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Friday, July 22, 2011


We went to the ranch on Saturday.

I don't believe I can adequately describe how fantastic this place is.

There was even a bucket of brand new kittens in one of the farm sheds.

Come on.

I'm interupting the regularly scheduled Insta programming.

To bring to you a video from Dave.

He secretly wants his own blog.

So I let him on here every once in a while.

[vimeo 26765207 w=400 h=533]


Poor Grace.

Zero clue that a sweet little deaf kid was going to take over her life.

And make her go up and down the sand slide 147 times.

After she went on the swings for 147 minutes.

It's a magical little plot of land, I tell you.

Feels like you're a million miles from home.

But it's just a hop, swing and slide across 92.

The girls love it.

Thanks Maryann and Trent.

We had a wonderful time.

If Satan had an arcade, this game would be the main attraction.

The Claw of Broken Dreams.

So rigged.  So rude.

Dad came through though.  147 quarters later.

Patrick and Emily make SUPER cute babies.

Hello Miss Hayden Elizabeth!

Cutest, chubbiest cheeks I ever did see.

We love you already.

A new Sonic opened in Hayward last month.

The new Chipotle has really bad service.

I'm thinking Chipotle Sunday may be turning into Sonic Sunday.

Still not quite sure how I feel about it all.

Dave promised Kayla she could bake on Wednesday.

And then left for work.


Marzipan fruit encrusted brownie cakes.

She's been watching Cake Boss.

When you plant a church, you lose friends.

Weird, I know.

Not necessarily on purpose.

Life just changes.

It's a post for another day.

Probably a pretty heavy one.

Anyways, I made fake blog friends to compensate.

And I LOVE them.

Such an unexpected blessing.

As if the Lord knew I needed them.

Mrs. Hannah Singer is one.

She sends me pomegranate tea in the mail.

I just love her.

Wendy and Melissa are two others.

We live about 40 minutes door to door.

With no traffic.

Otherwise it's like 170 minutes.

We hung out on Monday night.

And "watched" so You Think You Can Dance.

But we really just talked.

And ate whirly pop.

One quick glance at this scenario and I am instantly transported back in time.

To Mr. G's 7th grade classroom.

Before the teachers and principal banned multi-colored string from our Catholic school lives.

I also think this is when my OCD set in.

Remember the formation?  And trying to avoid the crossover of colors?

And remembering what order the colors went in?

I'm getting all anxious again just talking about it.

Both girls are beasts in the pool.

Beasts, I tell you.

They're taking lessons at the club this summer.

Just to be sure their beastliness doesn't cause any trouble.

Kayla's arms are looking good.

Ashlyn just wants the ring pop afterwards.

I met Mat Kearney on Tuesday.


I had high hopes for this concoction.

Sadly, it didn't come together like I had planned.

Burnt Oreo cookies.

Undercooked brownie batter.

Sad, sad day.

Sorry, bible study girls.

I tried.


Linking up with Mrs. Jeannett.

Happy Friday, friends!


  1. i want to make the brownie covered oreos however i would for sure ruin them. I.AM.NOT.A.BAKER!
    Happy Weekend!

  2. that slide video is the cutest thing. love the screaming. and the immediate request for more. hahaha. girl know what she likes.

    and that arcade game is the WORST. my parents NEVER let me play. sad times. but i guess they were wise.

  3. funny, my brother gets a prize with those darn claw games almost wvey time!

    love the ranch, i wanna go!
    also, i love you and praise jesus for your friendship, even of it is only online:)

  4. I luv Mat Kearney! I am so very glad that he is awesome in person! That's the worst, when you find out that you really don't care for a singer/songwriters persona, it kinda ruins the music!

  5. Monday was SO fun!!! Can't wait to do it again!!!

  6. What if you baked the Oreo, cookie dough, brownie mix in a cupcake pan? You said the edges turned out ok? right?! It was a good concoction, rich, but good! :)

  7. I love being your fake blog friend.
    And brace yourself, for in just a few short weeks,
    we are going to be full-fledged in-real-life friends.
    Tho' I feel like I know you already. :)

    Maybe we should make friendship bracelets....

  8. Coming back to add one more thing, though:
    if your hair in-real-life is anywhere near
    as gorgeous as your daughters',
    I may not be able to be your friend after all.

    I get hair envy very easily.

    If Satan had an arcade, this game would be the main attraction.

    The Claw of Broken Dreams.

    So rigged. So rude.

    Dad came through though. 147 quarters later.
    You are so fun. Can't wait for our next date.

  10. Haha.. the part about your husband secretly wanting his own blog made me laugh.. b/c I always say that about mine. He jokes with me and says he's going to take it over and do a post from him...too funny. Glad to have found you and your blog...(new follower)

  11. I am so sad that recipe failed you. I had high hopes as well. thanks for trying :) and blogging about it! I shall find you better one!

  12. look at your daughter's face at the claw!! mean claw. sweet daddy.

    i'e lost a lot of friends since we left our church a year ago... because life changed. another blog friend said recently "my best friends live in the computer." i'm starting to feel that. and i'm okay with it too.