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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Family Pictures and a Happy Day Recap!


It's been a week.

3G network working overtime in this little abode.

AT&T service technicians?  NOT so much.

But we survived.

It was actually kind of nice to be without TV for a few days.


We also had this wonderfully talented lady take some family pictures on Saturday.

Here's a little sneaky peaky that I took with my phone.

I had grandiose plans that involved a pretty white blanket, library books and check out cards.

But it rained buckets the day before so the ground was pretty saturated.

And big, huge, ugly spiders had their own little Occupy Movement on my pretty white blanket the second I set it down.


Swarming up out of the lemon grass.

I've never really seen anything like it.

I noticed them before the girls and Dave did.

And tried to shoo them away by shaking out the blanket.

I hurried and gathered everyone to sit for a few shots.

Knowing I was sitting on big, huge, ugly spiders.

And I didn't even care.

It's called overcoming the elements, people.

For the sake of memories.

Kayla screeched.

And I knew my happy plan was all but over.

Until genius photog whipped out the cutest little prop ever.

That she made and painted herself.

Honestly.  I can't recommend her enough.

She's incredibly skilled.

And she makes you feel normal when your children throw a hissy
because they'd rather be riding horses than sitting in a spider den.

happy day

We wrapped up our Happy Day Project, minus Day 7 which will happen in December.

Or your daughter.

Not a big deal.

Just a fun little girl detective book that I knew she would like.

This Happy Day Project?

It doesn't have to be a big, huge production.

Actually, I would argue it shouldn't be a big, huge production.

Because that alters our motives.

Anyway, she loved this book.

And fell asleep reading it.

Who needs refreshing in life?

Moms do.

Moms of little ones.

Some Refresh tea from Starbucks.

A cute mug from Target.

Happy, refreshed moms.

Happy, refreshed little ones.

Everyone wins.

Kayla's little combo Brownie/Daisy group went up to the San Francisco Veterans Hospital on Veterans Day.

They passed out cards from the children at our elementary school.

These brave men, who were once strong enough to fight for our country, were now confined to wheelchairs.

Missing limbs.

Breathing with the aid of oxygen tanks.

Suffering from dementia and cancer.

Thrilled to receive handwritten notes from children.

I wondered if anyone else wrote them?

Or visited?

I left burdened.

And missing my grandpa.

And explaining sickness and pain to my 8 year old.

And freedom.

And it was amazing and sad all at once.


A little birdie told me the next Happy Day Project might be in February, Valentine's-ish?

I encourage you to participate.

You can even do Day 6 on Day 4.

And Days 4 and 5 on Day 12.

Like I might have done.

Just do it.

You will be blessed from it.

And you will bless others.

And Jesus is pleased with your service.

Everyone wins.


  1. adorable.
    i heart you and your family
    i do not heart creepy crawlies.
    i'm glad they did not get to join you for the family photo.

    i'm also glad you happy day'd around town.
    kind of the most funnest project ever.
    love that you have a bit of insider scoop.
    can't wait to do it again officially.
    even though i hope i'll unofficially happy day it up in the off season.

  2. VETS! love 'em. you were on 1st floor yea? i don't think any of those guys were my former pt's. did you guys find the cat?

    looks like a fun week!

  3. the telephone game!!!
    the importance isn't lost on me.
    love it.
    and the bunting looks curiously like the one julie made for drew shoots????

  4. Can't wait to see the rest of the photos!!! SO fun!!

  5. i love that you bought a book for your daughter--i surprised my son with one this week so maybe i participated on accident? and the visiting the veterans part----be still my heart. sharing the love of Jesus indeed. keep it up, sweet bloggy friend! <3

  6. LOVE your happy day projects.
    can't wait to see the pics! we've tried a few times lately for photos and failed. bleh.
    we need california weather!!

    love you.

  7. i need to see those family pictures stat. looks cuuuuuute. and seriously-- arvi needs a new mother-- one who helps her spell stuff so she can write kayla back. although i did help her spell her first sentence... "how does it feel to have my stinky shells?: :) :) we miss you guys.. sniff sniff.

  8. Your Happy Day Projects were awesome! Love all the pictures you posted to go along with them--and the photo shoot, of course. Beautiful! Happy Thanksgiving!