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Friday, August 12, 2011


Good morning.
It's Friday.

49er preseason football officially starts tonight.
Which also means that Fantasy Football is just around the corner.
Which makes my husband get a little bit crazy.
He used to care only about the Niners and the Pats.
And I'm 100% ok with that.
I like watching those games.
But Fantasy Football has caused him to care about every single team.
And every player on each team.
And watch every single game.
Sometimes, I want to flick the inventor of Fantasy Football in the forehead.

Anyway, it's also weekly Instagram recap time.
Way more interesting than football.

We like to swim.
Have I mentioned that yet?

It was Dave's birthday on Saturday.
For his present, he got the girls clubs and is going to teach them how to play.
Kayla is actually really good.
But she totally knows it.

[vimeo w=400&h=533] 

Ashlyn might be a little too young.
And beastly.

[vimeo w=400&h=533].

Dave's birthday dinner.
At Vivace.
Our favorite place.
They make him chicken parm, special.
Not on the menu.

Pastor in the prayer chair.
Have I mentioned this is my favorite Hope tradition?

GOOD cake.
Rough handwriting.
It was early.

Little mama, Ashlyn with Baby Hayden.
Baby Hayden wanted her real mama.
Little mama was not taking a hint.

A whole lot of shenanigans when crazy mommy bloggers get together.
Mel and I were giving Keri the 411 on Insta.
She only had one friend.
We changed that real quick.

Have I mentioned that Couch to 5k is trying to kill me?
It's an ihpone app that bosses you around in a really polite voice.
I'm beginning to wonder if the people at Couch to 5k have actually talked to the people on the couches.
Exactly how long have they been on the couch?
That makes a difference, you know.
Today, I started Level 2.
Alot more jogging.
Less walking.
Alot of wanting to punch the polite voice in the face.

This has been my breakfast all week.
Kashi Go Lean Crunch w/ strawberries and TJ's dried blueberries.
It's not all that bad.
If you're a hamster.
Have I mentioned that I'm a little grouchy?


Linking up with Jeannett!

Happy Friday, friends.


  1. um...i am gonna take it as being a schnoodle mama qualifies me as a mommy blogger.

    especially because said schnoodle has made a few too many appearances on the blog lately.

    this golf thing is getting out of hand.
    ashy asked me 5 times on Wed to take her golfing. negative little deaf one, negative.
    can we stage an intervention? pronto?

  2. Happy InstaFriday!!

    Over this way we like to think of the official start of STEELER preseason ;)

    Great Blog,Come visit me!


  3. wow. hooray for you and and your couchy5k thing. AWESOME.
    love your church tradition. also, i want some cake.
    happy friday!

  4. i only watch football on "super eating sunday" (superbowl). do you hate me now?

    loved the "hands on" church praying for their pastor. so necessary (reminds me, i need to pray for our pastors).

    have you tried kashi's cinnamon harvest? yummy. i eat it every day with fresh blueberries.

  5. I'm kind of sad that Giant's hype is out... I like baseball better than football...
    Kind of excited for the golf club. The videos of the girls are ooc!
    Your Couch to 5K is inspiring Jess, I need to get back into a routine too... you are off to a way better start, I'm still on the couch!!
    Happy Friday!!

  6. Hi, visiting from Life Rearranged. Looks like a lovely week, you're amazing to be doing C25K! I made a goal to just walk everyday in August...and so far it's been about 3 or 4 days a week. :) I'm so thankful my husband isn't into fantasy football - but we know some people who are and I can feel your pain! We're Pats fans, too.

  7. So glad you girls straightened me out.
    I feel like I can officially dump Twitter now for Instagram.
    I feel free!

  8. love the pastor in the prayer chair tradition.
    good stuff!