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Monday, May 9, 2011


Those little peek-a-boo eyes allowed me to celebrate my first Mama's Day 8 years ago.

I was 8 months pregnant.  Large.  Anxious.  Exhausted.  Excited.

So naive as to how much those brown eyes would change me forever.

And bring overwhelming joy.

And struggle.

A supernatural need for patience.

And endurance.

A continuous opportunity to watch my words.  My tone.  My attitude.

A chance to show love and sacrifice differently than I've ever known.

More than I've ever known.

A humbling change.  Lots of messing up.

Requesting and extending forgiveness.

A change that is impossible without my daily reliance on Christ.

As He refines me.  Tries me.  Makes me more like His Son.

And gives me the most wonderful gift in my two little girls.

A change I wouldn't change for all the world.



  1. happy mama's day to you. :) you got two good ones. and they freaking ADORE you. :) It is such a joy to see! <3

  2. love this, Jess. looks like you had a wonderful mothers day - you deserve it! miss you dear friend!

  3. That is beautiful and I LOVE the picture. So joyful ;)

  4. allllrighty then. so i'm all caught up and will make just one giant comment mmkay> okay. #1: i love this... so true. and so lovely. :) #2. braces??? retainers?? desn't she still have her baby teeth? #3. i kind of love the idea of all those different animls eating in your neighborhood. maybe you were called there to be ambassadors of understanding and cross species friendship. a beacon of light in an otherwise segregated darkness. i have a dream--- where squirrels and ducks can eat together without judgement. #4. i am a total geekfest about my music-- tru dat. :)

  5. bookmarking for days i need the reminder, beautiful. XO