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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Rainbow (and Wolf) Party

Here ye!  Here ye!  Someone's turning 8.

That purple recorder and the horrific sound it emits has been the bane of my existence this summer, thus far.

Who gave it to her?   I still can't figure it out.  But I want to give it back.


Our oldest turned 8 on Friday. And we celebrated in style.  With rainbows.  And wolves.

Here's the wolf cake.  It weighed 800 pounds.

Pop Pop and Kayla felt the need to add blinking star candles because the original decoration was not sufficient.

Did you know you can bake cupcakes in a jar?  Rainbow cupcakes, even?  Thanks for the idea, Jeannett!

Did you know that this lady makes really amazing invites, favor tags and cupcake toppers?  Thanks, Mel!

Initially, I had planned on rainbow colored ice cubes for the lemonade.

But then I realized that the lemonade would turn brown when they melted.

That's not cute.  Or refreshing.

So we went with blue.  And the lemonade turned green.

Cute.  And refreshing.

We also had rainbow finger Jell-o which was super easy to make and fun.

But not so easy to take a picture of.

It looks 100% cuter in real life.  You'll just have to trust me.

Or you can ask her.  It was crazy hair day at camp.  I love this little girl.

That window you see up there?  It used to have curtains.

Until Ashlyn pulled them down 30 minutes before the party started.

5 minutes after that, she dropped my phone in the toilet.

Happy rainbows everywhere.

The girls kicked daddy and the Giants game out of the living room and the official slumber party festivities began.

Cupcakes in a jar and Tinkerbell.  A magical combo.

They fell asleep around 1:00 am.  After switching beds and rooms 12 times.

Cupcakes at 10:00 pm probably didn't help much.  But it's once a year.

They were up early and completed the craft I forgot about the night before.

They decorated white pillow cases with fabric markers.  I stole the idea from my cousin.  Thanks, Kim!

We also read this book which was a gift from Ellen.

They left with rainbow nail polish goodie bags.

And my nails are blue right now.

Happy rainbows everywhere.

We love you, KK and hope you had a fun day!


  1. i know that from no on whenever i see a wolf, i will definitely immediately think...dang where is that rainbow? it must be SOMEWHERE nearby!

  2. I think the cake is definitely a qualifier for cake wrecks lol

  3. this looks like a FUN party. Ps - what is finger jello? is it different from regular jello?

  4. I've been lurking around your blog for a while (since the cake batter rice krispies!) but just had to unlurk to say (a) what a cute party! And (b) you are a brave, brave person to have a sleepover with 8 year olds!

  5. i am cracking up at the rainbow wolf cake. hysterical!
    glad the party was a hit!
    i am totally making those jello squares for kate's rainbow art january.

  6. I *love* it. All of it.
    I tried and tried and tried to get Avery to have a rainbow party,
    but with no luck. Boo.
    I guess I should have tried to sell her on the rainbow party
    with a wolf twist. Who knew?!?!


  7. We cant wait to have a rainbow party here. Ive been banking ideas from blogs & Pinterest for months now.
    And I just have to ask: whats up with the wolf? :) Such a comical addition to a colorful cake. Looks like you threw quite the bash. And I love that theyre 8 and still watching Tinkerbell. THANK YOU! My girls are still very girly and we'd like them to stay true to their age...instead of growing up far too fast like little girls do these days.

  8. amazing! the theme and design are rockin' my socks! FUN CITY!
    i have been wondering if it'd be weird to do a rainbow party for elijah "is it too girly?" i said.
    heck no, not with wolves on the rainbow prowl!

    happy birthday to your sweetie.


  9. well aren't you the fancy party thrower! Look like so much fun, well except for the pulling down of curtains and the dropping of the phone in the toilet. But other than that...totally awesome {yes, I still say that}.
    BTW, your job at BlogSugar is to sit next to me at all times and make me laugh mkay?

  10. What a fun party!! I can't wait to meet at Blog Sugar.

  11. Now that looks like a fun party!!! Sugar highs for everyone!!!

    Can't wait to meet you at Blog Sugar!!!

  12. you are officially the AWESOMEST! what a cool cool party. and that is the first rainbow wolf cake i have ever seen, and maybe the last (you did a GREAT job).

  13. oh i laughed so hard at this post....kidding the dad and the baseball game out (laugh), phone in the toilet and happy rainbows everywhere (double laugh) you are a hoot!
    looks like a fab party that made the birthday girl feel super special--way to go, mom! <3

  14. What a happy party! You must've had so much fun planning. Loving all these rainbow parties....need to come up with a reason to have one! ;-)

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