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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sew... You Think You Can Sew?

I've always considered myself somewhat crafty.
I can whip up a fairly decent scrapbook.
Put together a soccer banner.
Bake here and there.
Knit useless things in long, straight lines.
But that's about as far as I go.

Fabric scares me.
The above cute little print does not accurately reflect my life.
I do not love sewing.
The cutting.  The rolls at JoAnn's.  The measuring.
I chose Liberal Arts, non-credential track as my major in college.
Primarily because no additional math was required.
Actually, ONLY because no additional math was required.
Math and I?  We are not good friends.
Fabric and math?  I run.

Last week, Jessica (have you entered her giveaway yet?) invited me to her learn-to-sew party.
Instructed by my friend and former co-worker, Jill.

At this point I need to interject and tell you about the coolest job in all the world.
It's being the admin for a youth pastor.
Which I was for 4 years while avoiding Math at Cal State Hayward.
Get paid to hang out with high schoolers and the best staff ever all day?  OK.
Design cool flyers for even cooler events?  If you insist.
Manage a data base so methodically that you have every student's address memorized?
If I could have majored in data entry instead of liberal arts, I would have.

Jill was the admin for the senior pastor who was Jessica's dad.
I loved that job.  I loved working with Jill.
She always had the most perfect skin and eye makeup, especially eyeliner.
Do you remember weird, random things about people from 15 years ago?  Because I totally do.
Anyway, I'm so excited to be learning from her again.

But I need to buy a sewing machine.
Seriously.  I'm in need.

Sewing friends.  What machine do you recommend?
And Jill says I have to thread my machine and wind my bobbin.
Um?  I think I can figure out the threading part.  But what's a bobbin?

And non-sewing friends, don't be haters.
Support my new endeavor.
I'll make you some PJ pants.


  1. honest to goodness... laughing. out. loud. I was so excited when my machine came last week and now I am just staring at it in complete fear at the prospect of figuring out the bobbin bit. There's still blue protective tape on it. Geez. Actually, all the buttons, knobs, pedal (!) ...they all scare me. Maybe we'll have to clue Jill in to starting at level "zero" instead of 1. ha! Can't wait to see you lady!

  2. I knew I loved you! Math and me? No thank you. I wish I could sew, alas I've never even tried. I totally support you... When should I expect my pajama pants?

  3. oh my goodness. i love that you had to call out for support and not hate. b/c you know the comment i would leave otherwise.

    this is quiet a commitment. But if you can whip yourself up a decent pair of tree pants for december 2011 - i will support you 100%.

    i use my mom's old machine. :) Does lindy have one hanging around anywhere?

    (don't answer that. i already know the answer)

  4. I personally have a Janome green Hello Kitty sewing machine but I'm pretty sure thats not exactly what you would want although it is a fabulous machine to start on. A simple Brother or Singer sewing machine is also great, I like to check the reviews on Amazon they will help you decide what you want from your machine and definitely get a case if you plan on taking it to a class.

  5. I love sewing! I have a brother and a singer but the singer is an antique from early 1900s so I only use the brother. But I learned on my moms singer and singer is definitely the best. I remember when I lived in Nebraska in junior high, the girls all had to take home ec classes every semester from 7th thru 12th grade. we had to sew sleep shorts in 7th grade. I even still have mine :)

  6. Math is horrible. I can't do math to save my life. BUT I do sew! and there is no math involved. except measurements..but that's not really math. I can show you how to thread a bobbin if you'd like. Happy sewing!(:

  7. i will awaiting my new pj pants. mmkay.

  8. We have a singer and it's good. haha maybe we'll have a sewing day or something. my mom's pretty good, but the bobbin isn't that hard. if you still need help in a day or two, we could come on over and make a date of it. i have a few sewing projects i need to work on... :) love you lots! ~Vanilla ;)

  9. i support you! i support you!!!
    i love sewing. it hates me though. like, vengeful, raging hates me. i have a fabric addiction. there is as swanky local fabric shop that i adore, i buy lots of fabric. it sits there, looking pretty.
    my mother is a champion seamstress. as in, no pattern masterpieces. she is a math brain. she tried to teach me sewing when i was young and we almost killed each other. she tried teaching me last year and i almost poked my eyes out. on purpose.
    anyway, you will sew beautifully! i have a pfaff machine. it works like a dream, with the proper operator.
    and how about i send you some fabric!!!?? xoxo

  10. OK.
    You can do this.
    Bobbin = the little spool thingy down by where the needle goes into your machine.
    For intro sewing projects,
    you will not need anything fancy.
    I'll bet you can even buy the walmart machine.
    All it really has to do is sew a straight line and a zigzag.

    You can do it.
    You can do it.
    You will be a sewing machine soon.
    {get it? GET IT!!?!?!}
    hee hee

  11. I hate math and LOVE to sew!!! I almost love sewing more than scrapbooking...depends on my mood. I use my mother's old Kenmore and by old I mean it is the same age as me! I also have a Bernina that I've only had for 2 years. I love it, but sometimes it scares me. I use both, depending on the project and/or fabric. I recommend buying the machine from a store that also tutors you on how to use the machine should you run into problems in the future. My sewing store here allows me to bring in my Bernina anytime I have the slightest problem and they can usually help me on the spot. Now, that's customer service!! Have fun learning to sew!

  12. I love Hannah!!! You are so super encouraging to us "non-sewers"! Jessica, I'm learning how to sew as well. i won a Singer sewing machine from Gussy Sews and I have no idea how to thread it and so on. NO idea. I was snubbed at the fabric store by a lady that could not believe I had won a sewing machine and did not know how to sew. It made me nervous, so I left. You can do it!!!! YOU CAN!!! :o)

  13. i want pj pants....but only if there are trees on them