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Friday, April 1, 2011

Insta Friday

We have a fancy camera but I don't know how to use it.

My phone is so much easier and convenient.

Plus, it takes my paparazzi-ness down a few notches.

People don't look at you funny if you're always taking pictures with your phone.

But if you set up a tri-pod?  WEIRDO.

Now, it's no secret that I'm in L-O-V-E with the Instagram app.

Genius?  I say yes.

So come with me on a little adventure as I share some pictures taken over the last week or so, OK?

Smile.  This will be fun.

Kobi likes luaus.  Just kidding.  He likes "pretend luaus" hosted by Kayla.  Just kidding about that, too.

He actually really only likes treats.  And sleeping in peace when the kids are at school.

He definitely does NOT like indoor tricycles.

The Disney Store at Hillsdale Mall.  Her Mecca.  Truly.

To know my dad is to love him.  Really.  EVERYONE loves him.

He used to drive me to school in an ape suit.

He's totally weird.  But it's that weird that everyone likes.

He also has Giants season tickets.

And lets Dave and I mooch a few if we help sort them for his clients.

It also helps me forgive him for the ape suit.

Making "mouse soup" dressed in her cat costume.

Honestly?  Sometimes she scares me.

My little brother is getting married 2 months from tomorrow.

And my bridesmaid dress is a size 122.  OK, not really.  Take away one of the numbers.

Hint: It's NOT the 2.  And I had to pay the extra material fee.

I am eating nothing but grapefruit until June.  And I will be nothing but crabby until June.

One of my dearest friends in all the universe moved to Arkansas a few years ago.

And she came back for a visit recently.

I'm trying to get her to start a food blog.

Her dessert of the month almost went for more than Tommy Brady's signed football jersey

at our youth group fundraiser a few years ago.

The girl is fierce in the kitchen.  Cindy, are you listening?

iCrazies.  At the Apple store on the day the iPad was released.

WHO waits in line for geek stuff?

I'm a geek.  And I don't get it.

I got my haircut.  Or as my grandpa used to say, "I got 'em all cut."

Speaking of grandparents, my brother says my purse looks "grandma."

Isn't that mean, Grandmums?

I think you should call him and yell at him.

We're moving.  Dave enjoys packing.

Our kitchen table has looked like this since March 1.

Home Loan Applying.  Cochlear Implanting.  School switching.  Church planting.


Pear blossom by Kayla.

It's gorgeous here today.

Perfect for avoiding packing and going outside to enjoy the sunshine.

Happy Friday!


  1. What a cute blog. Hopped over from "take heart". Nothing but grapefruit does make for a grumpy girl :( but weddings are always fun! I look forward to reading more. Have a great weekend!

  2. oooooo, I just noticed you are going to Sugar Blog! Me too! I'm a nervous wreck, lol

  3. Cindy's desserts are to die for. I am pretty sure it went for more than the Brady Jersey. And I distinctly remember your dad offering two Dessert of the Month's to the two highest bidders. :) Cindy had no choice. :)

  4. I wish I got to try one of Cindy's desserts before she moved away! But yours are pretty amazing as well so you can just keep em coming :)

  5. Wasn't today gorgeous?
    I hope you were able to dig out from under paperwork mountain
    to enjoy it a little.

    Oh, and packing is the worst.
    Our move last September is still very fresh in my mind
    so I have a lot of sympathy.
    {btw...have you tried freecycle for boxes? we got a lot of ours there.}


  6. Yea you need to instragram our pic cuz I have never seen myself instagrammed. Or been to a party of the instragram nature.

  7. um your brother is very wrong about the purse

  8. you = my kind of funny. ilikeit. :)