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Monday, April 25, 2011

We're Back!

I'm sitting on the floor in the southwest corner of our living room, borrowing wireless from "Angie's Place" (a neighbor we haven't met yet) on Dave's laptop because the keyboard to my computer is packed in an unopened box somewhere and I can't remember our AT&T password.  That was a run-on.  Fitting because our life is kind of a run-on right now.

We moved last weekend, the very same weekend the City of San Mateo decided to block and repave our street.  Dave asked the construction foreman if we could park the moving truck in front for an hour or so.  He mumbled something about lots of millions of dollars and said no.  So that didn't work out so well.

But after two long days, TONS of help from great friends, we're in our new place.  And I still have to pinch myself when I wake up.  I also have to unpack 872 boxes in our garage.  And find my glasses.  And my keyboard.

Hope Church's 2nd Easter Sunday was yesterday.  We had planned for another outdoor service like last year, but the rain came and changed things up a bit.  God continues to gently remind us that His plans are always better that ours.

60+ packed into Grandmum's house.  And I took one really bad picture.

Kim did a great job capturing the morning.  Read her post here.

After service, 60+ joined our 872 unpacked boxes for a potluck brunch at our new house for rich time of fellowship.

Later in the afternoon, we headed up to my parents for dinner and celebrated Ashlyn's birthday.

I can't believe she's 4.  I love these pictures of her.

We're celebrating with her little friends tonight.  Dinner at Red Robin.  The invite was a text sent out last week.

That's just kind of how we roll these days.


  1. um. that party hat?
    can i borrow?
    mylie's birthday is tomorrow.
    i think her and ashlyn are the only ones cool enough to rock it.

    seriously. too cute.

    Happy Birthday to my favorite 4 year old.
    And congrats on your new place. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

    You'll find your keyboard...its probably with the adobe photoshop. :)

  2. Very Nice! Don't you love it when things don't go as planned. I really think God uses that to make us better people. He sets it up and we decide how we are going to act. You guys did a great job and everything turned out perfectly!

  3. eeeeks! so happy for you on being a homeowner!!! makes you feel like a big kid. ;) what's important is that you have friends who will show up from a text just as excited as if they had recieved a hand stamped modge podged dreamboat of an invite. that's the good stuff. :)

  4. We forget our at&t password every time we actually need it too! You should just buy a back-up keyboard :)

  5. HOORAY for moving in!
    HOORAY for easter fellowship!
    HOORAY for 4! (seriously rad party hat)
    praying for you as you get settled-find your glasses and keyboard, important things first!

  6. I can't believe they were repaving your street on moving day.
    Seriously crazy!
    And I so love that you hosted a house full of people
    with a house full of boxes.
    Love that.

    And happy birthday to Ashlyn!
    That hat is to die for
    and a party at Red Robin sounds perfect.
    I'm a big fan of any party I don't have to clean up after!

  7. yeah, for being moved! boo for road construction guys.

    hope church looks like an awesome community of worshipers.

    happy 4th birthday celebrating... it goes too fast huh. and that birthday hat was terrific! and the pic of ashlyn in it was FABULOUS.