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Friday, August 5, 2011

Insta Friday x 2: Longest Post Ever Edition

I have found there to be a direct correlation between the temperature outside and the frequency at which I post.

The summer has made me a bad, bad blogger.

I have also found there to be a correlation between the temperature outside and the frequency at which I take pictures.

The summer has made me a really great iphone-tographer.

I missed last week's InstaFriday installment.

But I took a zillion pictures.

So grab a cup or galloon of coffee and sit a while.


That, right here?  My most boring Instagram to date.

I work in an ambulance call center.  Part time.  Just 7 days a month.

Yesterday my co-worker took a call for a wild boar attack.

And gunshot wound to the knee.

Same guy.

Rough day.

My daughter is a labeler.  I am a labeler.

I label plastic bins with household products.

She labels huskies.

I'm glad it's not the other way around.


Dave did a wedding last Saturday.

And he has a tricky little way of tucking the ceremony notes in his bible.

I think it's cute.

He's very proud of the whole arrangement.

File folders and/or binders do not belong at the altar.


Her dress was off the charts gorgeous.

So is California, by the way.

The weather was perfect.

The groom, Matt is a high school friend of my brother.

Jason (bottom left) is also a high school friend of my brother.

He married Alice (bottom right).

Then there's my brother and his wife, Kennah.

Dave did both their weddings, too.

It's fun to see my brother's friends grow up.

I love that we're still a part of their lives.

Also, I ventured out of my black top comfort zone.

My brother said I looked like a cast member on the show "Outsourced."



How cute are these two?

They have an awesome GI Jane/GI Joe love story.

Met serving in the army together.

She looks like a princess.

But deep down she is totally beastly.

Defending our country.

I love Luke 1:37.

Don't ever ask Dave about Luke 1:37 though.

You'll get an hour long dissertation on how it's misinterpreted 95% of the time.

Don't say I didn't warn you.


Back to my 5,000 pictures.

These two love the club.

All you can swim.  All you can eat.

All on Pop Pop's account.

Summertime and the livin' is easy.


Two daddies and their babies.

2011 is pretty incredible.


We went to the Sacramento State Fair last Tuesday.

Dave enjoys the fair.

Can't you tell?

She had big plans.

Different than ours.

Which is standard.


They made up later.

LOVE this picture.


Meanwhile, Kayla and I ventured into the bug exhibit.

She pet this one.  For like 10 minutes.

Sometimes I don't know where she came from.


Branden and Kennah met us at the fair.  The live close by.

Branden and Dave won ginormous pink and purple apes for the girls.

Which I was secretly praying against.

I have self-diagnosed extralargestuffedanimalaphobia.

One was "accidentally" left at Grandmum's house.

The other took a one-way trip to the Good Will.



A spool is short for "sitting pool."

Branden and Kennah have one in their backyard.

And it's pretty fun, I must say.

The girls think it's a mini-pool, just for them.

It's much better than commute traffic.

This I know.


Our friends had a birthday party for their daughter on Thursday night.

Happy Birthday, Lyd!

Thanks for the Rapunzel tattoos.

We still have them.

On our arms.  And legs.  And feet.

Really.  Thanks.


We went to see the San Jose Giants play on Saturday.

Ashlyn had a love/hate relationship with the monkey mascot.

Kayla enjoyed the pizza.

Neither watched a second of the game.

Dave bit his nails like his life depended out the outcome.

They won.  In case you were dying to know.


Ashlyn decided it was her turn in the Sunday School teaching rotation.

Cindy was an excellent student.


Ashlyn also decided it was also her turn in the worship rotation.

Patrick?  Add her to the list, please.


Kayla's troop earned their "earth is our friend" badge by participating in a beach clean-up on Monday.

Although, I'm proud to say that San Mateo beaches have it together.

Not a whole lot to pick up.

The earth really IS our friend.


Somebody is 100% potty trained.  Even at night.

So she got a bike.

Well, actually Nan and Pops just bought her a bike.

But we pretended it was because we don't have to buy Pull-Ups any more.


This girl loves to jump rope.

Our new house is on a court-ish like bendy street.

Hard to explain.

But perfect for jump roping.


The girls love the Red Bird.

I might love their fries, too.

And onion rings.

And Whiskey River BBQ burger.

And Blue Ribbon burger

And BLTA croissant.

And the Mud Pie.

But we go for the girls.

Because they love it.


And I will conclude this Insta-marathon with a beverage you must try immediately.

Crystal Light Arnold Palmer.

1/2 packet of CL Iced Tea + 1/2 packet of CL Lemonade = aspartame  cocktail of early death.

But 100% worth the few months you'll lose.




Linking up with Jeannett!

Happy Friday, friends!


  1. one of my most favorite posts! you guys are the best- xoxo

  2. haha.. I love this WHOLE post! It wasn't too long for me..:)

  3. love the wedding notes method. this post is great, not long at all!!
    and i am totally going to ask your husband about luke 1:37. as soon as i can get to san mateo...

  4. looks like you had the funnest week EVER!
    p.s. check this out:
    i only wanted to repay you for sharing the sinful cinnamon bun popcorn with me! ha.

  5. Great Post. Lyd was very excited her party made the cut. I think she likes your blog more than I do:) BTW What do they put in those tatoos-I think I scraped off a layer of her skin. Love you guys!

  6. I'd like a spool, please!

  7. That was an awesome post! I wish it was longer! :-)

    The pastor who did our friend's wedding used his PDA to do the entire service. This was a while ago, before iPhones and Blackberries. Before they were cool. It was bizarre. So bizarre and out of place that our church wedding policy now has to say no PDAs during the service. Nuts. Hidden notes in Bibles are definitely the way to go (no bias here since that's what our pastor did for our wedding). :-)

    I have a large stuffed animal from the fair phobia as well. Kudos to you for dealing so well with it in light of your girls' excitement over the apes! ;-)

    Speaking of which, your girls are sooooo super cute! Thanks for sharing them with us! So adorable!

    (see? super long comments to balance our your super long post!)

  8. I love this post! Pictures are adorable!! I am excited to get to see you guys soon for dinner!! :) and congrats to ashly (and you guys) for the potty training haha.


  9. I do not like that bug.
    Love Ashlyn's braids. And teaching. And worship leading.
    Fair? No.
    Red Robing Whisky River? Yes.
    Spool? Bizarre yet awesome.
    Luke 1:37 is right up there with Phil. 4:13. Which both are on my high school letterman's jacket. I was dumb. Like Luke 1:37 is the reason that I swam faster. Teenage theology.
    Outsourced. You brother needs a punch in the face.
    Crystal light. Delicious evil poison.
    The end.

  10. um, i love this post. the longer, the better.

    i need MORE johnsons in my life.

    really, i do.

    love the Branden and Kennah wordage in matt's ceremony notes...hahaha #rerun?

    also, love the outsourced top. i am borrowing that from you.
    i will pick it up when i provide the favor of a lifetime next week.

    your week was full of so much happy! it's gonna be tough to top that! :)