the team and made sure jules is NOT a serial killer.

    that could have been a problem. it was questionable there for a sec ;)