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Friday, May 6, 2011

Week in Review: InstaFriday 4

Since most of my brain cells are still packed with my Pyrex, these posts are working out real well for me.

No collective, organized thought required.  Thanks Jeannett. I love you.

Isn't this the cutest little baby you ever did see?

Her mama, Teri is one of the sweetest people I know and a dear friend.

Teri's husband, Mike was Dave's partner on the ambulance when they worked as paramedics.

I also graduated from high school with Mike.  He's pretty incredible, too.

They cared for Kayla every Tuesday night while Dave and I went to youth group.

Youth group started at 7:00.  Inconsolable, screaming colic fest also started at 7:00.

We owe them BIG. Like 2,178 date nights.

Our new neighborhood is kind of like a petting zoo.

Our across the street neighbors feed ducks.

Our next door neighbors feed squirrels.

And everybody gets their feathers ruffled when cross-feeding occurs.

Ducks are not allowed to eat squirrel food.  Squirrels cannot go near the duck food.

It's all a bit weird and everybody might just need to find a different hobby.

Anyway, Kayla was feeling left out.

Hope's order of service on Sunday.

Sidenote: I love the "Worship With Our Children" part.

Patrick leads the kids in song while Claire and Camilla teach them sign language.

And my kid, the only one who really needs the sign language, is usually the only one who doesn't pay attention.

Kayla has taken a sudden interest in softball. And Dave is very interested in Kayla's sudden interest.

And I think Kayla is interested because Dave is interested in her being interested. Ya follow?

Ashlyn is only interested in cheerleading.

House cleaning is 300 times more fun when the Supertones are involved.

And six years ago I realized I was too old for the mosh pit.

I forget the details exactly, but I remember a kid pushed one of our girls.

And I pinched his ear.  A total mom pinch/earlobe pull.  Out of my control almost.

So the band's retirement was also my mosh retirement.  It was time.

Unfortuntely, retiring from cleaning is not an option.

I love strawberries left on our front porch.  I love Cindy.

I'm thankful ducks and squirrels do not love strawberries.

Ashlyn had a playdate in South City on Wednesday.  This sign has always intrigued me.

After 9/11 they painted the "U" and "S" red, white and blue.

And when the Giants won the World Series they painted the "S" and the "F" orange and black.

It was pretty thrilling to be so close. I'm not kidding.

Huge fan of flip flop weather.  Huge fan of the fact that our new dentist AND hygienist are former youth group kids.

Not a huge fan of the fact that my oldest needs a retainer, then braces, then another retainer.

We have bedtime issues somthing terrible. This is Ashlyn "playing monster" at 9:59 PM. Send help.

The weather around here has been phenomenal.

It's kind of hard to tell, but Ashlyn is swan diving at the country club with Pop Pop.

While I was unpacking boxes in a sweltering garage and Dave was working at a homeless shelter.

We have such a weird life.


  1. i'm definitely going to need the giants to win the world series again so i can check out this orange and black SF lettering. i did NOT know about this. total violation on my part.

    unfortunately...the current score is not helping me correct this situation...come on giants.

  2. i think they are gonna need to start painting the letters now ;) #rollgiants!

  3. love kayla's food offering and sign:)
    (that order of worship brings tears to my eyes. favorite hymns, i miss a good church!!)

  4. Kayla is probably better at softball than soccer then :) and your lawn might have to suffer so she can hoard all the animals for herself

  5. Ohhh do I remember that supertones concert! and wild. Mama Jess came out full force. Your girls are so blessed by a protective mom! Literally. I also remember the one before that when you were newly pregnant with Kayla :)

  6. what a cute way to feed the little critters.

  7. first, tell me are these pix from your phone or camera? i so want to join the instagram friday, but am wondering if this is an exclusive instagram app club only.

    now, your pix are great!

    i so miss having my kids in worship with me. however i know we are where we are suppose to be worshiping. so worship together happens here at home.

    i too am too old for moshing.
    i went to a supertone concert once with a friend who was friends with tony of the supertones. we hung out with tony on the bus and at great america (where they were in concert) pre-concert. it was super-cool for this then 25 yr old mother of a 17month old and 3 month old. pumping milk in the car on the drive over and back with my single friends is the most memorable part of the trip. :-)

    strawberries. yum. we currently have them growing in our garden. free, makes them even yummier!