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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

10 on 10: Wake Me When It's Over Edition

This won't be very interesting. At all.

Just a warning.

One kid is sick.

The other kid has been annoying the sick kid.

ALL day.


And compared to last night?  Nowhere close to as exciting.


So, here it is.

A dead boring 10 on 10.

You can thank me later for enriching your afternoon.

Morning walk/run.

I started Couch to 5k on Saturday.

And I'm still alive.

And why yes, that's a Sunday paper at my feet.

Even though it's Wednesday.

Why you ask?

Because I have a husband who can't say no to the kids who come door to door.

Claiming to be paying for their entire college education via newspaper sales.

He usually invites them in.

Gives them something to drink.

Let's them use our bathroom.

We don't read the newspaper.


But I think we're getting 3+ different subscriptions.

But someone is going to college.

3 people actually.

My breakfast.

A really good breakfast, I might add.

If you're Couch to 5king.

Otherwise, not the best breakfast.

A little mid-morning Wubzy.

Not my favorite show.  Not my favorite soundtrack.

Anytime anyone has a hint of a fever I immediately default to the BRAT diet.

Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast.

I figure it will lessen the impact of the hurling that's 80% likely to materialize at any moment.

This is our garage.

Did you just break out in hives?

I do. EVERY time I look.

This is poor KK.


This is Ashlyn.

Not pleased with the quarantine.

This is Jennifer and Kevin.

Definitely the bright spot in our day.

Jennifer is the sister of my Aunt Melissa.

Who married my dad's brother, Dave.

Their family makes the best chocolate desert in all the world.

They live in LA but were in town and stopped by for a visit.

Such a sweet couple.

They also bought cupcakes.

Ashlyn ate Kayla's.

Sorry about the XYZ action she has going on there.

Kobi's eyes look sad because his chest should be bright white.

And he knows he needs a trip to the groomer.


And with that, I will put this post out of it's misery.


You're welcome.

For all the excitement.

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  1. yes. patrick subscribes to the paper to fund college kids! only, we never received our papers...

    your garage does make me break out in hives, since you asked. i wanna come over and help fix it!!
    sorry k is sick, glad a got a free cupcake. xo

  2. ah man looks like some major fun last night! and I'm guessing Jennifer is related to your Aunt Melissa and not married to her lol.

  3. Okay - for the record. Your garage looks AWESOME.

    I only wish you had a BEFORE picture.
    Because this definitely qualifies as an after.
    You are getting there.

    Mylie just got back from the groomer.
    But she was giving me sad eyes today too!

  4. I love the first pic and description! Great!!!!

    If you wanna (and manage time) see a different point of view... come to see how the 10th is spent in Brazil!!!

    Kisses and blessings.
    (from Brazil)

  5. love the 10 on 10s....just can never get my booty in gear on time to participate. thanks for the xyz comment--i was pretty sure i was the only one left still using that expresh. and.....and you are so brave to post pics of your garage. we all have a space like that, friend. yours is just now on the world wide web!

  6. Your girls are so cute! Hope KK feels better soon! :)

  7. Way to go starting the Couch to 5K. I've done that a few times and it's such a great program to get you in shape. Wonderful blog today, (as always!).

  8. yes, your garage picture did give me hives. AHHHH!! :)
    Hope your sickies are feeling better!

  9. At least your 10 on 10 actually *qualifies* as a 10 on 10.
    Also glad to see you survived the c25k again.
    I did it last year,
    so I feel your pain.
    I think I probably need to get back on that bandwagon.
    {insert gagging noise here}

    Also, I love the pair of fuzzy ears in the cupcake shot.
    He's clearly her bff at that moment.

    Tuesday was so much fun.
    I loved meeting you,
    even though I felt like I had known you for-evah.
    See you verrrrrry soon!!!

  10. first, i'm just glad you found your U2 tickets in your garage! we're packing for the move already so my garage is catching up with your garage.

    i couch to 5k ran 2x. i almost died and had to give it up.

    tuesday was awesome! i am now going through separation anxiety disorder... it's not pretty.

  11. Those were the best descriptions EVER! I hope your little one gets better and equally that the other one stops annoying the sick one. Sometimes I think I might pull my hair out at the pestering and annoying that goes on!