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Friday, May 13, 2011

Earlobe Rehab and other Friday Miscellany

This morning Kayla informed me that she named her fingernails.





and Pinky. Of course.

Fang is the thumb. Which means we need to trim that one.

So that's weird. And gross.


"It's Friday.  Friday.  Gotta Get Down on Friday..."

I know it is SOOO 8 weeks ago and she's already been covered on Glee.

But it won't leave my head.

Are you one of the 137,886,272 that have seen this?

The good news is that there are 6,852,472,823 that have not.

But you know, I do not envy Rebecca Black.

She's got some big decisions to make.

Like whether or not she wants to kick it in the front seat?

Or maybe in the back seat?

These two like to kick it in the dog bed.

A dog bed that I bought after our move and was never used.

We have carpet in our new house.

Apparently, Kobi thinks the whole floor is his bed.

So it's working out well.

Most of you know our littlest is addicted to my earlobes.

So we checked her into earlobe rehab on Sunday night.

Cold turkey.

Me and my ears enjoyed a green tea frapp and carrot cupcake in peace.

While Dave sleep trained a 4 year old.

And it's actually working out quite well.

She and Dora chat about it until they fall asleep.

No bueno.

I love that the powers that be feel the need to explain to
parents of preschoolers what vomiting and/or diarrhea is.

So far, so good.  Which is fabulous news.

Super Bug is not welcome at rehab.

Frappy Hour!    From 3-6 each afternoon all Starbucks frapps are half price.

I'm loyal to my green tea, 3 scoops macha, light whip blended in.

But I'm about a pump away from perfecting the new Mocha Coconut by voiding it of all coffee taste.

I know.  Big goals.

Speaking of goals, the Sharks got 3.  The dumb Wings got 2.

My husband is happy.

They play more on Sunday.

That's about all I know.

Happy Friday, friends!


  1. ooh lovely infectious diarrhea and vomiting one more reason to homeschool... mmm frappuccinos really want one now.
    p.s. I tried coconut green tea it was delicious

  2. how IS earlobe rehab going? does ashy have the shakes and jitters? any other withdrawal symptoms? perhaps that is the reason for the diarrhea notification? #toosoon?

  3. So...
    1. your daughter in bed with that phone is sooo darn cute!
    2. I want that purse! Don't bring it to BlogSugar, I'm not above stealing ;)
    3. thanks for the explanation about diarrhea, that was helpful.

  4. Dora makes my ears bleed. We don't talk. In fact I don't let her in the house. But she hangs with my kids at grandma's.
    Seriously with the green frap? Like, you buy one with money? Not because you are getting paid to drink it? Or lost a bet?
    Nutella frap? Then we can talk. With ruffles.

  5. Love your purse!

    Love the Little One in bed with the phone. Would your hubby come sleep train our 3-year-old?

    Cannot believe the school sent home an explanation of diarrhea. Ewwww...and stupid.

  6. Yes, good thing they gave you those definitions.
    Can you imagine if you had had to google 'what is diarrhea'?
    That would have been baaaaaad.

    We got a lice 'exposure notice' a few weeks ago from preschool.
    I was instantly itchy.

    And that pic of her with her phone is *the best*.

  7. hilarious that she fell asleep with the phone at her ear. a true girl. watch out for those teen years though...ha

  8. Nice recao of the day Jess... Sharks who? I am so lost when it comes to hockey, but wings I know a little bit about now. Not a fan of the stomach ache afterwards! :) PS will come by to pick up my frozen frap soon!! :)

  9. crud... really need that coffee frap!! "recap," not "recao!!"

  10. frappy hour is my hero.
    we too are in sleep train mode.
    this 'friday' song-first i've heard/seen it.

  11. Lydia accidentally heard "It's friday" and loves it. Go figure - must me the depth of they lyrics. It is now on her bday party mix for her big party tomorrow. All her friends will be blessed by the song to take home. And what are you doing this weekend (Friday night may 20th and Saturday the 21st). Design 4 Living Conference at my church. I really think you should come. And hang with me. Francesca Battistelli concert friday night. Lisa Harper keynote speaker. You might even hear "It's Friday." By me. Come.

  12. hilarious. like why can't we live next door and chat about fang, rebecca black and make starbucks runs?

  13. I am seriously laughing OUT LOUD reading this post.