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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hey Mat.

We met Mat Kearney last night.


I annoyingly overshared.

On Facebook.



I almost want to unfollow myself.

Sorry about it all.

My overexposure filter was severely compromised.

By the bliss of the whole experience.


I love Mat.

I've loved him since Dave used his song "All I Need" in a video a few years ago.

The song is about Hurricane Katrina and Mississippi.

We had just returned from one of our trips there.

It was 2007. Our 8th anniversary.

And it fell on a Tuesday. Youth group night.

I was borderline pouting because I wanted to go out to a nice dinner.

Instead, I was eating nachos and apple wedges and playing 4-on-a-couch with high schoolers.

Then, right before worship, I heard Dave tell Timmy to "hit it."

And this started.




And I was a slobbering, humbled mess.

Perfectly content with my nachos.


Back to last night.

Now, I realize that I'm starting to sound like a freak-o groupie.

First New Kids on the Block.

Now this.

I promise I'm not.

We literally ran into the guy on our way out.



He opened for Owl City last night at the Warfield.

And we ditched Owl City about three songs in.

Because their front man had weird, distracting, flailing hand movements.

And talked about blue sweatpants.

Weird dude.

Think Angels and Airwaves meets Toto.


Peace out, Owl.


As we were leaving, Mat was outside waiting by his tour bus.

For his true fans.

The ones that came for him only.

The ones that left early.


Only us.



I snapped this picture right before Dave saw him.

Dave: "That's probably not Mat Kearney right there."

Me and Margaret (in unison): "GET.  OUT."

Margaret leaped.  In the air.

I didn't.  Because I'm not a groupie.



We casually approached. He was super nice.

Which equalled ample photo ops and small talk.

Val told him Marc was a cop in San Francisco.

So they chatted about a cop show that he likes.

Bry asked if he remembered him from the last show.

And he said he did.

But he might have just said that.

Because Bryan is 6'7."


Such a mellow, humble, relaxed guy.

Just like I imagined.


Sorry, Owl.

But it was 1400% worth bailing on you.


  1. dude shut up! that video is the sweetest. yeah, i watched it. so jealous that ya'll met a famous person. i get totally start struck it embarrasses my husband. ha.ha.
    what kind of weirdo talks about sweatpants?

  2. So.FREAKING.AWESOME. The end. So bummed we didn't go.

  3. what!?! amazing fabulous mat kearney meeting happens when i am on vacation. super sad i missed the overshare. would you please overshare with me, my personal little helping? thanks.


  4. its taken me a few days to comment on this b/c my jealousy is off the charts. so, forgive me. hahaha.

    instead of commenting on mat. i will comment on the video.

    and how cute kk is in that crazy hair picture? do you remember to original caption? hair by kim, headlock by kayla?

    i think kk needs to let me be her stylist again one of these days :)