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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween and Misc. Wednesday Ramblings

It's Wednesday and my head is spinning.

Like literally.


I'm thinking it's a weird flu.  Or vertigo.

Or I'm dying.

I've made the executive decision NOT to Web MD my symptoms.

Because I have a feeling my prognosis would not be good.

Web MD is always so rude.


Halloween has come and gone.

Wolf/skunk/panda/puppy made a last minute change to Target clearance Cleopatra.

Minnie Mouse ran screaming like a crazy woman all over the neighborhood.

And repeatedly clotheslined Cleo to make it to every doorbell first.

I might have tripped into my neighbor's front door.

And stacked super hard on their front porch.

I will just say that my new iphone case is effective at preventing screen cracks.

And my neighbor's porch is effective at creating lumpy knee bruises.



November's PinterTest Kitchen is tomorrow!

I loved Erin's post from last month.

Mostly because she whitened my teeth in the picture she posted.

But also because she is a wonderfully creative writer.

And an all-around awesome person.


What are you making?

I'm trying two recipes having to do with these:

With a spinning head.

Which is good times.

And I need to clean this:

Because it's not a very pretty test kitchen.


 Be sure to grab a button and link up tomorrow!

P.S. Previous button had a little glitch in Blogger.

This one is new and improved.

Let me know if you still have issues.


  1. can't wait! i've had my post locked and loaded...or drafted and scheduled for a few weeks!
    i'm a bit excited.

    and an overachiever in the pintertest department.

    already brainstorming next month's projects.

  2. i am so sorry about your spinning head. aah! praying you feel better soon. do NOT do web md. do NOT!

    your kiddos look cute in their halloween costumes. i am glad that the wolf/puppy/kitty drama did not go into halloween night.

    i can't wait for pinterTest kitchen tomorrow. erin's post last month was amazing. i think pinterest should hire her. her post could be their advertisement.

  3. Sorry about your fun!!!!
    Love the halloween costumes! Cleopatra, FTW.
    Can't wait for PinterTEST kitchen tomorrow.
    I made some GOOD stuff!

  4. A.) The girls look adorable!
    B.) Hope you're feeling better!! :(
    C.) D'oh! Totally forgot about PinterTest kitchen....I'll be all over it next month!