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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Happy Day Project: Day Two and Day Three

A little Happy Day catch up, if you will.

Send a handwritten note.

Not a text.

Not an email.

Not a FB message.

Julie and Jeannett have even organized cute little printables to go with each challenge.

I especially loved yesterday's from Hope Ink.

Unfortunately, our lame printer is in need of a little Happy Day Project of it's own.

Like Monday: Find $300 on the floor.

Tuesday: Buy a new one.

So until that happens, cute little printables are sadly lacking at the Johnson residence.

But back to the letter.

Sit down.

Collect your crazy thoughts.

And write.

Or kneel, hunched over on the dining room table.

Whichever you prefer.

Yesterday, anticipating today's challenge, I kept my eyes open.

There are not a ton of homeless people in our city.

But we'll see a few.  Here and there.

I didn't see one single homeless person yesterday.

Or today.

In my travels up and down the Peninsula.

It's gotten really cold here lately and I wonder if that's why.

This Happy Day Project?

It's a family affair.

In addition to pastoring Hope,

Dave manages a homeless shelter in downtown Oakland.

I asked if he wouldn't mind helping.

His response?

"Shoot, girl.  My life IS a Happy Day Project."


Tomorrow we get to give a book to a friend.

It's not too late to join in.

Blog or no blog.

It really is fun.

happy day


  1. I love Dave's response. He has an awesome purpose in life.

  2. I'm with Katie.. love his comment. How cool is that to have a Happy Day Project everyday? I love the intentional side of this. So so so good for the soul. :)

  3. Love it! I think I'll try this Happy Day Project, that I mean save it...and spend a week catching up! ;0)

  4. handwritten notes by lefties are the bestest.

  5. hey jess! i'm toats familiar w/catching up....just doing a little blog reading catch up today. as usual, you CRACK me up. love the happy day project! hoping your hdp for your computer becomes a reality. how cool would that be?! ;)