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Monday, May 23, 2011

Facebook: 1 Part Creepy, 2 Parts Amazing

OK, so I'm not going to lie and tell you that I LOVE the Book.

To be honest, I'm kind of over it.
It usually overwhelms me.
I've got issues of my own.
I don't want to hear about 638 other issues every time I refresh.
But I love seeing babies and engagements and weddings.
So I check the app.
After Twitter.
Words with Friends.
And maybe a quick game of Bejeweled.

The Makers Faire was held at the Expo Center this weekend. Freak Fest 2011.  Truly.  Weirdest event EVER.
Think Luke Skywalker, Bill Gates and Martha Stewart got married and had kids. And liked to compost.
I don't even know. It was just interesting. And kind of unexplainable.

Last night, I received an email notification that my friend Dana tagged me in her friend Matt's picture.

What's funny is I think I remember when this picture was taken.
I remember seeing him with his camera and wondering where it would end up.
Then I started panicking about where it would end up.
Then I remembered I have a blog that anyone can look at any time.
And that perpetuated irrational thoughts about ransom and kidnapping.
That's why my face looks disturbed.
And hot glue guns also give me anxiety.
So do upcycled craft booths.

At any rate, this moment is captured forever.
By someone who wasn't even meaning to take a picture of us.
Who didn't even know us. But knows my friend. Creepy amazing if you ask me.

What are your thoughts about Facebook?  Take it?  Leave it?  Talk to me.


  1. Yeah, I'm about to drop the 'book like it's 2007 and it's MySpace. But, I love to lurk. So I keep it up. Lurking, but limited posting.

    It is a small world after all. Even at the Make Out Fair...I mean Makers Faire, with 80,000 of your closest friends.

  2. Also, I wish there was a lot more Martha Stewart. And a lot less Bill Gates. Oh, and a LOT LOT less of "The Woz" - that place was WEIRD. Grown men should not be wearing cat ears.

  3. I almost feel bad for facebook its almost like myspace to me at this point.

  4. I keep it up so I can keep up. It's great for those literally long distance relationships. If it weren't for fb I would not have reconnected with so many of my friends from high school back in Connecticut. And they're good people. Facebook is cheaper than airfare. And it helps me stay in touch when circumstances make it difficult otherwise.

  5. left it.
    too many people in my beeznaz.
    thought about deleting my "friends", then opted for total freedom. better all around!
    this photo story is crazy cool though.
    i am anxious even thinking about hot glue guns.
    also, love yer hairdo.
    also, you are hilarious.

  6. I tried to take a hiatus from facebook once...the grandparents flipped. I pretty much keep it for them. And also to keep better contact with friends that refuse to go near twitter. Which is kind of most of my friends. It's a bummer.

  7. no way man... i am the facebook fiend. i looove me some facebook. apparantly from the comments above-- i am the only loser you know. that's cool. i'm secure in my facebookishness. :) i have very strict rules about it though... i have to know you in real life. if your status offends me more than 3 times you're deleted. if your statuses are consistently un-interesting i hide you. i have quit posting pics because of the blog-- but i adore all the old friends that are back in my life because of the facebook. i think twitter is weird-o.. but to each their own. :)

  8. FB not creepy. You at the freak fest - creepy. Meeting up with bloggers you have never met and going out to dinner with them like they were your old high school friends - totally creepy :)

  9. i hate it. i love it. i want it to go away. i can't live without it.

    i consider dropping the book, but- no one emails, no one sends invites, no one calls... so i am stuck with the book.

    i may need intervention.

  10. I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. I love it for the same reasons I don't like it. I don't like that I never hear from family anymore because they only stay up to date from the pictures I post. But I do like that they are able to stay informed. I don't like that every time someone snaps a photo I have to think to myself "will this end up on Facebook?"

  11. ahhh, the world of facebook. it is mostly about checking in on my friends and keeping up on their lives--you know, creeper style mostly and maybe an occassional 'shout out.''s addicting that's for sure :)

  12. Jessica, re-reading this, it's possibly my favorite post you've ever done. I'm still laughing. And amazed.
    As for me (your very Geeky friend), Maker Faire was a wonderful, inviting place, full of my People.
    Could have stayed there all weekend. Very well might, next year.
    As for FB- I'm still a fan- but strictly for keeping up with Friends and family elsewhere, whose heads would spin if they tried to tweet. Otherwise, Twitter is MUCH better.

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