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Monday, November 7, 2011

The Happy Day Project: Day One - Bring a Treat to Your Neighbor

Sweet Hannah tweeted this a few weeks ago.

And I was greatly convicted by it.


We moved into our house in April.

We met most of our neighbors that first week.

They are all super friendly.

We wave as we pass each other amidst our daily carpool craziness.

But I have yet to stop and really talk to them.

And get to know them on a deeper level.

We had never been inside their homes.


Our neighbor to the right is an older woman.

We bought our house from her nephew.

I can tell he was handy.

Everything in our house was immaculate when we bought it.

And labeled.

I kind of love this man I have never met.

I assume that he used to look after her.

And fix things for her, too.


I married my husband for his looks and his heart.

Not his toolbox full of spiders.

So sometimes I feel bad.

Like we don't live up to what she had in her handy previous nephew neighbor.

We just have crazy kids.  And a beastly dog.

And a toolbox full of spiders.


Our neighbor to the left is a family with three grown girls.

One has special needs.

Super sweet. Super friendly.


So when Julie and Jeannett introduced this new series...

I saw that Day One involved blessing a neighbor.

It's as if God was shouting:

Do something about that conviction!

And do it on Monday, November 7.

Because Julie and Jeannett are making you.

I LOVE when God works this way.


The girls and I made raspberry almond cake with almond icing.

OK.  I made most of it.

Ashlyn ate the batter.

Kayla was preoccupied by her new sea creature set from Nana.

And eating raspberries.

Until I put her to work in the card making department.

We packaged them up.

And set out on a mission.

We learned a little bit more about the importance of giving.

We learned that we are to take time out of our busy day to do for others.

We learned that an easy baked good in simple packaging can bring great joy.

We learned that they liked chatting with us more than they liked our cake.

And we learned that our neighbor to the right has a cage full of parakeets.

I think we'll be visiting again soon.


  1. Yes! So cool. We did a similar thing. It's funny, what Julie and Jeannett are doing - it's nothing hard or complicated or a brand new idea. It's simply a prodding to ACT. I love that. I want to follow good ideas that I didn't have to come up with.

  2. So impressive! One place I am REALLY shy is with neighbors, so I think it is so awesome that you did this. And those bars look NUMMY!

  3. hannah.
    she keeps it real.
    i think that's why i love her so much.

    your neighbors are awesome - they always wave at me, and don't seem to mind my parking in front of their houses....

    i should probably be bringing some almond cake by one of these days ;)

  4. this made me cry.
    this whole dang thing has been surprisingly...i don't know the word...but just a lot of something that i didn't expect. in all the planning and brainstorming and organizing i didn't anticipate the emotions that would come when it came time to DO.
    thanks for sharing and playing along.
    i really like you a lot.
    and i really hate that california is so dang big.

  5. this is so great. so glad you were able to meet your neighbor! And, that cake looks YUMMY!

  6. What a sweet thing to do. We have new neighbors that moved in around April. I think I should bake something to bring over to them soon. Thanks for the inspiration!


  7. I love this.
    I also love raspberry almond cake with almond icing.

    Miss my fellow blogging bay friends.
    Get together?

  8. Love how God can open doors to make right our convictions. And that yumminess makes me wish I was your neighbor! XoXo