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Saturday, September 10, 2011

InstaFriday on a Saturday: I Got Canned Edition

Oh the wondrous glories of social media.




Finding out that AMR is relocating most of our dispatch center to Sacramento.

And that you and 45 of your closest dispatch friends are getting pink slips.

Not the best day.

My part-time life in the blue room as I've known it for the past 4 years ends on October 31.

And these ugly man pants and shoes are going straight to the GoodWill.

Also, I'm thinking of dressing up like Irma (Little Miss Top Seniority) for Halloween this year.

Do you think they'll let me stay?

Upon hearing the news, I had no choice but to make chocolate pretzel crack.


And bring some to 45 of my closest dispatch friends the next day.


So enough of the bad, sad news.

Fun stuff happened this week, too.


Like hanging out at the Richardson's.

Such a comfortable place.

Anything goes.

And they whip up fabulous meals in 5.8 seconds.

While the kids play in the garden.

And dig trenches in the backyard.

To find "hidden gems" that Val buried under the dirt weeks before.

I know some of my children's best childhood memories are going to be of playing there.

And I love it.  More than I tell them.

Thanks Marc and Val.  You guys really are the best.


We also got some last days of summer pool time in.

Ashlyn is 100% swimming on her own.

No floaties.  No adult in the water.

She's also jumping off the high dive.

And races her sister back to the edge to get out first.

She's kind of nuts.


I helped my cousin start a blog on Tuesday.

And as I was explaining it to her.

I realized how mental it all is.

Me: "You comment on other people's blogs."

Her: "Do you actually know them?"

Me: "Of course not."

Her: "Then why do you want to talk to them?"

Go.  And leave a comment.

She'll think you're crazy.


Kayla and Grandmums have big plans.

Can't you see the cake pop wheels spinning?


Dad.  Really?

CurlZ font?  And ASHLEY???!

My eyes are red.  From bleeding.


Happy Saturday, folks!


  1. Did your dad realize he bought a cup that said Ashley? Was he trying to get the closest name to Ashlyn? Totally cracks me up. And making pretzel crack is on my list of things to make this weekend. YUM. Sorry about the pink slip :(

  2. omgsh only your dad. he probably took blurry pics of it too on instagram.

    and i love the tavern. i mean val's house.

    i need to make myself an appointment and get over there.

    not that she needs the calendaring for my appearance. just i do. i'm HM like that. hahahaha.

  3. The picture of the trench-diggers looks like some weird night-time child labor group! lol

  4. Sorry to hear about the pink slip, I will pray something better come along quick! I hope the pretzel crack helped, sure would help me! My husband still doesn't get that I don't "know" who I'm talking to on the blogs. He'll ask me who I'm writing to and I often reply, "I dunno."

  5. your dad is hilarious, those are frightening! LOVE them.
    i really need this pretzel business.
    your girls are beautiful.

    sorry about your job, sweetie! such bummer news. praying.
    wondering though, will this give you more time to do things? like skype?

  6. my dad bought an arianna drive sign for her. but arianna was spelled wrong. and he consistently forgets luci's full name. our cappies need to hang. curlz font is the best. and wow-- sorry about the job man. it does give you more time for your other part time job... BEING AWESOME. :)

  7. sorry about your job...but excited to see what you will be doing next! maybe even more edible goodness?

    your little ladies are adorable! can't believe how great they are at swimming!

  8. So sorry about your pink slip day.
    Double dislike with a whole lotta stink.

  9. ah man, bummed to hear that your last day of work will be on halloween. ;-( something perfect is out there for you, i know. looking forward to chatting with you in exactly 2 weeks! now off to check out that pretzel recipe. hang in there! xoxo

  10. How about the convos that go like this:
    "You are spending the weekend with a bunch of women you've never met before? You just read each other's blogs?
    "Yes. I'm so excited I can hardly sleep."
    "How do you know y'all will even like each other?"
    "Apparently you don't blog."

    HA! Can't wait to squeeze you and have the best weekend ever.