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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Branden and Kennah

My little brother got married on Friday.
It was gorgeous. Beyond gorgeous.
The ceremony site.
The bride.
The flowers.
Stunning. Overwhelming.

Such an affair requires much prep.
The venue was amazing.
The ceremony was just down the road but the rehearsal dinner, lodging and reception were all in one spot.
With an on-site babysitting staff.
A camp-like feel, but SO not camp-like.
Rustic, woodsy, scenic. With air hockey. What more could you want for in life?

So fun to catch up with old, dear friends as we were getting ready. Hi Mark! You made the blog!

Videographer in training.  Very focused.

Gorgeous already.  Zero make-up.

This flower girl business is seriously tough.

Rain was in the forecast but held off.  The ceremony was lovely.  Magical.

Dave had the honor and privilege of officiating.  He also used the word "precipice" to describe the ceremony location.
Which was definitely my favorite part.  I love him.  And his fancy words.

My dad has a habit of walking people down the aisle like he's running for office.  Sorry, Grandmums.

My mom has a habit of crying at special events.  Always.

We almost called their gig off the night before.
Basket fighting down the aisle.
Running off into the woods during rehearsal.
I was nervous. Beyond nervous.

But they were clutch. Pros.
I threatened Kayla with no wedding cake.
And Googled "how to say 'if you don't behave, I'll take away all your Minnie Mouse shirts' in ASL"
five minutes before the ceremony.
It was all very effective.

Praying for the couple.  Prize goes to Uncle B for best shot of the day.  Love this one.

That rain that was forecasted? It held off until about 5 minutes after the ceremony.
At that time it began to drizzle and dropped 20 degrees in 3.8 seconds.

The reception was fabulous, as well.  And indoors, so the weather was soon forgotten.
Delicious food, amazing music and wonderful people who celebrated into the wee hours of the morning.

The bride's parents, Mike and Lisa Stewart.  Wonderful, kind and fun people.  Thank you for hosting such a fabulous event.

Uncle Chevy and Aunt Liz.  KIDDING.  Really, it's Uncle Frank.  But doesn't he look just like him??!

I wore fake eyelashes.  And am now faced with a problem that did not exist in my life previously.
Because my real eyelashes are so sad and lonely without them.  I'm looking into eyelash implants.

Behind the cake, Kennah had displayed wedding pictures of all the guests.  LOVED this touch.  So fun seeing couples reminisce over their wedding day.  Equally fun laughing at the hair and style of years gone by.  The 80's were rough on brides.

And no party is complete until the Captain is behind the bar.  And paying the venue's record-breaking bar tab.

Thanks Uncle Bert and JoAnn for letting my steal your beautiful pictures.  You captured the day perfectly.

And congratulations Branden and Kennah! We love you so much!


  1. So gorgeous!! Also, my mom has permanent eyeliner--like, it's tattooed on. She says it was uber-painful. She also got the eyelash implants at the same time but within a week had them removed cuz they were bothering her with both contacts and glasses. But she loves the eyeliner.

  2. Magical....the perfect word used to describe this special wedding weekend:) Loved seeing all the pictures from the day, we had such a blast celebrating with an awesome family! Now on to the next thing...that cruise we were talking about....:)

  3. What a beautiful bride!!!! And her dress???? LOVE it.
    So glad the weather cooperated...what an awesome setting.
    I got fake eyelashes for my sisters wedding & i kept them on for 2 days because I didn't want to take them off...I loved them too much!

  4. Such a beautiful wedding and such a wonderfully paired couple :)

    and only the most humble glamazon, Kennah, could pull off a gorgeous dress like that!!

  5. p.s. I used to be queen of falsies- the eyelash variety, not the other kind. I will apply them for you anytime. Probably the best reason to have a former makeup artist as one of your friends :)

  6. i think ashy was blessed with real fake eyelashes! you look so much like her in that picture! :)

    and kennah's dress.


    what a gorgeous day. :)

  7. LOVE! What a beautiful day, everybody looked so genuinely happy. Seriously a gorgeous ceremony site. Also, such a cute idea to have pics of the married couples at the wedding, so fun! You are beautiful Jess!

  8. What a beautiful wedding! Jess you looked stunning girl!

  9. wowza. stunning venue and wedding party! glad you didn't have to remove any minnie mouse:)

  10. That venue is breathtaking!!!
    And I love your witty prose. You really should look into a career in writing, Jess!!!

  11. Ho-ly gorgeous!!!
    I love it *all*.
    That is a fantastic picture of you & Mr. Fancy Words.
    Frame it.

    And I'm glad the girls rocked flower girl duty.
    They're cool under pressure - nice!!

    Congrats to the new Mr. & Mrs.!!


    (btw, a friend of mine gets special fake eyelashes done that stay on for a few weeks. they look AMAZING.)

  12. Ok. Time for a vow renewal.
    And I need Kennah to help me plan it, cause clearly I didn't know what I was doing 8+ years ago.
    Love the pics-you guys look great. The girls looked adorable!! Thx for sharing

  13. And Googled “how to say ‘if you don’t behave, I’ll take away all your Minnie Mouse shirts’ in ASL”
    five minutes before the ceremony.
    bhaha that's the greatest. also loving uncle chevy chase :) crazy how similar they look!
    congrats kennah! you had a gorgeous wedding!

  14. Weddings are my FAVORITE!

    great pictures.
    what a glorious location.
    so glad this was a wonderful time for your family.

    i've worn false lashes 2x. make my eyes pop! i could SO get me some permanent lashes. in the meantime i use lash extend mascara ( and an eyelash curler. try it. it's cheap and works great!