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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hello Tuesday.

Hello somewhat cleaner garage.
I'm going to tackle the rest of you this afternoon.


Hello most beautiful bride.
We loved seeing you marry such a good guy.


Hello amazing venue.


Hello coolest street sign in all of LA.


Hello funny friends in a photo booth.
Hello husband in the corner, checking the score of the USC/Oregon game.


Hello happy house.
We loved being your guests.
And your salted caramels.
And your example.


Hello adorable QBM backdrop.
And more adorable, bunting-sharing friend.


Hello LAX.


Hello what happens when the grandparents are in charge.


Hello preview gallery screen shot.
Set to a Mat Kearney soundtrack.
I told you she was awesome.

Linking up (a day late) with Lisa Leonard.


  1. hello funnest post ever.
    more profesh pics please.

    photoshop your kids in to that hope street sign.
    and hello christmas card.

  2. That family picture is adorable! Love you guys!

  3. Johnsons are lookin fab in the photoshoot

  4. GAAAH! I can't wait to go home! I miss you guys so much! alsdkfj!

  5. What a neat post of what you've been up to. The wedding couple looked amazing, lucky girl gettin to stay and hang with Julie AND attend jealous!
    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  6. HELLO fun trip! you look toats adorbs in these pics, bloggy friend <3

  7. Didn't you love QBM? So fun!

  8. my garage now looks like your garage use to. it is a BEAST! wanna trade??? puhleeeze!

    what a fun time you had at the wedding and with julie. so glad for you.
    happy thanksgiving.

  9. Things I love in this post:
    That our husbands were at different weddings, yet doing the exact same thing at probably the exact same time. Although I am not sure if your husband was as happy as my husband was with the outcome.
    Your family picture. It needs to be blown up to like wallpaper size. Can't handle it. Spiders, mud and all.
    Our fun QBM extravaganza. Loved it. I will be way less double booked next time you come down. Promise.

    What I do not like:
    My messy counter. Super stressed out. But I do like how Lucy in her florescent glory appears to be drinking iced coffee. That is awesome. That and CJ for breakfast. Rad. But the mess... freaking out.
    That is all.
    Come back soon.

  10. LOVE the family photo! That bunting is adorable :D

  11. much fun!
    your husband checking the game cracks me up. twas a good game. hubs and i were out of town for the weekend "just us" and the only sure thing on our agenda was find a place to watch THE game. you could say we are football freaks and one of our boys is torn between going to usc and oregon. good problem for a child...yes.

  12. Looks like an awesome week!

  13. y'all are so beautiful. i love the hope sign photo! looks like you had a fabulous socal visit!
    i like to say goodbye to lax, too. hate leaving ca though.

    i miss you, jess.