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Friday, November 4, 2011

InstaFriday: October is Over Edition

How is it November already?

I love Christmas. Hear me.

But there are days that I secretly wish December away to usher in a "settled down" January.


And things haven't settled down yet.

Who do I talk to about this?



It's Friday again.

And in an effort to avoid another 5,000 picture post,

I'm doing my best to be consistent.

Although I secretly wish consistency away, too.

I like to live on the edge.


Halloween came and went.

Kayla had no school on Monday which was sheer genius.

Although they should have given them Tuesday off, too.

Or maybe just the whole week.

They had a class parade the Friday before.

Ashlyn attended in her pre-party attire.

Kayla attended in her pre-party attire, too.

Although we didn't know she was planning a costume change.

My floor, still covered in tiny bits of faux fur my vacuum won't suck up, doesn't know, either.

But Cleo was cute.  So it all worked out.

EMJ hosted a fun craft night on Saturday.

I was all crafted out after my adventures in fur, so I watched.

And shushed a sweet little baby to sleep.

And put a screaming baby back in a bassinet.

And shushed a sweet little baby to sleep.


Also, Kim got a little crazy with her felt leaf embroidery.

Eyes were almost lost.

Thanks, EMJ for opening up your cute, cozy little place.

And reminding me that I need to buy Ikea cubbies.

I've decided our next pet is going to be a hairless sphynx cat.

Or a goldfish.

I returned this fancy uniform on Monday.

And a few other fancy uniforms.

That I never really wore, actually.

I was more of a casual polo/Dave's old paramedic hoodie girl.

Peace out, AMR.  It's been real.

 A Starbucks date with my favorite date.

Unemployment has it's perks.

Hope had an amazing small group on Wednesday night.

Sans Dave.

The Oakland Occupy Movement is occupying right in front of the shelter where he works.

These late nights are making me wish they would occupy some other town.

Or maybe get jobs.

Like me.

Oh wait.

I left my Starbucks sippy at EMJ's during craft night.

And she returned it.


I think I might leave a few more things at her house.

Kayla has a pen friend.

Super sweet.

Check your mailbox, Lauren!

Thanks to all who have linked up to this month's PinterTest Kitchen.

Love seeing your pins come to life.

Love seeing some look even better than the original.

Like THIS.


Happy Friday, friends!

Linking up with Jeannett.  Obvs.



  1. starbucks dates are the best. esp when they're w/the hubs. proud of you for looking at the bright side. you go, girl.
    <3 happy weekend

  2. Off topic, but has Ashlyn been "turned on" and mapped yet? J just got a new and improved processor for one ear and loves it. Mainly because it's camo. Really show up in his blond hair but should blend in nicely with the grass when it falls off!

  3. wooo to the hoo! we love pen pals. i would be your text pal but you know just texting my address took me like 7 minutes in the target parking lot. unacceptable. not my spiritual gift. fo sho. but seriously.. come hang out with us soon.

  4. i'm making EMJ put "protective eyewear" on the next Crafts and Crap to bring list.

  5. great week. dates are certainly a benefit to unemployment ;) i am jealous of your craft night!

  6. I am sooo with you on finding a hairless cat. Let me know if we can get a two for one deal. My dog's hair is my daily nightmare. Sweeping EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. mass piles. I wear it, I breathe it. I live in it. Thank goodness he is cute. and he eats off the table. I love your blog. Love it!