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Saturday, August 20, 2011

InstaSaturday: Grid Edition

Another Friday came and went.  Standard.

Switching things up this week.

Our week in cell phone pictures.  In grid formation.

Which reminds me.

Our high school formal was called The Grid.

It was Dave and I's first date in 1990.

Short for a medieval grid iron, I think?  Our mascot was the Knight.

I don't know.

Another theory was that cows used to come onto the football field during homecoming.

And the field was taped into grids beforehand.

People would bet money that the cows would go potty on certain squares.

Both theories are dumb.

It's a dumb name.

Not cute.  Or formally.  Or sparkly.

Like we were.

No words, right?

The height difference.

The hair clip.  The bangs.

The mermaid dress.


It was a "Knight Under the Sea" and we rocked it.

In a clam shell.  With beige carpet squares.

We also didn't say one single word to each other the entire night.

Driven by youth group leaders that made fun of the fact that we didn't say a word to each other the entire night.

What is my point?

Where am I?

InstaFriday, that's right.  On a Saturday.

Our week in cell phones pictures.

In a fun little grid.

200 times more fun than my first Grid.


We like puzzles. I like puzzles with Kayla more than puzzles with Ashlyn.

Kayla is at the stage where she needs zero help. My favorite stage.


I have a love/hate relationship with the Land of Swedish Meatballs.  I love what I see in the store.

I hate turning the 500 lb box that I take home with 500 parts into what I see in the store.


But it is quite rewarding.  The finished product.

Even if you break one of the glass doors mid-assembly and have to leave those off the finished product.


More swimming at the Turdici's.

We celebrated Tyler's 21st birthday and Teri and Eddie's 25th wedding anniversary.


My favorite drink.  100% perfected.

Grande Green Tea Frappachino, 4 scoops macha powder, light whip w/ coconut flakes.

Heaven in a plastic mermaid cup.


I love grocery shopping alone.

Trips such as these are few and far between in the summer time.


A girl came door to door a few months ago selling children's encyclopedias.

Our family seems to be unable to say no to people that come door to door.

She was nice.  And said she was a student at Wheaton.

And I must say, I am very impressed with them.  So is Kayla.


Ready for an easy, delicious dessert?

Ghiradelli Supreme Chocolate brownie mix and Reese's Pieces.

And please use parchment paper.  Thank you.


Some of the high school girls (that are no longer in high school) from our old church came over for a visit this week.

I miss them.  The girls love them.  We love them.  It was fun to hang out.


This was the view from our room at the Fairmont for my mom's birthday party.

I want to live at the Fairmont.


My mom and I.  At her pre-surprise party dinner.


My mom's party.

I use an app called Diptic to make the little collages.


Kayla set up a restaurant with "people" waiting outside the door because it was so delicious.

We watch alot of Gordon Ramsey.


I am in love with this snack:  TJ's Parmesan, Garlic and Herb Pita Chips w/ Bruschetta Sauce.  YUM.


Do you talk to your significant other in code?

We do.  I would tell you what it means.  But I would have to kill you.  JKIWRKY.


Happy Saturday!

Linking up late with Jeannett.



  1. you're right! GRID came from an early HHS tradition in which an imaginary/real GRID was put on the football field during the homcoming game and people would bid on different squares. what did they bid on you ask? welp, a cow would be brought in and they'd wait for it to poop. whatever square in the GRID got pooped on, was the winner! we brought this back my senior year. we did the research. holler HHS knights. and holler class of 0-4.

  2. i kinda like that it was called grid. you knew you were a san mateo kid if you called your homecoming dance grid. out of habit.

    kind of a hard habit to break in college.

    and a lot of explaining.

    which i know you understand.

    hence this post.


    that is fun week for the win. obvs.

  3. um. i have tears in my eyes. your grid photo is KILLING me. so i guess you aren't "JKIWRKY".

    love your instas. love the playing restaurant. i always used to do that. then i worked in real restaurants. not nearly as fun.

    i also used to own a pager. so did patrick. we spoke in code with them. and still use those codes.

    143 xo

  4. That photo is classic!

  5. truly no words! love it!

  6. Your grid picture is the BEST EVER! Pretty close to mine actually except I was wearing a forrest green dress that covered me from head to toe and black flats. Oh my word...too funny! Your posts crack me up! :)

  7. I. LOVE. your prom photo! Thank you for making my day by sharing it. How do you get your photos into a grid on blogger in the first place? I see many folks doing that, but don't know how to be as cool as y'all are! :-D

    I love your IKEA find, even without the glass. Fabulous job reading the Swedish directions!

  8. hey. just came to bask in the beauty of the grid date photo.

    miss you!

  9. I enjoyed this post! ESPECIALLY that Grid Photo! Fun & Hilarious to look back at ourselves sometimes! :)


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