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Friday, July 1, 2011

InstaFriday: Hello July!

It's July.

And it rained last week.

It rained alot.

There was even a rainbow.

Today, it's supposed to be hot.

Today, I'm going to clean out my garage.

Today, I'm going to clean out my garage.

Today, I'm going to clean out my garage.



OK, linking up with Jeannett again for InstaFriday.

Sometimes I think this is kind of turning into InstaBlog.

One real post.  One lazy, easy post. Repeat.

Too easy to pass up.

Today, I'm going to clean out my garage.

This is what happens when you're crazy bored waiting for Jell-o to set.

You stack boxes in rainbow order and take a picture.

Then spend 20 minutes deciding which Instagram filter to use.

When really you should be cleaning out your garage.


These cupcakes were fun.

Although, I had some baking issues.

Lost some to under-bakedness.

Lost a few more when they fell over into the 1/4 inch of water that I baked them in.

Almost lost my hand when I tried to pick them up out of the water.

8 survived.

My friend Cindy (the one who needs to start a blog) texted me last night saying she made peach cobbler in a jar.

With ice cream on top!  Genius.

I'm going to make her guest post one of these days.  Ya hear me, Cindy?


Dave picked this baby up at Walmart for $8.

And it provided hours of entertainment.

OK, I'm lying to you.  More like 20 minutes.

R.I.P. non-eco friendly Styro-foam plane.  Sorry about the side of the house.


Ashlyn really loved you.


My favorite Hope tradition.  The birthday prayer chair after service.

Kayla and Timmy both took a seat this Sunday.

Timmy's mom made really delicious orange cakes.

I'm going to make her guest post, too.

Ya hear me, Mrs. Belleson?  She still makes me call her that.

And I do whatever she tells me.  She's from Tennessee.


These people hate me.  Sorry, Millbrae Starbucks.

28 separate transactions.  On 28 separate cards.  No real money to tip.

But if you ever need an ambulance?  We'll get there REALLY fast.  Totally promise.


Peace out Words with Friends (sorry, mom).  Hanging with Friends is where it's at.

Play.  You'll love it.


Kayla is a Girl Scout.  Or a brownie.  Daisy, maybe?  I still don't really get it.

We went for pizza and were supposed to go on our first badge-earning nature walk afterwards.

But it was cancelled.  Due to rain.  In JUNE.

We should get a badge for that.  A wrong, weird weather badge.


Here's the rainbow I was talking about.

I love El Camino.

That's weirder than rain in June.

But I really do.


Safeway's marketing is so cute.  And personal.

Have you tried frozen watermelon yet?


Playdate at her house yesterday with her and her.

Such fun.

Playdates are 175% more for moms that kids.

But they had fun, too.


Happy Friday!

Today, I'm going to clean out my garage.




  1. Is KK really a Girl Scout?? I'm psyched and yes she is Brownie level. I wish I was her leader, let me know if they need a co-leader :) Shes gonna love it and now you have to send her to Girl Scout sleep away camp next summer

  2. i HATE that you introduced me to hanging with friends. that game is freaking annoying.
    and freaking addicting.


    your watermelon insta keeps reminding me that i have a personal dubb-melon in my fridge - i need to get that cutie out and cut her up PRONTO.

  3. True story:
    I needed a break and hid from the kids on Wednesday
    and played my first game of Words With Friends.
    Although my game was actually Words With Random People I Don't Know.
    True story part two:
    I played a word at 12:14 am this morning.
    So. Sad.

    So bummed I missed that playdate.
    Raincheck! Raincheck!

  4. personal watermelon! i thought all watermelons were personal...i can flat eat some water melon. must try frozen(i keep forgetting).

    i don't have hanging with friends. wwf is fun city though!

  5. Here from Life Rearranged...Love your blog!!!! We're neighbors, too, sort of...I'm in Scotts Valley.
    Happy Friday and good luck cleaning your garage!

  6. I love the picture of the birthday prayer chair. :)

  7. instafriday makes me instahappy.

    i use to be a blue bird and a daisy, never a brownie.

    i MUST have the peach cobbler in a jar recipe! and what's with all this baking in jars... i need to enter that phenomenon. how? how? how?

    i have never played a single computer game (well, accept solitaire in the olden days before internet). i can't. i can't! i already spend too much time here via blogville and f.b., therefore i will never game. never (like how i'm talking myself out of it).

  8. love the mrs. belleson shout out. she is bomb dot com.

  9. Thanks to your comment via text about starting a blog, I woke up early yesterday thinking about it and couldn't get back to sleep. Thanks. I don't even know the first thing about it and still make Hans load all my pics on the computer because I don't know how. At least I'm thinking about it, right? That counts.

    For on Jeanett via Cupcakes and Wolf post, then click on her reference to baking in jars and that website has 15 amazing recipes. That's where I got the peach cobbler recipe, although I made my own peach filling...none of that canned stuff for me. It was AMAZING!

    Next on my to do list for jar baking: monkey bread and red, white & blue cakes!!

    Jess...go clean your garage!

  10. Glad you survived the jello cupcakes! You church's birthday tradition looks wonderful.

  11. Yes to the cupcakes and the baking projects and the Instagram and the Hanging with Friends...I can't wait to meet you at Blog Sugar! :)