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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Insta 101

Are you one who visits every Friday (or Saturday)  and scratches their head?

InstaWhat?  InstaWho?

Hi Grandmums.

I figured it'd be beneficial to preface this week's InstaFriday post with a brief InstaTutorial.

So.  Here goes nothing.


Instagram is an iphone app.

Which is a little mini program available for download onto your phone.

When I clicked on the app yesterday morning, this is the first thing I saw.

Jacque's bread.



See?  Isn't this exciting.

I "follow" Jacque.  So I see her bread.

I also "follow" 51 other people.

And people "follow" me.



So all of these pictures that I post here each Friday?

They are part of a live, real-time feed throughout the week.

Instagram users take pictures.  Choose a filter and post to this feed.

You can also "like" other people's pictures and comment on them.

Which is my favorite part.

Here's an example of some Insta chit chat.

About cake.



I posted this picture of Texas sheet cake to my Instagram feed last Friday.

Cake I made for a Friday Night Lights finale party we were having.

Which only 3 friends came to.  Because most of my friends are FNL haters.

Which is why the show is ending.

Even though it has a genius plot, a star-studded cast and is Emmy nominated.

But I'm choosing joy.  I'm not harboring bitterness or animosity.

Even though I've loved the show since the beginning. Before Jason was even in his wheelchair.

Not bitter, party of one.  That's me.

Anyway, long after the cake was cooled, Julie informed me that it wasn't a finale at all.


That is why I "mentioned" her in the comment (@joyshope) and she says I owe her a piece.

Other friends liked the picture and left comments.


Are you following me at all?

Would you rather be watching Friday Night Lights even though you hate it?

OK, that's a wrap on the tutorial.

See. Now I'm all flustered about the show being over.


Back to our week.  Insta style.

And I'm late to the party.  Even though I started this post at 5 am yesterday morning.


I'm a movie theater candy smuggler.  I can't spend $58.00 on junior mints, a Coke and popcorn.  I just can't.

Did you see Super 8?  It's really good.  A scary ET meets Goonies.  And Coach Taylor is in it.


The Freeman's are visiting from Chicago.

And they brought their really cute baby with them.


I'm 100% sure this is my daughter's face and head.  But not her hand.  Or her jacket.

And her pink hearing aids are missing.  And she hates farm animals.

I think I need to give Groupon a ring-a-ling.


Community group on Wednesday night.  Dave and Patrick.  Good guys.  Good friends.

Patrick leads "worship through music" at Hope.  He calls it that.  So we do, too.

And Patrick is going to be a dad REALLY soon.  Like REALLY soon.


This isn't the best picture.  Especially when my wallet is at home on the table.

And I'm 20 miles away from my table.

I didn't realize it until Kayla and I were in line at Starbucks.

And I had no money to pay for her cake pop.

That's not embarrassing at all.


This is me attempting to make my Pinterest less pathetic.

I added the sheet cake and some brownies.

And a rocket craft for Jess.

Guess what?  It's still pathetic.

I'll get there.  Some year.


Wait.  Wasn't she just teething?  How is she getting a retainer already?

Between the hearing aids and this new dental device, I may lose my mind all together.

It's payback for the 5 hours my dad spent in the Alioto's dumpster searching for mine.

5 times.


Ashlyn loves my favorite drink.

Actually, she doesn't at all.

Just the whipped cream.


Summertime.  Reading in backyard boxes.  Life is so simple when we're little, right?

They started fighting right after this.

Over that dumb unicorn pillow.

Ah, summertime.


Happy Friday/Saturday!



  1. Groupon seriously is gonna need to give you a kickback!
    Totally Ashy!

    Thanks for the Coke Rewards.

    Ruby is stinking ADORBS.

    And Patrick is gonna be a, NOW?!?!

  2. fun! i am really interested in this show, hoping to watch it soon. and be cool, like you.
    we have a very nice little family operated theater here. a night movie is $6.50!! we buy their snacks because they are also a good price. everywhere else though, candy smuggler, all the way.

    you are cute.

  3. Great Post Jess! I'm sad I didn't start FNL at the beginning... I think it has potential. I'll wait for Netflix to cary it and try it out... :) Strike that reverse it, it's on the Watch Now... I will look into that!

  4. i didn't kow what a blackberry was FOREVER. by the time i realized everyone and their grandma knew what this thing was and i had no clue i was to embarrassed to ask so i would just pretend i knew. i finally googled it. so um- yeah. i didn't know about your insta-life. :) i consider myself a living breathing tangible reminder of life was like before robots took over the world. me and my flip phone rock it every day together. :)

  5. Movie theater candy makes me crazy.
    I can't buy it.
    We usually make a Target run right before, and stock up.

    On what, you ask?
    Junior Mints,
    Pretzel M&M's,
    Diet Coke,
    and water.

    I think we were separated at birth.

  6. Holy shout-out batman! :) haha gracias

    Also, you forgot the "i" between the u and e. But I'm used to people spelling my name wrong. Even my family.

  7. Found my way here via Life Rearranged's InstaFriday. Thumbs up for Super 8 and Pinterest! I'm enjoying reading your blog.