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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mom!

She knew that the immediate family was going up to the city for dinner at the Fairmont.
But had no clue that 75+ friends were waiting at a dive down the street.
A dive with a really fun band.

My dad called to book The Cheeseballs over a year ago.
And they said the Red Devil Lounge was their favorite small venue.
So the Red Devil it was.

Now, mom's not much of a "lounge" girl.
Especially a lounge on Polk Street in downtown San Francisco.
And I was a little worried that she might be mortified that the word "devil" was on her invite.

But she adjusted.
And we had an absolute blast.

Pre-party/diversion dinner at Laurel Creek in the Fairmont.
It was fancy.

Ashlyn broke Dave's good lens last week.  Leaving us with the super zoom lens only.
Which is really only good for sporting events.  Or if you're paparazzi.  Not good at all for birthday parties.
Kennah was pretty much standing in the hotel lobby to take this picture.

Back to the diversion dinner.  My dad and the birthday girl.

Yours truly with my favorite husband.

My brother, Branden and his wife, Kennah.

My cousin Kim and her Giants/Niners-loving husband, Kevin.  Dave always sits near him.

My mom's brother Frank, my Aunt Liz and my cousins, Jake and Frankie.

My mom and dad with her little brothers, Frank and Steven.

My beautiful Aunt Rachelle, married to Uncle Steven.

My dad and Grandmums.  She always sits near him.

Dinner reservations were at 6:00.  Real party started at 7:30.
Food arrived around 7:10.  We ate fast.
And abandoned our original plan of casually walking by the Red Devil Lounge after dinner.

Dad decided that the new plan was to go to a craft fair.
But we had to ditch the cake and hurry because tickets were about to sell out.
A craft fair on a Wednesday night on Polk Street.
That you have to buy tickets for. Tickets that sell out.
More important than a beautiful, delicious birthday cake.
100% believable.

We took cabs because we were running a bit late.

What you're about to see is the face of one very surprised 60-year-old.
In a lounge that she thinks is a craft fair ticket booth.

Then the band started and so did the dancing.  And it never stopped.

Let's do it again next year, ok mom?
Happy, happy birthday!  We love you.


  1. That looks like so much fun!!! Happy Birthday to your mom!

  2. Looks really fun! My mom would die if we tried something like that.
    Also, now I want to know who your un-favorite husband is. :D

  3. fun city!! beautiful people, so sweet!
    i want to go to that lounge.
    my birthday is december 17. i promise to act surprised.

  4. your mom's 60th birthday party ROCKED! {literally}.

    you look really pretty by the way.

  5. OK, I just LOVE your family.
    You all are gorgeous, first of all.
    Love that you're dancing shoeless.
    It looks like such a fab party!

    And, from the looks of things on instagram,
    looks like your girls had a fun night too. :)

  6. your mom and her friends have partied harder than i have ever partied in my life. i look like a pansie compared to her :) happy birthday to your mama. probably the best birthday ever.

  7. you come out here for your birthday, and we'll take you to that lounge.

    it'll be a surprise. ;)

  8. so...what I think everyone reading this wants to know is who on earth was hanging out with your children while this was going on? oh that is right, THIS AWESOME LADY. good news is, when i leave this comment, it will link over to our festivities. which were WAY more fun.

    okay maybe not.
    but a close second.

    what i also need to know is what is that cute top/dress you were wearing? can i borrow it for my cruise as well - along with your outsourced top? i'm serious... can i come steal before you go on your next adventure? (unless you are taking with on said adventure).

    i'm not kidding.

    leave them in a bag on your porch. and i'll come pick them up. ASAP.

    or else i have a key, and i'll just come steal them myself.

    you think i'm kidding....

    i am so not.

  9. What a fun night and way to celebrate 60! Must keep in mind for when my mom turns 60, might have to try to find a punk cover band though :)

  10. Can we trade families? Because mine is BORING. And sort of crazy.