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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Salted Caramel and Chocolate Pretzel Bark

Have you heard about the wonder that is Pinterest?

No?  Do you live under a rock?

That was rude.


But seriously.

Get an account.

And get pinning.

But only if you're a girl.

Boys that pin make me nervous.




I pretty much only pin food.

Which is helping my Couch to Couch effort tremendously.

I saw this pinned on Saturday morning.

And it was chilling in my fridge 1 hour later.

And made again.  And slightly altered.

And made again.  And slightly altered.

And perfected three batches later.



1 bag small pretzels

2 bags milk chocolate chips

1 cup (2 sticks) unsalted butter

1 cup light brown sugar

finely ground sea salt


Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

Line cookie sheet with aluminum foil.


Cover cookie sheet in an even layer of pretzels.


You'll have a double layer of pretzels, stacked on top of each other.


Melt 2 sticks unsalted butter on medium heat.

Once butter is fully melted, add 1 cup brown sugar.

Stir often until caramelized.  About 10-15 minutes.


At the same time, set up a double boiler for the chocolate chips.

Fill small sauce pan 1/4 full of water and set on medium heat.

Place a heat proof bowl on top.


Remove caramel from heat just after it begins to bubble.

Carefully pour caramel into baking sheet, over pretzels.  Cover evenly.

Caramel mixture hardens relatively quickly so move fast.

Spread mixture evenly over pretzels with a spatula.


Bake caramel pretzel mixture for 5-7 minutes @ 400 degrees.


Pour chocolate chips in heat proof bowl on top of sauce pan.

Slowly stir chocolate chips until they melt.


Pull pretzels from oven and sprinkle sea salt on top.

Let sit for a few minutes while chocolate is melting.

Once melted, pour chocolate mixture evenly over caramel pretzel mixture.

Again, use a spatula to cover entirely.

Sprinkle more sea salt on top.


Let chill in fridge for 2 hours.

Pull from foil and break apart.


So good.  So addicting.

So much like Pinterest.


  1. you DO pin a lot of food!! it is amazing. i salivate every time i am on pinterest because every other pin is one of your food finds. i would describe you as good for the heart murder on the hips. but can i start my vaca in the johnson driveway menu now?? we can talk camera and eat that. it will be fab.

  2. pinterest foodie board is called yummy. I'll totally be adding this to that! On a side note, consider this my official request that you bring this along to BlogSugar. Im so hungry right now but lack the energy after a busy day at school(teaching) to get up.
    I cant wait for our special weekend....just 2 1/2 weeks away!

  3. so I've already been DYING that I haven't made it to Sbux since their salted caramel mocha came out for the fall......and now I read this. seriously, friend, I keep salted caramel in my fridge to add to anything at anytime. I'm toats making this and I'm thanking you ahead of time. You are awesome.

  4. this sounds AMAZING. can you make it for cari's shower so i can eat it all before the guests arrive? Thanks :)

  5. Yay Pinterest! That's how I found your blog anyway...the rice krispies showed up on Pinterest. Must go pin this one now, yum!

  6. Ummmmm.....going home immediately ro make! :)

  7. you are funny.

    i pinterest. i must pin this. and then get my husband to make it for me. and then hide it from me.

    you should make some for me and bring it to blog sugar, and kimmy kim should bring her s'more's called blog sugar because of all the sugar we're going to consume, right??

  8. I LOVE PINTEREST!!! I did a baby shower last month completely from ideas gleaned Pinterest. I've also pinned some of my photography and ASL stuff I like. Working on redoing the nursery for my daughter's new baby and my yard, too, with inspirations from there. It's exhausting being a Pin-worm!

  9. Must not read the recipe... avert eyes from photo... warning, imminent diet failure.

    Complete system overload.


  10. making me fat AGAIN! well, fatter AGAIN! looks so yummy! ooooh and i agree pinning boys....WEIRD!

  11. 1. I've been wondering why I've never seen any male pinners...I don't think they could handle pinterest.
    2. your food pins kill me.

  12. I've done this recipe with the graham crackers, but never pretzels. It makes so much sense!!!!!!!!!!! Yes. This is going to happen in the near future. Thanks for sharing!!!!!

  13. Boys that pin make me nervous too. My hubby's on there but only to see the funny stuff I find for him. I am seriously obsessy-addicted to Pinterest. It's bad. But I've made food I haven't made before, and crafted fun stuff that I've never tried before and I look way cuter because of the outfits I've found on Pinterest. So it's helpful. And that's my justification for my obsession.

    Thanks for perfecting the crack recipe. I haven't had pretzels yet to make it, but plan to tomorrow. Now it can be perfect right out of the gate. Much appreciated! Although I will have to run to California to make up for it, but I'm sure it's worth it. :-)

  14. This looks so good and I was going to make it but of course forgot to buy pretzels! so lame

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  16. wholesale bags...

    [...]Keeping up with the Johnsons » Blog Archive » Salted Caramel and Chocolate Pretzel Bark[...]...

  17. This looks amazing! I need to round up the supplies to make it soon!! Can you tell me what size cookie sheet you used? I don't want it to turn out too thin/thick....

  18. I’ve done this recipe with the graham crackers, but never pretzels. i salivate every time i am on pinterest because every other pin is one of your food finds. Much appreciated!

  19. I don’t want it to turn out too thin/thick…. But I’ve made food I haven’t made before, and crafted fun stuff that I’ve never tried before and I look way cuter because of the outfits I’ve found on Pinterest. Much appreciated! I did a baby shower last month completely from ideas gleaned Pinterest.

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