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Friday, July 8, 2011

InstaFriday: NKOTBSB Edition

This entire post will not be dedicated to New Kids on the Block and the reunion event of the century.

It will not.

I promise.

OK, just some of it.

Just a few pictures.

I promise.

I was a fan in junior high school.

A big, embarrassing fan.

With dolls.  And pillowcases.  And Jordan Knight/Teen Beat wallpaper.

Vikki heard they were coming to HP Pavilion and she made us all go.

The Backstreet Boys accompanied my boyfriends on this reunion tour.

And I will say I could have easily done without their portion of the show.

And they alternated every other song.  Which was not my favorite layout.

It went a little something like this:

"Uh uh oh oh oh.  Uh uh oh oh.  Uh uh oh oh oh.  The right stuff."

Jump up, scream, dance like a 13 year old.

Almost cry but don't.

"You are my fire.  The one desire..."

Sit down.  Check email.  Take a picture.

Play Hanging with Friends.

Wave at and text Michelle and Sue who were across the arena.

Watch a girl get carried down by 2 paramedics with an Ace bandage around her ankle.

"Please don't go girl.  You would ruin my whole world."

Jump up.  Scream.  Dance like a 13 year old.

Almost cry but don't.

Back and forth.  All night.


I don't know them.

I don't like them.

I didn't have their pillowcases.


Whew.  I spent a lot of time on that.

We can't be friends anymore, huh?


Church the next morning.

The 100% best part about a church plant at a school in the summertime?

No tear-down.  We have the place all summer long.

Not that I do much tearing down anyway.

I love Old Testament references to Christ.

On Sunday, Dave preached on this one.

Is this the most random post in all of history?

NKOTB to OT foreshadowings of Christ?

Sometimes I feel as shallow as a kiddie pool.


Moving on. And speaking of pools.

It was sweltering this week.

So we escaped to the hills and the home of friends with a pool.

Thanks, Turdici family.  We had a blast!

Especially, Kayla.

She's not excited at all to be swimming.


4th of July baking prep.

Although it was pretend prep because we did no baking.

Because it was sweltering.


We've gone to the exact same spot to watch the fireworks show since the beginning of time.

E. Hillsdale Blvd/Center Park Ln.

Ashlyn loves them.

And shouts out the colors for us as if we can't see.

It's cute.  For the first 5 explosions.

But there are like 508 explosions.  So it starts to not get so cute.

Although this year I think there were only like 308 explosions.

Budget cut-backs and all.  Not the best show ever.

Firework color identification wears a girl out.


Hi Dave!  I love breakfast with you!


She ditched her water wings and jumped.

Because the pool makes her crazy.  And irrational.


This is how she falls asleep most nights.

Reading a book about dinosaurs.

Surrounded by a variety of stuffed huskies.

Sea creature stickers proudly displayed on her headboard.

She also tans darker than a T-Rex in the summertime.


I'm off to make Texas sheet cake for the Friday Night Lights season finale tonight.

I'm also in denial about it ending.  I could barely even type that, y'all.


Also linking up with Jeannett.

It's the thing to do on Friday.



  1. i love center park drive.

    i love ashy's color call outs.

    i don't love the corresponding color buttong pushing on the noisemaking light up sword.
    mick mow ears ONLY next year, please and thank you.

    save me a piece of texas sheet cake. i don't love me some FNL, but i love me some cake.

    and next time i hijack a ware family event, i think it needs to include a trip to the country club. i want to jump through my screen after ashlyn. will pops catch me too?

  2. Your stand up, sit down description of the concert had me cracking up!

  3. "tell me you'll stayyyy, never ever goooo awayy" I saw them at Staples center on their first reunion tour. Like 20,000 screaming women exactly my age. AWESOME!
    and by the way... I would have totally fought with you over Jordan and yes, even my ceiling was wallpapered with pictures. How can one fall asleep without looking into Jordan's eyes?
    ok, I've embarrassed myself enough!

  4. I had a hot pink NKOTB duffel bag. I wish I still had it.

    Also, if I had those stickers on my headboard I would have horrible awful nightmares every night.

  5. i would have been the exact same at the concert! lol!!

    love all the sunny swimmy pictures. your family is the cutest.
    now, tell me about this show. is it on netflix? worth my time? or is it like u2...

  6. i pretended to kiss a nkotb poster in the waaaaaay back of a station wagon during afterschool carpool in 5th grade. you know in the back where the kids think the parents can't see you. i wasn't quite as big a fan as you seem to be though. as in.. almost crying probably not.. but i did faux-makeout with jordan before i knew what making out was. so there is that. ;) after telling it in that light it somehow cheapens the moment.. i wasn't even his biggest fan. hmph. you guys want a sabbatical in nebraska you know you do. :) come on oouut!!! ;)

  7. Love that a ceramic triceratops in bed with her? Is that Jessie's hat? I hope she's not suffocating under the pillow! ;-)

  8. Two things.
    Bad: canned roast beef.
    Good: FNL does not end tonight. I repeat. TWO MORE EPISODES.
    So you can put away your mourning gear until next week...


  9. great! it's like 1989 all over again and i'm being tormented with “uh uh oh oh oh. uh uh oh oh. uh uh oh oh oh. the right stuff” iplaying over and over and over again on the cassette player of my mind.

    i use to make fun of people who liked nkotb... i still do.

    thankfully you like bono or i'd have to debloggyfriend you. :-)

    but really, looks like you had a fun time with the girls!

  10. Yay! Your New Kids post brought back tons of memories :) And great pics! Just found (and followed) your blog from Life Rearranged, I'm a pastor's wife too, w/ 3 little ones...will check back in soon!

  11. i'm gonna vote its like U2. except, i like u2 better.

  12. i am so jealous that you got to see NKOTB *jordan knight foreva* bsb... not so much.
    all you photos are great. popped by from instafriday. nice to meet ya.

  13. I've been gone this week,
    and feel so out of the loop.
    Dying that you went to the concert!
    Anytime I see NKOTB anywhere I am instantly transported back to junior high.
    No thanks. I'm good.

    And Texas Sheet Cake: can I get a whoop whoop?
    It rocks my world.
    Good stuff, no?

  14. to go from NKOTB to OT is truly blogging talent and I'm so proud to know you :) I totally used to have an "I <3 Danny" pin, lol.