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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

10 on 10: May 2011

Usually I'm lazy and use my camera phone.  Today, I was feeling brave.

And dorky as I lugged Dave's Nikon around.

Which I have ZERO clue how to use.

Enjoy my pictures.  Taken on auto setting.  Auto corrected in Picnik.  Don't cringe.

Right ear infection.  Antibiotics Day 4/10.

I wonder why they can't make all medicine taste so delightful?

Watermelon and waffles for breakfast.

When did she grow up?  And WHY does she keep getting taller?  She looks so old to me here.

My sweet little snow white porcelain doll face has turned into a raging beast this week.

I think it may be a combo of the ear infection and our move but she is not herself.

I wouldn't let her hold the toothpaste.  The horror of it all.  Such tragedy.

I love this magazine.  It's cheap.  And SO worth it.  I think I will keep them for decades.

Ikea overwhelms me.  Always.

The little tags and numbers.  The marketplace.  The smell of swedish meatballs.

Self-serve 600 pound boxes.  1 of 8.

I arrived with great plans.

I left with a tool set to put together nothing.

And decorations for Emily's baby shower.

Someone please explain this to me.

Why on earth would one wait miles in the sweltering sun for a free 2-item Panda meal?

There were even strollers in that line!  And small children.

They probably used up in sunscreen what they would have paid for in food.

I rearranged this table today.

Do you think the people on the ends will be cramped?

We need to make room for a hutch that I will probably never buy at Ikea.

Kobi helped.  And he does have 2 front paws in case you were concerned.

He always tucks one weird like that.

Catching up on blogs.  Can I share with you a few of my newer favorites?

You will love them better than Smart Ones fettucini and broccoli.  That's for sure.

The Beast spent much of the afternoon on time out in her room.

I tried to catch up on laundry.

And made cupcakes for an event I thought was happening tonight.

But really is next Wednesday.

Kayla wrote and narrated a story about a cowboy named Max.

That was our day.

How was yours?

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  1. I love this post.
    Love that you lugged the Nikon around.
    Go! Go!

    I don't think I've ever seen a picture of your "dog" before.
    Dog, right?
    You're sure about that?
    I thought it was a wolf preparing to attack.

    And you mentioning cupcakes
    reminds me that I'm going to make those
    Snickerdoodle cupcakes s-o-o-n.

  2. you're sweet... and uh. seriously--- i am still kind of sweating after my butterfies of terror from seeing a picture of your dog-bear-wild beast. yeah for girls with big cameras! :)

  3. waffles and watermelon? a breakfast full of W's? I'm in. FTW - LITERALLY.

    Also, I think it should be required that every 10 on 10 you post includes a tantruming child. I have said it before, and I'll say it again - its my favorite photo genre. :) It's just too funny.

    Also the comments above about Kobi's fierceness are cracking me up. If they only knew.... looks can be deceiving. ;)

  4. first of all-i want your dog.
    IKEA is so fun!!! i usually get a bit panicky in there though:)
    great blog finds!

  5. People will wait for a free ANYTHING.

  6. way to go using a big girl camera!!! you can do it!!! :)
    claire was full of tantrums yesterday also...wait...that is everyday. *sigh*
    and, seriously...waiting in that long line for free panda? ummm..NO.

  7. When we moved my daughter lost her mind, and she did not have an ear infection- no fun.

    As for waiting in line for the free Panda meal- I am at a loss. I saw the same thing the other day for dollar ice cream, so not worth it.



  8. Yay dslr action holler!!

    -Who doesn't love bubblegum flavored medicine- apparently that little one, she will be sorely disappointed when she gets older and finds out that was much better than grape or cherry nastiness
    -I'm always down for an Ikea trip, so many organizational things plus the beloved swedish meatballs its too bad I can't live in Ikea and you totally already have that tool kit I was with you when you bought it lol new houses eat useful items
    -Panda ridulousness, what is wrong with people.. its good but not hour/s long wait good

  9. your 10 on the 10 is great.

    i want watermelon and IKEA! together would be fine.

    tell me is your dining room table from the world market? it looks just like the one we have our eye on. do you like it?

  10. i only wait for three pieces of any type of food, just saying. and i think the narrative needs it's own post.