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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Post Op Report

Our little patient is recovering quite nicely.

My goal since surgery has been to keep her looking like Erykah Badu as long as possible.

I'm a little obsessed with the head dressing.

So far, so good.


And you know.

There's really not much to report.

Surgery went well. No complications.


She spent some time resting on the couch when we got home yesterday.

We gave her a dose of antibiotics around dinnertime.

She had some water and a spoonful of Jell-o and then asked for her bed.

Where she slept until about 10 pm.

She then came into our bed and slept there until morning.


She has been seemingly pain-free since the surgery yesterday.

Her doctors advised to give over the counter Tylenol if she seems irritable.

But we haven't had to do that yet.


Dave had a golf trip planned months before her surgery was set.

He was ready to call it off but I encouraged him to go.

And we both felt comfortable enough with him leaving this morning.

Which means things are good. Really good.


She has a follow up appointment at UCSF next Friday.

At that time we will get her activation date.

Likely to be sometime around mid-October.

That's when all the fun stuff starts!


Thank you for your prayers, texts, phone calls, Facebook messages.

Those that came to the hospital yesterday.

Those that took care of Kayla.

Those that broke into our house and left us food.

The beautiful flowers and balloons that arrived a few minutes ago.


We are grateful.



We have some pretty amazing family and friends.


And we have an even more amazing God.

We are so thankful that He kept her safe.

And even more excited at how He will use her in the future.


She is such a gift.


  1. hooray! praise jesus!
    i am so thankful that she is not having pain. what a gift.
    and what a major blessing to have people break in and take care of y'all! LOVE it!
    (and would so do it if i lived closer!)


  2. "and even more excited about how He will use her in the future"...AMEN!

    i have great expectation with you.

  3. awesome, awesome, awesome.
    so thankful that she is doing well...amazing that she is pain free.
    God is Good!

  4. I'm so glad to know she's doing okay.
    I thought of you all and prayed, and then wondered when we'd hear anything.
    I know blogging probably isn't at the top of your list, so on behalf of those of us that don't settle well with "no news is good news", thank you. And praise Him!

  5. only one song line comes to mind :)
    "to god, be the glory, great things he hath done."
    glad for the quick recovery. if there's is anything that you need, despite my being away 350+miles away, let me know :D love you all soo soo much.

  6. praise the lord for all of the things he did that we don't even know about.

    so glad to hear ashy is doing well. i love that little hipster headband :)

    can't wait to come over and see her. i have a little euro treat for her too! :)

  7. I'm so glad to hear that surgery went well & that shes not in pain. Hopefully she will be back to her old self before u know it!

  8. i stumbled across your blog tonight...i wanted to email you but did not see a direct link to do so.
    i too am a bay area mom with a deaf child. our story is slightly different than yours, but then again all stories are different. our daughter was born deaf and received a cochlear implant at 10mths old. she is now 8 yrs old. a few weeks ago she told me that she was grateful we got her an implant when she was a baby because talking is easier than signing. i guess i just wanted to reach out to you and say hi. i am so glad the www linked me to you from a blogsugar photo on funkyvintagelovely blog.