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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Happy Things

Lots of good stuff going on around here.

Kayla started horseback riding lessons a few weeks ago.

Thanks to Nan and Pops.

Our version of horseback riding lessons is a trip to Lemos Farms once a year.

Dave took a beautiful picture on Saturday.

And it's kind of my favorite picture he's ever taken.

Kayla wants a cowgirl theme for her new bedroom.

And I'll be honest.

The thought of 24/7 cowgirl makes my insides hurt.

But, this?

This I can get behind.


Speaking of photographs that make me happy.

Chomping at the bit to get some canvases printed.

And decorate my sad, lonely walls.

Thanks a million, Jess.

You have a gift.

Friendly Reminder:

The 3rd edition of the Pintertest Kitchen is this Thursday!

Last month, 28 of you shared your adventures.

I loved reading them all.

Be sure to link up again this week.

Can't wait to see what you've been up to!


Also, my orphan-loving, huge-hearted friend has another pretty amazing project in the works.

Go check it out.

life rearranged

Have a good day, friends!


  1. I love all the family photos. It will be hard to choose which ones to print. The top photo is stunning. I love it!

  2. adore all the photos. beautiful! miss you.

  3. These photos are stunning! Your family is so beautiful :)

  4. yeeeeesssssssss. to every single picture. i'm thinking floor to ceiling wallpaper. ;)

  5. Oh my gosh I LOVE all those pictures!!!!!!!!!! Have a lovely week:)

  6. your photos are just beautiful!
    and the one dave took. WOW!
    i'm working on a pinterest inspired project right now. maybe it will be done in time for me to link up. it's taking 90 million years to finish. ha.ha

  7. pictures make me happy. all of your photos are lovely. i see the kayla & horse pic in her future horsie room. :-0
    josie wants a brown room with pink and orange polka-dots... NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

    i am making your bbq chicken again. i will share that. it is saving my kitchenless-life right now.

  8. LOVE that first picture so much!!! And the leaves being tossed around with delight? Psh, awesome.

  9. Jess... your family is FREAKING PRECIOUS!!!!!!! i love it :) so glad to know you all. i am truly blessed. :) <3

  10. i'm gonna see if i can borrow sombra and join up with KK and serenity. you should see if suerte is available for birthday parties. ;)

  11. Those are gor-GEOUS!
    You are one beautiful family.

    So nice to see you last night!!


  12. Hopping on the treadmill and praying for you all today!
    Love your hubbies pic at the top and all the gorgeous family pics!!!!!

  13. the picture dave took. amazing. love it. it would look awesome in a cowgirl room :o)

    your family pictures are beautiful. i love them all. my favorite is the one of ashlyn running with the cans. priceless

  14. What an adorable family - love all the pictures!! Your banner is awesome too - did you make it?

  15. These are such adorable pictures! You guys are such a cute family :) I am looking forward to getting to see you guys and catch up hopefully while I am home!! :) Love you guys!

  16. LOVE those pictures! What a great family session!

    But that first picture... Ah-Mazing!

    I may be deaf, but that picture with the leaf throwing - I can practically hear the squeals! :)